Who Owns Space Craft Manufacturing?

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Are you tired of only considering cookie-cutter RVs? If so, it might be time to consider Space Craft Manufacturing.

Despite having been in business since 1962, there’s a good chance you’ve never heard of this manufacturer.

Today, we’re looking at these one-of-a-kind RVs that are hard to resist. Could this be your next camper?

Let’s look and see!

About Space Craft Manufacturing

Space Craft is a manufacturer that produces custom fifth wheels, travel trailers, and semi-trailers. Marsha and Wyatt Trautman, a mother-and-son team,  launched the brand in 1962. A short time later, they began noticing an increased demand for trailers with multiple bedrooms throughout the carnival and circus communities.

After nearly perfecting their craft, they went on to introduce building custom units on semi-platforms in the mid-90s. This gave them a 57′ blank canvas to create some of the highest quality homes on wheels.

No matter what type of RV you choose, these are fully custom units. As a result, it’s no surprise that most of their clients are full-time RVers. To them, their Space Craft RV is a permanent residence. 

Who Owns Space Craft Manufacturing?

While Marsha and Wyatt Trautman started the company, the current owner is Greg Wallman. He purchased the company in 2018 and assumed the position of President. His previous experience includes six years as Director at Core Catalysts, LLC in Kansas City, Missouri. 

Additionally, Wallman spent over half a decade at Jefferson Wells as an Engagement Manager.  He used his accounting degree while working at McCaffree Financial Corporation and National Bank of Kansas City.

Today, Wallman has owned Space Craft Manufacturing for nearly half a decade. Considering they continue to have a long waitlist for these fancy and expensive RVs, he’s doing some things right.

What Type of RVs Does Space Craft Manufacturing Make?

Space Craft Manufacturing makes custom fifth-wheel, travel trailers, and semi-trailers.

And by custom, we really mean custom. The only limits are regulations, imagination, budget, and, of course, physics.

They have generic plans that they can use to get you started, or you can start with a completely blank slate.

You may have sat by the campfire one night and created your dream RV layout or floorplan.

Whether you sketched it on a napkin or scrap paper doesn’t matter. Their experts will take your design and get to work.

How Much Are Space Craft Manufacturing RVs?

Space Craft Manufacturing RVs typically cost between $150,000 and over a million. Because these are custom-made RVs, it’s impossible to paint them with a broad brush regarding pricing. As you can imagine, your choices can significantly influence how much you’ll pay.

As we said, there’s nothing off-limits for a Space Craft Manufacturing RV. If you want gold faucets, a custom paint job, or Italian leather seats, they’ll make it happen. However, just be ready to sign on the dotted line when it’s all said and done.

Space Craft Manufacturing Products

Curious about what these custom-made RVs are all about?

Let’s look at their products and see what Space Craft Manufacturing produces for Its clients.


One of the largest and most expensive options from Space Craft Manufacturing is their line of semi-trailers.

As these range from 40 to 57 feet in length, you’ll have plenty of space to get creative.

If you want to maximize your square footage and comfort, their semi-trailers are some of the best ways.

Again, there are very few limitations to how you design your semi-trailer.

Some owners install garages, offices, and other features that are important to them.

When spending this type of money, you can get just about whatever you want.

The only issue with using a semi-trailer as an RV is that you’ll need a semi-truck to haul it.

Unfortunately, this may require you to obtain specific licenses.

However, even this is a minor hurdle and can be worth it if a custom semi-trailer is your dream.

Fifth Wheels

If you’d rather stick with a more traditional style of tow vehicle, their fifth wheels are just as luxurious.

However, you’ll still need a beefy one-ton dually to do the job.

You may get less room or square footage, but you’ll have a breathtakingly beautiful RV.

Whatever you choose for the inside or out, all their fifth wheels come with four-season insulation, a molded fiberglass roof, and a custom-welded chassis.

In addition, they suspend the holding tanks with the frame to maximize storage space.

You’ll love the massive pass-through storage compartments.

Travel Trailers

The final RV offering is their line of travel trailers. Again, these are custom RVs where you have complete control.

Whether you want to park in a state park or head out for a boondocking adventure, these are perfect.

However, they’re not light because they use sturdier and more quality products. You’ll still need a one-ton vehicle to haul most of these rigs.

Like their fifth wheels, you can expect many of the same components.

They use the same technology for fiberglass ceilings and roofs, aluminum side walls, and custom-welded chassis.

The only difference is how you’ll hitch and that there’s slightly smaller storage outside storage compartments.

Are Space Craft Manufacturing RVs Worth Considering?

They’re worth considering if you can afford the hefty price tag that comes with a Space Craft Manufacturing RV.

These rigs last several decades and rarely get sold. Instead, they often get passed down from generation to generation and never see the market.

Unfortunately, most consumers can’t pay the premium price for these units.

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