Head to Head: Soft Start VS EasyStart

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A side by side of a Soft Start up and Easy Start device

Today, we’re comparing Soft Start vs. Easy Start in a head-to-head competition. Summer is the peak of the camping season in most parts of the country. Unfortunately, staying cool during your adventures can require tremendous power. 

But these two popular devices reduce your power needs while keeping temperatures comfortable inside your rig. So how do they stack up against each other?

Let’s get started and see which is best for you and your RV – soft start or easy start devices.

What Is the Difference Between a Hard Start and a Soft Start?

Hard starts and soft starts are exact opposites of each other in terms of power consumption. A hard start increases the power required of a device when starting up. 

The boosted power helps get the appliance up and running as quickly as possible. However, a hard start can reduce the lifespan of a machine or increase the chances of a motor overheating.

On the other hand, a soft start reduces the power needed for starting heavy-duty appliances. By reducing the influx of energy, you can increase the lifespan of a device and enjoy a smoother experience powering these appliances. 

Installing a soft start on heavy-duty appliances can provide more flexibility for powering them.

Do I Need a Soft Start on My A/C?

Air conditioners are one of the most power-hungry devices in an RV. Some large campers can have two or three units mounted on their roofs.

While these can make the inside of an RV comfortable, they require a substantial amount of power. 

Unless you use a 50-amp power connection, you likely can’t use multiple units simultaneously.

Installing a soft start on your RV air conditioner reduces the massive influx of power when A/C units start up. As a result, you won’t need nearly as much power to run multiple air conditioners. 

Soft starts can reduce your power needs so you can run air conditioners from generators and battery banks.

Installing a soft start is a good idea if you frequently find yourself camping with insufficient power. 

In addition to reducing the power, it smoothes out the start-up process, resulting in an A/C unit that runs quieter too. However, you must consider your power needs and how you use your RV to determine if a soft start is right for you.

A man checking on his AC

What Is a Soft Start?

SoftStartRV is one of the most popular soft starts for RV air conditioners.

An owner hardwires the device to their A/C unit, and it does its job every time it turns on. It’s a turnkey kit compatible with nearly every RV air conditioner.

Using the SoftStartRV on a camper can reduce the start-up current by as much as 70%. You’ll enjoy a quieter A/C unit and experience fewer vibrations as the unit runs. 

Additionally, the SoftStartRV can help increase the life of an RV air conditioner so you can avoid having to purchase an expensive replacement unit. But a soft start vs. an easy start may confuse you. Let’s learn the difference.

What Is an EasyStart?

Another popular soft start device that RVers use is the Micro-Air’s EasyStart. This unit works on most single-phase motors that operate on 115-240 VAC/50-60HZ, including RV air conditioners. 

Additionally, you can install this device on commercial and residential A/C units, pump motors, and refrigeration equipment.

The EasyStart reduces the power draw by as much as 65% to 75% when a power-hungry device starts up. The EasyStart allows you to run multiple air conditioners or use multiple heavy-duty appliances simultaneously. 

The unit has multiple fault checks to protect the compressor. In addition, EasyStart has a water-resistant and UV-protected enclosure to ensure it lasts for years to come.

Soft Start VS EasyStart

These are two fantastic products that provide great results. However, when spending your hard earned money, you want the best. Let’s see how they stack up against each other!

Cost: EasyStart

In the battle of the cost of soft start vs. easy start devices, EasyStart wins. If you want the most bang for your buck, EasyStart is the way to go. They’re typically available for less than $300 before taxes. 

SoftStartUp has a slightly more expensive price tag and comes in at $323. Since the devices provide similar results, you might as well save a few bucks and choose EasyStart. 

You can take the savings and buy more accessories or put it towards your next campsite reservation.

Installation: Tie

SoftStartUp and EasyStart have nearly identical installation processes. You’ll need a handful of tools to hardwire them into the A/C unit. 

As with any electrical project, turn the power off before cutting or disconnecting wires. Always make safety your top priority, especially with electricity.

You can easily install both units on Dometic, Coleman, Furion, and other common air conditioner brands. They come with wiring diagrams and instructions to assist you with installing the unit. 

In addition, if you have questions, both companies have excellent customer support that can help answer any questions you might have during the process.

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Warranty: EasyStart

You may not anticipate a product won’t last as long as it should, but it can happen. When it does, you want to know that the company will stand behind its product and make it right. 

When it comes to warranties, EasyStart’s warranty is slightly better than what SoftStartUp provides.

Both companies provide two years of warranty coverage from the date of purchase. However, SoftStartUp requires that you register the product to activate the additional year of coverage. 

EasyStartUp’s warranty doesn’t have the requirement, and the two years of coverage start from the purchase date.

An RV outside by the beach beating the heat with an easy start

Bluetooth Connectivity: EasyStart

If you want the ability to access information on your phone, EasyStart will be your best option. That’s because EasyStart has Bluetooth connectivity. 

At any minute, you can access critical information, like the running amps of the appliance, and make adjustments to the device settings. This gives you much more control over fine-tuning the device. You’ll get optimal performance and results from your easy start vs. the soft start.

Overall Winner: EasyStart

While both products provide similar results and function similarly, we must crown a winner. When it comes to SoftStartUp vs. EasyStart, we crown EasyStart as the victor. 

The cheaper price tag, Bluetooth connectivity, and straightforward warranty seal the victory for EasyStartUp. If you want a quieter, longer-lasting RV air conditioner, trust EasyStartUp to do the job on each unit.

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Give Your RV A/C a Break With a Soft Start

The increased temperatures during summer can put your RV A/C to the test. During extreme conditions, your A/C may run constantly and still struggle to keep your rig cool.

If you want your unit to last, give it as much help as possible. No matter which brand you choose, installing a soft start or an easy start on your A/C units will give them a break.

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