Who Makes Soaring Eagle Campers?

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A soaring eagle truck camper attached to a pickup truck

You’ll find many truck campers on the market today. You might have seen popular brands such as Northern Life, Lance, Bigfoot, Cirrus, and Four-Wheel at the trailhead or campground. But have you heard of Soaring Eagle Campers?

This company specializes in all-aluminum truck campers, which means they’re lightweight, durable, and strong. Let’s take a look at what this brand has to offer. It might just be a good fit for your outdoor adventures!

What Types of Campers Does Soaring Eagle Campers Make?

With headquarters in Wakarusa, Indiana, Soaring Eagle Campers manufactures lightweight, all-aluminum truck campers. The fiberglass skin and modern colors give these campers a sleek look and their aerodynamic design helps you get the most out of your fuel economy. 

Soaring Eagle Campers also makes a truck topper that’s bolted or clamped to the bedrails of your truck so you can still use the truck bed for storing your gear. It features a composite expandable roof to provide a comfortable sleeping space.

What’s So Special About Soaring Eagle Campers?

Soaring Eagle Campers prides itself on its all-aluminum construction. You won’t find any wood in these truck campers. Instead, they’re made with tubular aluminum construction.

This type of construction means no rotting and no rust. These durable truck campers last longer than their counterparts who use wood construction.

The aluminum design also makes these Soaring Eagle Campers lightweight, which is a huge advantage for outdoor enthusiasts who don’t want a lot of weight sitting in the bed of their truck.

The Soaring Eagle Campers Lineup

You’ll find two standard truck campers and one truck topper in the Soaring Eagle Campers Lineup. They all feature an all-aluminum construction and lightweight design.

ADLAR 6.5 Truck Camper

The Adlar 6.5 Soaring Eagle camper features a comfortable four-person booth dinette that converts to a double-sized bed.

The space over the cab generally provides a sleeping area for most truck campers, but in the Adlar 6.5 model, it provides storage space.  Storage areas with countertops sit at the rear of the truck camper on both sides.

Popular options include a 110V power package, lithium batteries, roof solar packages, ceiling-mounted air conditioner, MaxxAir fan with rain sensor, Blackstone Griddle, a Dometic powered cooler, and more.

The bed and dining area inside a Soaring Eagle truck camper

ADLAR 6.5XL Truck Camper

The largest unit in the Soaring Eagle campers lineup is the Adlar 6.5XL truck camper. The ceiling height increased from the previous model and a roomy cabover bed was added.

Many people enjoy the pull-out north/south bed option that increases to 80 inches. A booth dinette converts to a second sleeping area.

Within the 74 inches of interior length, you’ll find a good amount of storage space with overhead cabinetry, a wardrobe, and storage underneath the dinette. The kitchen has a microwave and cassette toilet.

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OV-X Truck Topper

The third option among the Soaring Eagle Campers is the OV-X truck topper. It’s designed for hunters, fishermen, or other outdoor adventurers who need a place to sleep for the night.

Because it doesn’t sit in the truck bed but is bolted or clamped to the bed rails, owners can take advantage of the truck bed to store all of their outdoor gear like fishing poles, tools, bikes, etc.

The cabover bed has storage underneath and slides out to double in size. Struts expand the roof to provide a more comfortable interior. You’ll have no amenities in this unit.

This basic shell provides a safe, protected sleeping space. Popular options include solar power packages, lithium batteries, awnings, roof racks, and more.

A Soaring Eagle Truck Topper attached to a 4x4 pickup truck

What Types of Trucks Are Soaring Eagle Campers Made for?

Made for 1/2-ton trucks, the Soaring Eagle Adlar 6.5 and 6.5XL truck campers work with single-rear wheel trucks. They will fit 5.5-bed trucks with the tailgate down or off or most 6.5-bed trucks with the tailgate up.

The Adlar 6.5 truck camper has a dry weight of 850 pounds and an overall length of 8 feet 1 inch. The interior height measures 64 inches. The Adlar 6.5XL truck camper sits about 50% heavier with a dry weight of 1,200 pounds and an overall length of 10 feet 1 inch. The interior height measures 76 inches.

The OV-X truck trooper is designed for ½-ton trucks with 5.5-foot beds. Although it could sit in larger trucks, owners must figure out how to properly seal off the topper. It weighs 750 pounds dry and measures 9 feet 9 inches in length and 8 feet in height. 

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Who Are Soaring Eagle Campers Good For?

Outdoor enthusiasts who won’t be cooking a meal or entertaining guests will love the Soaring Eagle Campers.

These basic truck campers offer a safe place to sleep, adequate storage, and a cassette toilet. They provide no kitchen amenities except for the microwave in the Adlar 6.5XL model.

If you spend your days hiking, fishing, mountain biking, rock climbing, or hunting, the Soaring Eagle Campers may be a good fit. You can pull up to a campsite, unload your gear, set out for a day of adventure, and then return for a good night’s rest.

You’ll just want to bring outdoor cookware to prepare your dinner over the fire.

Is an Ultra-Lightweight, All-Aluminum Soaring Eagle Truck Camper Worth It?

The lightweight, all-aluminum construction of the Soaring Eagle Campers provides travelers with a unique and durable option. If you want to avoid the problems of wood construction, these truck campers are worth looking into.

The front beak’s aerodynamic design also makes transporting these truck campers easier. Owners mentioned being unable to feel the weight or friction against the wind as they drive. For a simple, lightweight, and easy-to-drive truck camper, consider the options at Soaring Eagle Campers.

Is this a good fit for your travel lifestyle?

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