Is the Sedona Vortex a Tourist Trap?

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If you’re on a spiritual quest, healing journey, or looking for peace within meditation, you’ve probably heard of the Sedona vortex. Some say vortexes have stronger spiritual energy, and others say they’re portals to other dimensions. 

Either way, people have traveled to the vortexes in Sedona and worldwide for hundreds of years to pray, heal, and meditate. But are they a real thing? Or are they just a tourist trap?

Let’s find out. 

A swirling vortex of reddish brown, blue, and black colors with texture and grain.

About Sedona, Arizona

If you’ve ever been to Sedona, Arizona, you know it’s a unique place. Located on the mouth of Oak Creek Canyon, Sedona experiences beautifully mild temperatures all year. It ranges from 45 degrees Fahrenheit to the mid-70s. 

Sedona is abundant in massive red-rock formations and lush greenery surrounding Oak Creek Canyon. But for many people, Sedona is more than just a beautiful place. Native Americans consider the area a sacred site where healing and spiritual awareness can flourish. 

While people consider all of Sedona vortex, certain spots are more powerful than others. Let’s explore what this means.

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What Is a Sedona Vortex?

A Sedona vortex is a particular place where more intense energy spirals inward or out from the earth. Many people even claim that they can feel the energy as it enters the earth or projects out of it. 

You can visit many other “vortex” sites throughout the world including Machu Picchu in Peru, the Great Pyramid in Egypt, and Stonehenge in the United Kingdom. But what about these specific spots in Sedona?

Four different locations remain popular to visitors looking for a spiritual experience, each categorized by the energy they provide. Some vortexes provide “feminine” energy (or energy that’s entering the earth).

Others provide “masculine” energy that’s projecting out from the earth. Additionally, where you choose to meditate or pray depends on the type of healing you want. 

Do you want to look inward and focus on your healing? If so, you should seek feminine energy. Do you want to gain perspective on your life and search outward? Then find the masculine energy. 

Pro Tip: Fully embrace nature on your visit to Arizona and stay at one of the best places for free, dispersed camping in Sedona.

How Do You Experience a Vortex in Sedona?

To get the most out of your experience at one of the vortexes, go to one of the sites and find a place to be alone. Either sit down or lie down comfortably and relax. 

Loosen your jaw, identify any tense parts of your body, and simply surrender. As you breathe in and out, ask yourself a question and see what comes up organically. 

Focus on your raw sensations and let your mind receive the answers. Some may want to meditate, do yoga, pray, or simply relax. 

A view of Sedona, Arizona from Schnebly Hill Road.

Now let’s take a look at the most popular vortex locations in Sedona so you can start planning your trip. 

The Airport Mesa

Airport Mesa, located just off Airport Road, features a stunning 3.2-mile loop hike that will bring you to the top of the mesa. This beautiful rock formation holds outward masculine energy due to its height. 

Many people meditate atop Airport Mesa to gain a greater perspective on life and see outside themselves. And even if you’re not a believer, you can still see some amazing views. 

Cathedral Rock

Cathedral Rock is another incredible formation in Sedona that offers unforgettable scenery. Several different trails take you to the top. You may feel an energy shift when you ascend.

Some consider Cathedral Rock a sacred site of feminine energy or a great place to look inward. 

A hiker along a cliff edge at Cathedral Rock, well known as a vortex in Sedona, AZ.
Cathedral Rock Trail, Sedona, AZ

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Bell Rock

Bell Rock, another revered rock formation, makes up one of the four vortexes in Sedona. You can see its iconic shape from Highway 179. 

Several trails go around Bell Rock, but if you want to reach the top, make sure to follow the signs for Bell Rock Climb. 

Once you get to the top, stay open to the energy you feel. Many believe it to hold masculine energy. It can serve as a great place to meditate if you want your problems to feel small. 

Boynton Canyon

Boynton Canyon is said to be a more balanced vortex in Sedona. It holds both masculine and feminine energy. To explore this area, take Boynton Canyon Vista Trail. 

This relatively easy and short hike takes you right to the vortex atop the unnamed knoll. Take it all in — the views and the transformative energy. 

What Does a Vortex Feel Like?

Not everyone feels the energy from the vortexes, but there seem to be certain universal feelings for those who do. Many people claim to feel a tingling sensation on their skin, especially on the neck and shoulders. 

Some will feel a vibration from the ground, while others feel a shift in the air and a sense that something has changed. Either way, you won’t know what one feels like until you visit and experience the Sedona vortex for yourself. 

The silhouette of a woman resting on a bench, overlooking a sunset in the hills.

How Do Sedona Vortexes Alter the Environment?

No one knows how these four popular spots physically alter the environment. People have not detected any measurable electric or magnetic energy at the sites. However, that doesn’t mean that it does not exist.

Some say these areas are a portal to another dimension or a place where the veils of typical human experience become thinner. But they are also some really great hikes. Hence, the vortexes alter the environment by protecting it.

Many believe Sedona is sacred and special, which helps to preserve this beautiful area. And if you ask us, belief goes a long way under these circumstances. 

Is the Sedona Vortex a Real Phenomenon? 

So, do the vortexes actually exist? Can we really access deeper realms in Sedona, Arizona? The answer isn’t entirely clear. We don’t have the tools to measure whether or not this sacred energy exists. All we can go off are personal experiences. 

Some people are adamant that they feel intense energy emitting from these locations — so much so that it can make them physically sick. Ancient civilizations practiced healing rituals at these locations for years. But can a scientist tell us definitively that there’s something to this? Probably not. 

Either way, people’s experiences validate these vortexes whether science can prove it or not. Some may feel something, and others may not. It doesn’t mean it isn’t a real phenomenon.

Sedona Vortexes: Tourist Trap or Reason to Visit?

So, are the Sedona vortexes a tourist trap or a reason to visit? The answer to this depends on who you ask. But in our opinion, it’s impossible to find a reason not to visit Sedona. The town has majestic beauty, quirky stores, interesting people, and plenty of history. 

Even if you don’t believe in the Sedona vortex, you can still come away with love for this part of the country. Simply show up and stay open to experience. You might just feel something. 

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