Seasonal Camping: Everything You Need to Know

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An RV parked at a seasonal campground location

Many RV owners use their campers for short weekend trips. However, #RVLife has grown tremendously in recent years. Many who embrace the lifestyle park their rigs in seasonal camping spots.

These spots come with advantages and disadvantages. Unfortunately, deciding on a location takes time and effort. However, it’s a potential option worth considering.

Today, we’re sharing everything you need to know about seasonal camping. Is it right for you? Let’s see!

What Is Seasonal Camping?

Seasonal camping is when RVers reserve a spot for an extended period, typically an entire season or several consecutive months. This offers people a great way to save money and enjoy comfortable year-round temperatures. 

In general, winter is the most popular time for seasonal camping in the southern regions of the United States. On the other hand, northern states may see an influx of seasonal campers from late spring until early fall.

How Do You Find Seasonal Campgrounds?

Finding seasonal campgrounds can be a frustrating process, especially in unfamiliar areas. Typically only private campgrounds and RV parks or resorts offer seasonal spots.

A great first step starts with a quick Google search. Type in the city where you want to stay and add “seasonal camping” to the end. While the results can be sporadic, they’ll likely return a few viable options.

If not, head to Campendium and search for the area where you want to stay. You can find various campgrounds in the area you requested.

However, you’ll have to visit their website or call them to see if they offer seasonal camping. Even if they don’t, they know of other options in the area.

Facebook and its large groups on the platform do some good occasionally. You can find a large group with an active community on almost everything, including RVing and seasonal camping. 

Some of these groups have more than 100,000 members. As a result, you have a good chance someone in the group has stayed in the area where you want to go. They may provide recommendations or places to avoid.

Can You Live at a Campground Year Round?

Yes, it is possible to live at a campground year-round. A growing number of individuals have chosen to embrace this style of living. Unfortunately, not every campground stays open year-round or allows guests to stay for extended periods.

To enjoy a long-term stay, you must verify the campground’s policies. Some allow it, and some don’t. They typically prohibit extended stays to avoid potential landlord-tenant legal requirements.

Additionally, it prevents people from getting too comfortable and cluttering their campsite.

Benefits of Seasonal Camping

Seasonal camping has a few benefits. Let’s take a look at why some owners find this an appealing option.

Financial Savings

Campgrounds typically offer discounts compared to nightly or weekly rates, sometimes as much as several hundred dollars a month. While you may have to pay for your electrical usage, the savings typically make it worth it. 

Depending on the area, you can score some extremely budget-friendly spots. However, make sure you read reviews and do research. There may be a reason why a place is incredibly cheap. Trust us, no seasonal camping spot is worth putting yourself or your loved ones in an unsafe situation.

Pro Tip: If you’re looking to camp somewhere long term, here’s how to find the best Permanent and Long Term RV Parks


Another benefit to consider is the convenience of staying in one spot for an extended period. Instead of moving every week or two, you can get comfortable.

If you find the right spot, you may have everything you need within walking distance. It doesn’t get much more convenient than that!

Many of these establishments have developed infrastructures to support and entice seasonal campers. Some provide access to laundry, exercise, and other facilities. You can even go weeks without leaving the resort property. 

Social Connections

Some RVers love the social connections that seasonal camping provides. Parks and resorts that offer these sites typically group these campers together. For better or worse, you can get to know your neighbors.

Many of these facilities offer various activities designed to foster community. Traveling may get incredibly lonely at times. Many of these relationships last long after everyone has left their site. You can connect through social media and follow each other’s adventures.

A couple playing corn hole at their seasonal campground

Disadvantages of Seasonal Camping

While you can find several benefits to seasonal camping, you may also face disadvantages. Let’s examine some of the negative aspects you should consider before deciding.

Restricted Travel Flexibility

If you enjoy moving weekly or regularly, consider other options besides seasonal camping. This type of camping typically involves staying put for months at a time. Once you reserve your spot, you lock yourself in and lose flexibility.

One of the biggest benefits of RVing is its freedom and flexibility. Once you experience it, it’s hard to relinquish. You may like it for a single season, but you may find it challenging if it’s different from your preferred traveling style. 

Financial Commitment

When reserving these sites, you also lock yourself into a financial commitment. You’ll likely have to sign legally-binding documents stating how long you plan to stay and how much you’ll pay. Depending on the cost of the spot, this can feel overwhelming.

If your financial situation changes, you could get locked into a financial commitment for the rest of the season. Your options will be severely limited as you have a financial obligation to the park.

Keep in Mind: RVing can be pricey! See how these 7 RVers budget for their full-time RV lifestyle!

Limited by Seasons

In many areas, seasonal camping isn’t available year-round. Summers in the southern regions can be downright miserable, and winters in the north can be brutal. Plan your travels around the seasons to stay in these spots.

An RV parked at a campground in the winter

Is Seasonal Camping Worth It?

Seasonal camping can be worth it in many instances. It provides a great way to slow down and experience nature. You can get to know places at a deeper level than the average tourist.

Seasonal camping can provide the opportunity to explore spots that most tourists pass by because they don’t have time.

On the other hand, seasonal camping isn’t for everyone. Many RVers enjoy the consistency of moving from one location to another regularly.

A constantly changing view from their windows could appeal to people more than sitting in the same spot. 

Would you consider a seasonal campsite?

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