Scary Stories for Kids

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A boy dressed as a skeleton and a girl with a bow in her hair are reading spooky stories for kids next to some spooky halloween candles.

For some reason, we love to be scared. Some of the longest-lasting memories are the scary stories you heard as a kid, right?

These 10 scary stories for kids will keep you and your children chilled to the bone while giggling the night away.

While some of these stories are a bit ghoulish and ghastly, others are more silly and ridiculous. But they will all bring you closer together around a campfire or snuggled under a blanket with a flashlight. 

Scary Stories for Kids 

Yellow Ribbon

Not every scary story for kids is scary. Some can be quite funny. This is why The Yellow Ribbon is scary. You might be a bit scared of yourself for laughing at it.

Without giving anything away, The Yellow Ribbon is about a girl named Jane who wore a yellow ribbon every day.

She has done this from elementary school all the way into high school and beyond.

Her best friend, Johnny, who later became her husband, never knew why Jane wore the yellow ribbon.

Until the very end. You’ll have to read it to learn why.

The Hook

Have you ever been sitting in a car on a dark night? Do you ever wonder if someone might open the door and try to get in?

In this scary story for kids, Donald and Sarah went for an evening ride to watch the town lights below.

Listening to some music, a news bulletin came across the airwaves announcing an escaped criminal with a hook.

Sarah wanted to go home immediately and swore she heard that hook trying to open the car door. What would you do if you were Sarah?

What do you think she actually did?

Cows Head

This ghost story comes complete with both chills and a moral lesson. Resembling Cinderella, but with an unexpected twist at the end, you’re sure to be entertained while learning a valuable lesson about compassion.

Oksana lived in a small town with her father, stepmother, and stepsister.

Her stepmother did not like her very much, so when the family ran out of money, she was banished to a cottage in the woods to fend for herself.

In the middle of the night, she was awakened by several knocks on her door.

Being young and by herself, she slowly opened the door to find… I’m not giving it away. That will ruin the story.

Grab your hot chocolate and start the tale.

Hairy Toe

Starting immediately with a creepy tone, an old lady, and a hairy toe, Hairy Toe will keep you on your toes.

As with many scary kids’ stories, you might be expecting a bit of humor.

This one, though, might surprise you and keep you chilled all night long.

An old lady went into her garden to find some food for dinner and came across a nice, big hairy toe.

So, what would you expect the old lady to do? She made hairy toe soup and went to bed that night happy with a full belly.

You would think she slept soundly because of this.

But, to her avail, she kept hearing stomping sounds and a consistent, “Hairy toe! Hairy toe! I want my hairy toe!”

Understandably, she was quite frightened, and she should be. The ending might change your mind about eating someone’s hairy toe.

The Skeleton

Who can resist a scary story when there’s possibly treasure at the end? The Skeleton is a delightful story about a courageous boy facing his fears, and of course, maybe some treasure at the end.

Looking for work all day, the boy was far from home at night, so he found an abandoned house to sleep in.

Settling in for the night, he was awakened by a thump on the roof and a voice yelling, “I’m falling down!”

Moving out of the way in just the nick of time, a skeleton arm dropped right next to him, with the other bones following immediately after that.

The rest of the story unfolds as the skeleton makes a deal with the boy.

What kind of deal? You’ll have to read the entire story to find out.

Black Dog of Hanging Hills

The Black Dog of Hanging Hills is one of those stories that makes you want to read faster because you’re so excited to see what happens at the end.

It is also one of those scary stories that liken to a Dad joke. You know, the ones that make you roll your eyes and giggle.

Two friends are having a great vacation hiking.

One of them even comes across a very friendly black dog who hiked with him the entire trail.

After telling the innkeeper about his experience, he’s not so sure how friendly that black dog really is.

Turns out he’ll find out soon enough, and you will, too once you start hiking in Connecticut.


Any story that involves the possibility of Sasquatch or Yeti or whatever you want to call that mysterious creature, is bound to be a great story. This one is no different.

Taking place in a wooded area, two hikers find themselves face to face with a Sasquatch.

What happens when they come across each other is quite entertaining.

Would you believe it if you saw a Sasquatch?

For me, it might ruin the mystique of this mysterious creature that is always spoken of but only seen through glimpses of possibility.


What happens when you put a boy named Toad together with smelly-sneakers?

You get a very silly and scary story made for kids that will have you screaming as you are cracking up.

Meet Todd, aka Toad, an Eagle Scout with the goal of winning the smelly sneaker contest.

Working hard at this by not washing his feet and not wearing socks, his sneakers were pretty smelly.

Still, he did not win the contest that year.

Making a deal with a kid behind a garbage can, Toad was sure to win first place in the contest this year.

What happens next will have you wondering if you should be laughing or crying.

Thing at the Foot of the Bed

For both children and adults alike, when the lights are out, you may start wondering if there’s something lurking at the bottom of your bed.

When you do so, be prepared! There might just be a thing at the foot of your bed that you would never expect.

An old man had just finished watching a horror movie.

As he made his way to bed, he was a bit afraid of anything that moved in the dark.

Things like two pairs of eyes that seemed to be staring at him from the foot of his bed.

Keeping protection on his nightstand, he grabbed it, aimed, fired, and… What do you think happened?

Purple Gorilla

If it has a purple gorilla, it has to be a good story. The Purple Gorilla is one of those good stories that builds up to events that may or may not let you down at the end.

It’s all in how you expect your scary stories to end.

The young man in this story had an old beat-up pickup truck that was ready to stop running at any given moment.

One night it was sputtering so bad that he had to stop for the night.

Asking an old farmer if he could sleep in his barn for the night, he found himself in quite a predicament when the farmer said yes.

Before the young man could retire for the night, the farmer had to show him a secret. He was holding a purple gorilla captive in a cage.

The young man was instructed not to touch the purple gorilla.

Could he resist the temptation of not touching this magnificent creature? What would you do?

Scary Stories for Kids to Keep You Entertained All Night

From silly to scary to downright ridiculous, these scary stories for kids will keep you awake at night. It may be only because of laughter, but we all know laughter is the best medicine.

So, whether you are telling tales around a campfire or bedtime stories to give you chills and thrills, these stories will make you cry with delight. If I were you, I’d keep that night light on.

You never know what might go bump in the night.

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