5 Signs You Will Not Make It as an RV YouTuber

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RV Youtubers filming a video outside their RV while camping

All you need is a smartphone and an internet connection, and you can become an RV YouTuber. It really is that easy! However, creating a successful RV YouTube channel takes an insane amount of work and a bit of luck.

Just because you start posting content on social media platforms doesn’t mean you’ll start raking in views. If you’re curious whether you have what it takes to become an RV YouTuber, keep reading!

Today, we’re sharing five signs you won’t make it as an RV YouTuber. Let’s dive in!

There Are New RV Youtubers Almost Daily

If you search for RV YouTube channels, you’ll see no shortage of content for this niche section of YouTube.

RVing has recently become incredibly popular, and many adventurers are embracing it full-time.

Channels like Keep Your Daydream, Changing Lanes, and You, Me, and the RV are some of the most popular RV YouTube channels, and they’ve made creating YouTube content a full-time job.

Many RVers watch the content created by these individuals and think that they’ve got what it takes to create similar content.

New RV YouTubers are constantly popping up on the social media platform. However, fighting for favor with the mysterious YouTube algorithm can be challenging.

What Percent of YouTubers Are Successful?

Creating a successful YouTube channel is nowhere near as easy as it might seem. In fact, YouTube expert, Alan Spicer, estimates that “around 0.25% of all YouTube channels are making money.”

If your goal is to make a tremendous amount of money, those aren’t great chances. However, how much money a YouTube channel generates is just one way to measure success.

Not everyone creates a YouTube channel expecting it to take off and be swimming in cash. Many content creators enjoy documenting their adventures and sharing their knowledge.

They find that creating content for YouTube is a way for them to express a bit of their creativity. They find joy in the process and couldn’t care less about the analytics or growing their channel.

Why Is It Hard to be a YouTuber?

While being a YouTuber may look easy when you see the finished product, it’s anything but easy.

Creating high-quality content for YouTube is by no means easy. It requires tremendous planning and creativity to make videos worth watching.

Once you have planned and filmed the content, you then have to spend time editing it. Some channels create 20- to 30-minute videos, which require upwards of 20 to 30 hours of editing. However, just because you put in the time and effort still doesn’t guarantee success.

You could put in all the work and your videos may only get a handful of views. This is because YouTube, like almost every social media platform, uses a complex algorithm to suggest and recommend viewers to users on the platform.

It typically rewards those videos that keep viewers attention and who can keep users on the platform.

Winning favor with the algorithm can often feel nearly impossible, especially for new and smaller channels.

As you can see, it takes a tremendous amount of time, energy, and resources. Many YouTubers quickly discover it’s not nearly as easy as they had initially thought. If your goal is to turn YouTube into a career, it’s easy to get disappointed and throw in the towel.

A person opening the Youtube app to look at an  RV Youtuber account

5 Signs You Won’t Make It as an RV YouTuber

Do you wonder whether you have what it takes to become an RV YouTuber?

If so, we have a few a handful of things for you to consider to help you decide if it’s right for you. Here are five signs you won’t make it as an RV YouTuber.

You Can’t Handle Negative Comments 

YouTube, and most social media platforms, can be a cesspool of negativity, especially in the comment sections of content.

People take advantage of being able to leave comments in relative anonymity. They’ll leave comments on content that they would never say to anyone’s face.

You can expect negative comments to target your appearance, how you talk, or how you did even the smallest tasks in the video. Nothing is off limits for many of these commenters.

If you’re traveling with children, expect comments questioning your judgment and parenting skills. If you can’t handle negative comments, YouTube isn’t for you. 

You’re Embarrassed to Film in Public

It can be slightly embarrassing to film in public. However, it’s essential if you want to create a meaningful YouTube channel. You can’t record all of your videos from the privacy of your RV or home.

You’ll need to get out in public from time to time. If you can’t imagine regularly filming yourself in public, you may not be ready to be an RV YouTuber.

RV Youtubers filming at a national park

Consistency Isn’t Your Strong Suit

As we said earlier, you have to win favor with the YouTube algorithm. The best way to do this is by constantly creating new content that keeps people’s attention.

You can’t go weeks or months between posting content and expect every video to perform well. Many of the largest RV YouTube channels create content on a weekly basis.

If you struggle to be consistent when creating content, a YouTube career will not likely be in your future.

However, that doesn’t mean that YouTube can’t be a hobby that you enjoy. If your goal is to find joy in creating content for others, there’s nothing wrong with releasing content when you want.

You Think You’ll Make Money Fast (or at All)

One of the biggest mistakes people make when getting into YouTube is that they think they’ll make money fast. Unfortunately, the truth is that most YouTube channels aren’t making a single penny.

YouTube requires content creators to get a specific number of views and have their content watched by viewers for a certain number of hours in a year. Until creators reach both of these milestones, they can’t collect a single penny from YouTube.

Since the YouTube algorithm can be incredibly unpredictable, it could take months or even years of consistently creating content before Google will start sharing ad revenues with you.

Unless you’re generating hundreds of thousands of views for each video, the ad revenues are typically very small. Considering that YouTube doesn’t send any payment until a creator reaches $100 in revenue, it could be months between payments.

There’s never a guarantee of success, and you’ll need to constantly innovate and be creative.

You Underestimated the Amount of Work It Takes

We can’t understate how much work it takes to create a single YouTube video.

As a content creator, you constantly have to think of content ideas, plan, shoot, and edit them. This process can consume your entire life and make it very difficult to enjoy the activities you’re filming. 

Instead of going for a relaxing hike in the woods, you’re now worried about capturing the entire event on camera. You’ll spend your time worrying about camera angles, capturing B-roll footage, and talking to the camera so viewers will feel like they’re joining you on the hike.

Creating content for YouTube can suck the joy out of your favorite hobbies.

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Tips for Starting an RV YouTube Channel 

If you think you have what it takes and want to start an RV YouTube channel, we have some helpful tips to get you started.

While we can’t guarantee you’ll be the next big RV YouTube channel, these tips can help you to continue to enjoy creating content. Let’s get started!

Have Clear Goals For Starting Your Channel

You need to ask yourself what is your “Why” for creating content. Having a clear set of goals when starting your channel can help to keep you motivated and help you structure your content.

It doesn’t matter if you want to make money, make quality content, or make friends, but having goals tied to your channel to stay motivated is essential.

Write your goals down in the front of a notebook that you’ll dedicate to your content ideas. You want your “why” to be in front of you as often as possible to motivate and inspire you while creating content.

If you forget why you’re doing something, you’ll eventually find you no longer enjoy doing the activity.

Stick to a Content Creation Schedule

If you want to establish a meaningful channel, it requires consistency. Create a feasible schedule for creating content for your channel.

Give yourself plenty of time to go through the entire creation process of planning, filming, and editing.

If you don’t have a creation schedule, it’s easy to fall behind. When you fall behind, you become inconsistent, and viewers won’t know when to expect new content from you.

Engage With Your Audience

One of the best ways to grow your channel is to engage with your audience. Make sure you take the time to respond to as many comments as possible on your content.

You want your viewers to feel a sense of connection with you and that they can relate. You might appear distant or unavailable to viewers if you’re not commenting.

This can be much easier when you’re first getting started or with a smaller channel.

We should mention that you should be careful interacting with negative comments. These comments can be very hurtful and are often left by people looking to get a rise out of creators.

Delete or block the comment and move on. Arguments on the internet rarely have a winner, and you’re likely not going to change the commenter’s mind or perspective.

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A group of RV Youtubers filming outside their RV

Learn From Your Analytics

The best way to improve your channel is to study your analytics. Look at each video and note where viewers stopped watching, where your views came from, and if any specific topics or types of videos perform better than others.

If you’re noticing that certain videos perform well, create more of those types of videos. However, don’t be afraid to try new things from time to time. You never know what you’ll learn about your audience.

Don’t Compare Yourself to Others

One of the hardest things to avoid doing is comparing yourself to other RV YouTubers. It’s easy to see the polished and carefully curated content channels produce and think their lives are much better than yours.

This mentality is one of the biggest downfalls of social media. You’re comparing what you know about your entire life to the carefully captured and selected parts of someone else’s life.

You may see a video of a family having a relaxing picnic in a meadow. However, they chose not to record the massive argument that occurred in the vehicle all the way there.

The grass always appears greener on the other side. So be yourself and avoid the temptation of comparing yourself to others or pretending to be someone you’re not.

Is It Realistic to Make Money on YouTube?

It is possible to make money on YouTube. However, the majority of YouTubers aren’t making massive amounts of money.

When you consider the time, energy, and money spent creating content for a YouTube channel, most creators barely break even.

If they make some money, it’s barely enough for a value meal at your favorite fast food joint.

If you’re planning to give YouTube a try, you’ll likely want to lower your expectations when it comes to how much money you’ll make. We don’t recommend quitting your full-time job or anything before you have a steady stream of revenue coming in from YouTube.

However, it’s important to remember that YouTube is constantly adjusting its algorithm and changing policies. That could greatly impact your ability to make money on YouTube.

An RV Youtuber couple filming outside of their tent

If You Want It, Go For It 

As children, we were all likely told at some point, “You can be anything you want to be.” If you want to be a YouTuber, go for it. Don’t let anything stop you from attempting to live out your dream. 

However, we recommend taking calculated risks.

Don’t quit your job to hit the road full-time in an RV with no plan to make money except for the hope that your YouTube channel starts magically churning lots of money.

If you do, you could find yourself in a difficult financial situation that could derail your RVing adventures.

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