RV Weather Stripping: The RV Maintenance You’re Probably Forgetting

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Man weather stripping his RV

We love traveling in our RV, but like any other vehicle, it needs regular maintenance to stay in good shape. Many often forget the RV weather stripping – something that’s especially important in colder climates.

Here are a few tips on keeping your weather stripping in good condition and some of our recommended products.

What Is RV Weather Stripping? 

RV weather stripping is a sealant used to fill in gaps and seal off areas around doors and windows. It typically has a flexible material like rubber, vinyl, or foam, and you can apply it by hand.

Maintaining your RV’s weather stripping is an important part of your RV’s upkeep, as it helps to keep out drafts and reduce noise.

It can also help prevent water damage by keeping out moisture and preventing leaks.

When choosing weather stripping, select a product specifically designed for RVs. Standard seals may not withstand the wear and tear of RV travel.

Slide out RV weather stripping that is in good condition on a truck camper

How Does RV Weather Stripping Work?

RV weather stripping helps create a barrier between the inside of the RV and the outside elements. It seals areas around openings like doors and windows.

The stripping helps keep out dirt, dust, and pests while also helping to regulate temperature and moisture levels. It also helps to reduce noise and prevent vibrations.

How Do You Replace Weather Stripping on a Camper? 

RV weather stripping is essential for keeping your RV insulated and draft-free. Over time, the weather stripping on your RV will become worn and damaged, making it necessary to replace it.

The good news is that replacing RV weather stripping is a relatively easy and inexpensive DIY project.

You’ll find different types of weather stripping. Some you apply differently than others, but the basics for installing new weather stripping boil down to a couple of essential steps. Here’s what you’ll need to do:

Remove Old Weather Stripping

Start by removing the old weather stripping. Use a putty knife or screwdriver to pry off any old seals that don’t come off easily. Be careful not to damage the surface of the RV.

A tool removing old RV weather stripping on a truck camper slide out

Clean The Area

Once you have removed the old weather stripping, clean the surface where the new stripping will go.

Make sure you don’t leave dirt, debris, or residue behind.

You can use soap and water, mineral spirits, or rubbing alcohol. However, be sure to double-check that whatever cleaning agent you choose is safe to use on your RV.

Cut New Weather Stripping

Next, unroll the new weather stripping and cut it to size. You can eyeball this by holding the weather stripping to where it is going to be placed on your RV.

Or if you’d like an exact measurement, break out your measuring tape.

Apply Weather Stripping

Finally, apply the new weather stripping. How you do this depends upon the type of stripping.

Some slip into place with a self-gripping technology, and other types have a self-adhesive application. However, some require a separate adhesive, which we don’t recommend. 

The way you apply the weather stripping depends on its location on the RV.

For instance, the seals for door frames frequently have a self-adhesive, while windows and slide-outs use self-gripping technology.

RV Weather Stripping Replacement Parts

RV weather stripping varies for different applications on your rig. We curated a list of some different types, which should meet almost any need to keep your RV in tip-top condition.

Black Rubber Slide-Out Wiper Seal

Black Rubber R854056 for RV 1-1/2" Slide-Out Wiper Seal (Clip-On) (This Seal is Sold per 25' slideout Seal)
  • ☆Black Rubber R854056 For 1-1/2" inch Slide-Out Wiper seal
  • ☆High Strength EPDM rubber.Easy installation, Contains UV inhibitors for longer life

This 1-1/2 inch wide rubber seal works perfectly to replace the wiper seal around a slide-out. It comes in 25-ft rolls that you can cut to fit nearly any slide out and easily clips in place.

This slide-out seal, made from EPDM rubber,  has a durable and flexible rubber that lasts for years. It keeps out dust, dirt, weather, and noise to ensure the longevity of your slide room.

Black Rubber D-Seal for RV Slide Out System

Black Rubber 018-312-EKD for 1" x 15/16" x 35' D-Seal RV Slide Out System
  • ☆The ultimate slide out seal system
  • ☆Easy installation, Contains UV inhibitors for longer life

In addition to the slide-out wiper seal, many RVs also had a D-seal for added protection. This D-seal measures 35-ft long, and you can cut it to fit any slide-out opening.

It has a self-adhesive backing for easy installation. Additionally, the stripping contains UV inhibitors for longer life. 

Weather Stripping Seal Strip for Doors and Windows

Tintvent Weather Stripping Seal Strip for Doors/Windows, 39.3Ft D-Shape Rubber Self-Adhesive Weatherstrip for Car Door, Truck, Engine Cover
  • ✅[Quality]: The door weather stripping is made from high quality EPDM rubber could stop wind, dust, cold, water &...
  • ✅[Function]: D shape design,durable and flexible.The door weather stripping reduce the noise and wind when you drive...

Tintvent’s D-shaped weather stripping works great for doors and windows. It has highly flexible and durable EPDM rubber.

It comes ready to cut to fit a 39.3-ft length with self-adhesive backing. Tintvent’s weather stripping helps keep out wind, dust, cold, water, and noise.

Trim Seal with Side Bulb

Trim-Lok Trim Seal EPDM Closed Cell Sponge Rubber Bulb Seal/PVC/Aluminum with Side Bulb, 3/8 inch Bulb Seal Diameter, Fits Edge 1/16 inch, Length 25 feet
  • FLEXIBLE PVC TRIM: Trim-Lok Rubber Trim Seal with Side Bulb is a flexible PVC plastic trim with a sponge rubber bulb...
  • WEATHER-RESISTANT: This weather-stripping bulb seal provides excellent protection against heat, extreme weather damage,...

Trim-Lok trim seal with side bulb is a versatile product that you can use in many applications. It comes in various sizes and lengths to fit almost any need.

This trim seal uses a flexible PVC trim with a sponge rubber bulb. Its push-on installation works with internal aluminum metal clips and a gripping tongue that keep it reliably in place.

Bonus: 3-IN-ONE RVcare Rubber Seal Conditioner 

3-IN-ONE RVcare Rubber Seal Conditioner with SMART STRAW SPRAYS 2 WAYS, 11 OZ
  • Contains UV inhibitors which help prevent cracking and fading
  • Long lasting water resistant formula reduces friction and wear

While all weather stripping will eventually need replacing, this 3-IN-ONE RVcare rubber seal conditioner helps extend the life of existing stripping. It contains UV inhibitors that help prevent cracking and fading.

It also has a long-lasting, water-resistant formula that reduces friction and wear. Even if your RV weather stripping isn’t in the best shape, this seal conditioner can help restore its usefulness until you can replace it.

How Do I Know What Size Weather Stripping I Need?

The easiest way is to match the stripping that you intend to replace. If the stripping has worn away, you may want to check your owner’s manual or consult an RV dealer to determine what will work best for your particular application.

If you know what type of weather stripping you need for your RV, the next step is to measure the area you need to apply it. For instance, measure the top, bottom, and each side of the door frame. Then add those measurements for the length of weather stripping you need.

Person weather stripping their RV

Is Foam or Rubber Weather Stripping Better?

Most weather stripping comes from one of two different materials: foam or rubber. Each has its advantages and disadvantages. 

Foam is affordable and easy to install. It also does a good job of sealing out drafts.

However, foam weather stripping can compress over time, allowing gaps to form. It can also sustain more damage from UV rays and extreme temperatures. 

Rubber stripping costs more, but it is also more durable. It can withstand UV rays and extreme temperatures without breaking down.

And it will maintain its shape over time, particularly if you also use a rubber seal conditioner. Rubber creates a tighter seal than foam and will last longer.

If you want a more affordable option, go with foam. But if you want a tighter seal that will last longer, choose rubber.

Man weather stripping his RV

It’s Easy to Maintain Your RV Weather Stripping

Traveling in an RV means you always have the comforts of home at your fingertips. But it takes regular maintenance to keep your RV as comfortable as when you first purchased it. That includes maintaining your weather stripping.

Rubber seal conditioner is an easy, affordable way to maximize the life of your RV weather stripping and continue traveling in comfort. 

But everything eventually wears out. Armed with a little knowledge about how to select the appropriate RV weather stripping and how to apply it, you can easily continue traveling for years in the comfort of a well-sealed RV.

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