Is RV Trader Legitimate?

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RV Trader can help those looking to buy or sell an RV and find the perfect rig or potential buyers.

However, these transactions typically involve a generous amount of money exchanging hands and are something you should take seriously. RV prices can be quite high, even for a used one.

Whether you’re the buyer or seller, you want to ensure everything checks out to protect yourself. So, is RV Trader a legitimate way to buy or sell an RV?

Let’s take a closer look!

About RV Trader

With more than 160,000 new and pre-owned RVs and millions of site visits each month, it’s hard to find a better place to buy or sell an RV.

RV Trader has a suite of digital marketing solutions that helps sellers list and promote RVs on the market to active buyers. You can find listings from dealers and private sellers from practically anywhere in the country.

Whether you’re in the market for a pop-up, travel trailer, fifth wheel, or massive motorhome, you’ll find plenty of options on RV Trader.

How Does RV Trader Work?

RV Trader varies depending on whether you’re the buyer or seller. No matter which side of the transaction you’re on, RV Trader has a tremendous amount of experience and has dialed in its service offerings to make the process as easy as possible.

For RV Buyers

If you’re the buyer, there’s zero cost to use RV Trader. You simply visit the website and start searching.

You can select the type of RV, location, or search for a specific model or keyword that’s important for your next RV. 

Buyers can then scroll through the results and create more in-depth filters to narrow down the results. Whether they’re looking to purchase new or used with certain specifications, there are plenty of search filters to help you find the perfect rig.

Many listings provide a generous amount of pictures or videos to help buyers see what makes each RV unique.

View of the front page of RV Trader

For RV Sellers

For those users who are looking to sell an RV, the RV Trader platform is as good as it gets. Sellers must buy a listing package to post their RV for sale on the platform.

Packages are one-time fees that range from $69.95 to $249.95. Deciding which package to choose and creating the actual listing can take some time but are crucial to selling an RV quickly.

The “basic” package allows the seller to post four pictures for their listing to be live for two weeks.

However, the “best” package allows 50 photos. The listing is live on the site for a year, with the ability to add a YouTube video. There is enhanced exposure on the homepage and in search results.

The “enhanced” package is the middle man and includes 20 photos, eight weeks on the site, and a spot for a YouTube video.

Once a seller creates their RV listing, RV Trader’s platform helps keep with the rest of the process. Interested buyers can reach out to sellers to ask questions and potentially organize an opportunity for the buyer to tour the rig in person.

Due to the demand for new and used RVs, buyers who create a quality listing for their RV can quickly have their inbox flooded with interested buyers.

RV Trader Inventory

No matter what type of RV you’re looking to purchase, you can most likely find it in the massive inventory on RV Trader.

There’s practically every type of driveable and towable RV available on the market. From truck campers to toy haulers (and even motorhomes), there’s no shortage when it comes to options for shopping.

While the inventory is constantly fluctuating, there are over 230,000 RVs currently listed on the website.

You can find RV listings from private sellers and dealers looking to sell RVs. If you can’t find a particular model near you, expand the results to include RVs from a certain distance or search the nationwide inventory.

It might sound crazy to drive across the country to complete an RV transaction, but you might be able to save thousands of dollars by doing so.

RVs for sale with RV Trader

Do You Have to Pay To Use RV Trader?

The seller is the only person who incurs any costs of using RV Trader. Buyers can search the platform and communicate with buyers at no charge.

Sellers choose a package to purchase when listing their RV for sale. The package cost varies based on the amount of time the listing will be active, the marketing features, and how many photos or videos the seller wants to include for potential buyers to see.

Keep in Mind: Before committing to RVing full-time, there are a few things you need to know. Check out what people wish they knew before living full-time in an RV!

RV Trader Pricing Packages for Sellers

Packages are one-time fees that range from $69.95 to $249.95. Deciding which package to choose and creating the actual listing can take some time but are vital to selling an RV quickly.

Let’s look at which RV Trader package you might want to consider.


The “basic” package is a budget-friendly option and costs $69.96. The seller posts up to four pictures, and their listing remains active for two weeks.

This can be an excellent option for those with a unique RV who want to move quickly. Pricing will be important as two weeks can go by very quickly. And, RV Trader makes no guarantees that your rig will sell within a certain timeframe.


RV Trader’s “best” package is $249.95. This package allows sellers to post 50 photos, and the listing is active on the site for up to a year.

It includes the ability to add a YouTube video, and there is enhanced exposure on the homepage and in search results. The premium price tag unlocks premium features and the most exposure to potential buyers.

Buyers want to see lots of information and photos while shopping. This package is for serious sellers looking to provide buyers with plenty of pictures and even a video tour.

Because these listings get premium exposure, sellers can know that their listing is getting seen by potential buyers.

Keep in Mind: Are you buying an RV for the first time? Here’s how to know which one is best for you and your needs.

A group of RVs for sale with RV Trader


The “enhanced” package, at $134.95, is the happy medium between the basic and best package.

It allows sellers to post 20 photos, the listing stays active for eight weeks on the site, and includes a YouTube video spot.

You get many of the premium features but not the intentional exposure from RV Trader in search results and on the homepage.

Are There Scams on RV Trader?

Like any site, there can be. However, RV Trader takes steps to protect buyers and sellers from scams. Users can easily report suspicious activity and visit the Security Center page to learn about protecting themselves online. 

RV transactions are large and can involve a lot of money exchanging hands. You must protect yourself from becoming a victim when buying or selling an RV. 

A group of RVs for sale on RV Trader

Is RV Trader a Legitimate Place To Buy or Sell an RV?

While there are plenty of places to buy and sell a camper, RV Trader is the best. It has done a tremendous job of creating a safe place for buyers and sellers.

However, no online website is perfect. If you’re shopping for an RV, it’s a good idea to hire an RV inspector to check out the rig.

This can help ensure you know what you’re getting into and not buying a lemon. Sellers should use common sense regarding payment options and verify funds with banks before handing over the keys.

Have you ever used RV Trader to buy or sell an RV?

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