High Tech RV Temperature Monitor For Your Pet Peace Of Mind

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Dog and cat alone in RV looking out window waiting for owner to return. High Tech RV Temperature Monitor For Your Pet Peace Of Mind.

Camping with your best four-legged friend is a significant reason why pet owners choose the RV lifestyle. But what about those nights you want to eat out at a restaurant? Not every activity while living on the road is pet friendly. So what do you do if you have to leave the dog in the camper/RV? How will you know if the temperature is safe? An RV temperature monitor is a useful tool to control the environment inside your RV while your pet is home, but you’re not.

RV temps can quickly reach over 100 degrees in a very quick time frame, even when the outside temps are in the high 70s. Parking in sunlight and with the sun coming into RV windows, the temps can quickly overwhelm dogs. RV electric and generators can sometimes fail, making the AC units trip off. This puts your beloved pet at risk for brain damage, heatstroke, dehydration, seizures, or even death! How scary! Luckily technology has a few options for our peace of mind.

Recommendation: Nimble RV/Dog Safety Temperature & Humidity Sensor

Waggle RV/Dog Safety Temperature & Humidity Sensor | Wireless Pet monitoring system | Verizon Cellular | Instant Alerts on Temp/Humidity/Power loss via SMS/Email 24/7 | No WiFi | Subscription Required
  • ◆SUBSCRIPTION REQUIRED◆: Waggle Pet Monitor Cannot Be Used Without A Subscription. The Subscription is for Cellular...
  • INSTANT ALERTS ON YOUR PHONE: Get Alerted - Not Alarmed. Keeping An Eye On Your Dog’s Safety Is Now Easy With Waggle....

This unit, the Nimble RV Dog Temp Sensor (now called Waggle) works over a cellular network, Verizon 4G. Wherever there is a Verizon signal, the unit will work, no WiFi is required. It sends a text and email alert when there is a temperature “excursion” and there is real-time monitoring for heat, humidity, and heat index. How does it work?

  1. Attach the monitor in your RV
  2. Install The Waggle Pet App and register on your phone
  3. Monitor temp, humidity, heat index, and (location, upgraded service) in real-time and in 15-minute increments via text/email. Alerts when RV power is lost or when the battery is low (unit must be plugged in).

How to Monitor RV Temperatures

Technology makes it easier to monitor RV temps when you’re not there, but they aren’t without fail. Obviously, you need power to the unit, and if you choose a cell phone plan, cell coverage as well. You can’t venture too far away, because if YOU don’t have a cell signal, you can’t get alerts. 

Benefits of Pet Temperature Monitors for RVs

With pet temp monitors, you can have more peace of mind for short excursions away from the RV. If you have to get groceries or want to visit a restaurant where pets aren’t allowed, you have a little more time away while still being able to keep an eye on the temps in the RV.

Types of Pet Temperature Monitors for RVs

  • Wireless units work off of WiFi, so you must have a good internet connection where you are camping, but do not require a monthly cellular data plan…
  • Cellular data have better coverage area, but require a cell signal where you are camping and also require a monthly service fee for the cellular usage
Older woman with short pepper gray hair in blue plaid shirt holds yorkie dog outside of RV. An RV temperature monitor creates a safe environment for the pets to be left alone in the RV.

Camping with your pet is a great joy, but also adds a layer of responsibility and planning to any camping excursion. For your pet’s safety, it is essential to plan ahead for short excursions without them, especially in potentially hot or extremely cold weather. Stay prepared with an RV temperature monitor to add another layer of safety and peace of mind while traveling with your furry companion!

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  1. We use a temp monitor in the summer months if we leave the dogs in the RV. It works on Cell phone service, since we don’t have WIFI in our trailer. ITs the one by Sensored Life I believe is the name. We got it on Amazon. We set the temp alert to text us when the temp reaches that number or if the unit loses connection/power.

  2. We are about 6 weeks away from going FT, and we have 2 small dogs. The sales pitch for our rig (2021 397th) was that the one control system allows you to monitor and ADJUST your temperature settings, even while you are away from your rig hiking, dining, etc. We have yet to figure that out, but it’s on my VERY long to-do list! Any wisdom about this system?

  3. We use this! You pay a fee for a subscription and get a device to plug into your rig. It’s nice because it has its own service so you don’t have to worry about WiFi. You can set your own parameters of hot, cold, humidity, and power loss. And also you pick notification type. They will email or text. We have been using it for a solid 6 months and can’t recommend it enough. Notifications are fast. We get an email instantly when the breaker trips….. as we all know they happens time to time. It gives us peace of mind leaving the pups knowing they are comfortable, temp and humidity is right, and the rig has power.

  4. There isn’t an ideal RV shower head on the market as such a head instead of merely controlling water flow would provide for sending the initial cold water back to the fresh water tank instead of down the drain until it’s at least warm. Then the shower head would “turn on”. This would take a small 12VDC pump to increase the hot water pressure a couple of PSI above the cold water pressure and a thermostatic valve inserted between the Hot/Cold water pipes at the furthest fixture from the hot water heater and a check valve to let the initial cold water flow back into the fresh water tank. See the Watts instant on hot water home system whose thermostatic valves could be adapted to the RV’s PEX plumbing pipes.

  5. Hello Jason! Thank you for the info. I’ve not yet read it. later tonight. Just got home from work. Don’t know if you covered it but, the only obstacle I am facing is convincing my wife to allow our two cats to accompany us. She is not a cat fan even though our two dearly love her. These days we hire a woman to come to the house to feed and scoop but I would rather have them with the family. Teri and I travel with two Shih Tzus. Any suggestions as to litter box, caging while en route, good bad or ugly experiences. We are looking at March/April to start 4-5 week trips based from Boulder City/Las Vegas. Thank you.

    Kenny Laursen
    27.5 Jayco Eagle 5’er
    2015 Chev High Country 3/4

  6. Hello!
    We do leave our dogs in the RV on occasion during hot weather. We set the A/C at 75 degrees, close windows/vents & blinds, and don’t stay out more than a couple hours. Fortunately, our RV is well insulated, so the interior stays comfortable even when outside temp climbs into the 90s. But if outside temp is over 85, we don’t go anywhere the dogs can’t go. We’ve talked about installing a temp monitor & camera inside but haven’t yet.

    Really enjoy your channel & style! Thank you for all the great ideas & adventures.

  7. I use the RV Whisper. The system is modular so I can monitor more things remotely, and I can use my internet for other things. The noble device is expensive internet since it is only used for the nimble.

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