This is the Best RV Surge Protector on the Market

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You must use a reliable RV surge protector to keep your camper safe. Unfortunately, with so many options, it can be challenging and frustrating to narrow down the options and select the one that’s best for your needs. However, it’s a decision that you must make to protect your RV’s electrical system.

If you’re searching for an RV surge protector for your rig, today’s your lucky day. You can stop searching because we’ve found the best RV surge protector.

Today, we’re sharing why everyone should own a Progressive Industries Portable RV EMS.

Let’s get started!

What Is an RV Surge Protector?

An RV surge protector is a device that protects an RV’s electrical system from damage caused by power surges.

They can help ensure the power flowing into your rig is always clean and safe. Should it detect unsafe conditions, it will cut the flow of electricity to prevent any potential damage to sensitive electronics.

Power surges can occur without notice and leave you with expensive repairs. Thankfully, surge protectors provide constant protection for your camper. An RV surge protector isn’t cheap, but it’s worth every penny if it saves you from damaged appliances.

A close up of the Progressive Industries EMS-PT50X, the rv surge protector on the market.

Do You Really Need an RV Surge Protector?

As we said, these surges and drops in power can happen at any time. The effects of power surges and drops can devastate a camper’s sensitive electronics. This could mean replacing a refrigerator, air conditioning, or a host of other items.

As we always say, it’s better to be safe than sorry. We suggest you use an RV surge protector when plugging your rig into a power source. This can help you avoid accidentally connecting to an unsafe power source and causing severe damage to your camper.

Some units are smart enough to detect incorrect wiring and other dangerous conditions.

What Type of Surge Protector is Best for an RV?

The best type of surge protector for an RV is one that is an electrical management system (EMS). An EMS surge protector constantly monitors the incoming voltage and frequency of the electrical power supplied to your RV.

It automatically disconnects your RV’s electrical system if it detects any issues. As stated before, we use and recommend the Progress Industries Portable RV EMS to everyone we know. 

These units watch for issues like voltage spikes, low voltage, high voltage, open neutral, reverse polarity, and more. Additionally, many of these models will monitor the power and turn it back on once it detects safe conditions. Some feature additional functionality like Bluetooth connectivity or remote monitoring.

Do I Need a 30 or 50 amp RV Surge Protector?

You need to use a surge protector compatible with the amperage for your RV. If your RV has a 30-amp electrical system, use a 30-amp RV surge protector. Additionally, if you have an RV with a 50-amp electrical system, use a 50-amp surge protector.

Using a surge protector that doesn’t match your RV’s amperage can lead to inadequate protection and damage to your RV’s electrical system. If you upgrade from a 30 to 50-amp camper, you’ll need to upgrade your surge protector too. Save yourself the hassle by getting the appropriately rated RV surge protector. 

A man plugging in his RV electrical

Benefits of the Progressive Industries Portable RV EMS

When it comes to the best RV surge protectors, the Progress Industries Portable RV EMS (EMS-PT50X and EMS-PT30X) has very little competition.

Let’s look at a handful of reasons you should consider this surge protector for your RV.

Progressive Industries Portable RV Surge Protector, 50 Amp EMS with Integrated Display, Fault Detection, and All Weather Shield Assembly - EMS-PT50X
  • Maintain electronic safety - This 50 Amp RV Surge Protector by Progressive Industries is a real guard for your RV...
  • Prevents costly damage - With a 50A/120-240V/12,000W rating, EMS-PT50X can absorb surges of up to 3,580 joules. This...
Progressive Industries Portable RV Surge Protector, 30 Amp EMS with Integrated Display, Fault Detection, and All Weather Shield Assembly - EMS-PT30X
  • Maintain electronic safety - This 30 Amp RV Surge Protector by Progressive Industries is a real guard for your RV...
  • Prevents costly damage - With a 30A/120V/3,600W rating, EMS-PT30X can absorb surges of up to 1,790 joules. This surge...

Easy to Use

No matter what you’re buying for your RV, you want it to be easy to use. Luckily, the Progressive Industries Portable RV EMS is straightforward and easy to use.

Its plug-and-play design lets you start using it within seconds of opening the package. All you need to do is connect it to your RV and plug it into a power source.

It will instantly get to work monitoring the power to ensure it’s safe for your camper.


Unfortunately, mother nature doesn’t care about your RVing plans. There’s a chance it will rain or snow during your adventures. It’s no secret that moisture and electricity do not go well together.

Thankfully, the Progressive Industries Portable RV EMS has a weather-resistant design. It can handle not only moisture but also extreme weather conditions. 

When you choose either the EMS-PT50X or EMS-PT30X for your rig, you’ll have the security of knowing your camper is safe during storms and other inclement weather.

Even if your surge protector is exposed to harsh elements for extended periods, the weather-resistant design will withstand the harsh conditions.

Security Anti-Theft Lock Bracket

Unfortunately, we’ve heard more than one story from RVers who have had their expensive RV surge protectors stolen. If not properly secured, a thief could quickly disconnect the surge protector, plug your RV cable into the power pedestal, and run away from the scene.

If you’re not at your campsite, you may not even notice the loss of power.

To help protect your investment, the Progressive Industries Portable RV EMS comes with a cable ring. You can feed a cable lock through this ring and pull it tight before locking it in place.

This may not make it impossible for a thief to steal your surge protector, but it will make it much harder. They may not want to risk making noise or attracting attention by cutting the cable. 

Camco 44290 Power Grip Cable with Security Lock, Black
  • Helps prevent theft
  • 60-inch long heavy-duty braided steel cord with vinyl coating
A fifth wheel parked in a campground using the best rv surge protector


The EMS-PT50X or EMS-PT30X are both extremely portable devices. You can take them with you whether you change rigs or campsites.

They’re tough and durable enough to withstand moving inside your storage compartment. You never know how the contents will shift or move around while you’re going to or from an adventure.

Luckily, with the rugged and tough design, these units aren’t fragile, and you don’t have to worry about them breaking easily.

Automatic Reset

One of our favorite features for these units is the automatic reset. The unit will shut down power to the camper once it detects unsafe operating conditions.

In addition, it will continue to monitor the flow of electricity and wait for safe conditions to return. 

Once it is safe, the unit will reset itself and start sending power back into your camper. This can be especially helpful if you’re away from your camper when unsafe conditions present themselves. Instead of returning to no power, you may be unaware of a power outage.

Disadvantages of the Progressive Industries Portable RV EMS

While we love the ​​Progressive Industries Portable RV EMS, it’s far from perfect. Let’s look at a few of its disadvantages. 


The Progressive Industries Portable RV EMS isn’t cheap. The 30-amp version will set you back nearly $200, and the 50-amp version is almost $300.

While not having a surge protector can certainly cost you a lot more for repairs, purchasing one of these units isn’t cheap. If you want to protect your rig, unfortunately, you’ll have no choice but to bite the bullet and make the purchase. 

A pile off $100 bills in US money

Size and Weight

When it comes to the weight of your rig, every pound matters. Unfortunately, the Progressive Industries Portable RV EMS is 20% heavier than its biggest competitor. While this isn’t a significant amount of weight, it is a noticeable difference. 

Additionally, the Progressive Industries Portable RV EMS is almost twice the size of its competitors. This may not be a big deal when you’re using it at the power pedestal, but it will take up more space when storing it. Considering storage space is typically an issue, you don’t want to waste any storage space when you don’t have to.

Limited Display

Other similar units will provide a larger display that communicates more information. Unfortunately, the Progressive Industries Portable RV EMS has a very limited screen.

If there is an issue, it will display a code. You’ll then have to check the code so you know how to address the issue. A bigger display would make it easier to see and know the issue.

Is the Progressive Industries Portable RV EMS Worth It?

The Progressive Industries Portable RV EMS is one of the best RV surge protectors on the market. We don’t connect our RV to power without using ours, and we encourage you to do the same.

If you’re looking for a surge protector for your rig, this is one that we think is worth getting and using. Trust us, you don’t want the repair bills associated with not having a surge protector.

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