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A well-equipped kitchen is essential for most successful RV trips, giving campers the option to prepare and enjoy a variety of their own home-cooked dinners. Eating out frequently can get quite expensive, so having the ability to eat in can also keep the budget in line.

At a minimum, most recreational vehicles include an RV stove top to make coffee, fry up some bacon and eggs for breakfast and prepare scrumptious entrees. However, you might find yourself wanting an upgrade with all the new RV stove tops on the market today.

Whether you’re doing a new build or simply upgrading what came factory stock, there are a few features that are important when selecting a stove for your RV.

We have boiled down the essentials of RV stove tops to help you find the one that would best meet your needs!

What Is an RV Stove Top? 

Much like a residential gas stove, the RV stove top is an appliance that has one or more burners for cooking and is usually fueled by propane.

Many older recreational vehicles may have a stove and oven combination. But more recently, manufactured rigs may have an RV stove top with a separate convection microwave. That takes care of baking, broiling, and microwaving foods in one single appliance.

This setup covers most camp cooking needs. Most RV stove tops have electronic or Piezo ignition, not unlike outdoor gas grills. But many older versions require manual lighting.  

A new RV stove top in a truck camper next to the kitchen sink

What Is the Size of an RV Stove Top?

Recreational vehicle kitchens, generally speaking, are smaller than your typical residential kitchens, and their appliances follow suit.

An RV stove top can usually be between two and four burners, and their size corresponds with the number of burners.There are some single burner stove tops, but for the most part, they are portable camp stoves.

You can install RV stove tops with two burners vertically or horizontally on the countertop. For camper vans and those RVs with very little counter space, a vertical two-burner stove top might only take up 12 inches in width with a length of 20 inches.

A horizontal stove will usually increase the width to 20 inches and increase the length because the control knobs are at the unit’s base. The length of a two-burner unit may also be 20 inches to 24 inches.

Three and four-burner stove tops are in larger recreational vehicles and replicate the cooking experience of home with the ability to prepare several dishes simultaneously.

Most of these units are still a bit smaller than a residential stove top, measuring 24 inches by 24 inches. There are a few that aren’t square but elongated, like the 26-inch by 19-inch three-burner models.

How Much Does an RV Stove Cost?

Prices for RV stove tops start around $120 for a stainless steel two-burner unit. Depending on finish and heat rating, you can find three and four-burner units from $150 to $275.

With all sizes, burners have ratings with separate BTU figures, giving you a selection of larger (hotter) and smaller (cooler) burners from 5,000 BTUs to 8,500 BTUs. 

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A two burner Greystone brand RV stove top installed in a small RV with fake granite countertop

RV Stove Tops Reviewers Swear By  

RV stove tops can be a useful and necessary addition to any recreational vehicle, giving campers the option for home cooking and meals anywhere they go.

Here are seven exceptional stove tops that have garnered four and five-star ratings!

Best For Van Builds: 12 Inch Stainless Steel 2-Burner Gas Cooktop

AUODGDNT Gas Stove Gas Cooktop 2 Burners,12 Inches Portable Stainless Steel Built-in Gas Hob LPGNG Dual Fuel Easy to Clean for RVs, Apartments, Outdoor (Silver)
  • ★【Effortless Cleaning】 Built to last Stainless Steel cooktop surface is Constructed with 201 SS Grade surface,...
  • ★【2 Powerful Cooking Burners】This 12-inch gas cooktop features 2 high efficiency sealed burners. The 2 burners...

This dual burner RV stove top is a stainless steel appliance with a large 8,500 BTU burner and a 5,000 BTU one. It measures 12 inches wide and 20 inches long, taking up less countertop space and making it a good selection in small vehicles.

It has an electric ignition, requiring 110V electricity to ignite a flame. You can use the stove top with natural gas or propane, and it does include a conversion kit.

Best For Small RVs: Furrion 3-Burner Gas Cooktop 

Furrion 7500BTU RV Chef Collection Gas Cooktop with 3x Gas Burners; Pulse Ignition and Cast Iron Grate (Stainless Steel) - FGH4ZSA-SS
  • 3 Burner Cooktop: This Furrion RV Chef Collection Cooktop has 3 burners for cooking and delivers perfect consistent...
  • Electric Ignition: This cooktop is designed with pulse/electric ignition that uses 1.5V DC to spark the flame.

The Furrion 3 Burner has three evenly sized burners with an output of 7,500 BTUs each, although the center one has a longer, oblong heating surface. It is sized for a longer countertop, measuring 26 inches wide by 16 inches long, and consists of stainless steel.

With a pulse ignition, the stove top requires one AA battery for operation.

A three burner RV stove stop that is stainless steel with black grates and knobs

Best Replacement RV Stove Top: Suburban 3-Burner Slide-in Cooktop

Suburban 3600A 3-Burner Slide-in Cooktop - Black
  • Strong, one-piece grate
  • Piezo ignition system

Unlike the previous listings, the Suburan RV stove top slides into a space rather than dropping into a countertop cutout.

It looks and behaves just like the top of a stove and oven combination, but there is no oven below. This opens up space that can be used for storage or as a cabinet.

The three burners with one at 9,000 BTUs and two at 6,500 BTUs each. The stove top has Piezo ignition and is powder-coated black.

A Suburban RV stove top installed in a truck camper

Best RV Stove Top For Remodels: RecPro RV Built-In 3-Burner Gas Cooktop 

RecPro RV Built In Gas Cooktop | 2 Burner or 3 Burner | RV Cooktop Stove | 6,500 and 8,000 BTU Burners | Cover Included (Black, 3-Burner)
  • Versatile Options: Choose from 2 or 3 burner sizes to suit your cooking needs and available space in your RV kitchen.
  • Sleek Design: Available in black or stainless steel finish, adding a touch of style to your RV interior.

Measuring 21 inches by 21 inches, the RecPro is a moderately sized RV stove top. Its three burners are powered by electronic (12V) ignition, with the front burning providing 8,000 BTUs, while the other two put out 6,500 BTUs each.

With a foldable glass cover, the stove top can be utilized as extra counter space when not in use.

Best Four Burner RV Stove Top: Built-in Stainless Steel 4-Burner Gas Cooktop

24″x20″ Built in Gas Cooktop 4 Burners Stainless Steel Stove with NG/LPG Conversion Kit Thermocouple Protection and Easy to Clean (20Wx24L)
  • 【HIGH POWER BURNERS】The built-in gas cooker with cutout size 24”W x 20 1/2”H, is ready for natural gas...
  • 【SAFETY PERFORMANCE】The use of a thermocouple flameout fault system ensures that the gas is automatically turned off...

The first four-burner RV stove top measures 20 inches wide by 24 inches long, with one big burner rated at 11,000 BTUs.

Two burners put out 6,000 BTUs each, and the smallest burner is 3,400 BTUs.

It comes from the factory equipped to use natural gas but does include a conversion kit for propane use. With a stainless steel top and bakelite control knobs.

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Best Stove and Oven Combo: Greystone 17-Inch Digital RV Gas Range

Greystone, 17 Inch Digital RV Gas Range, Stove and Oven Combo, 12 Volt, LP, 3 Burners, Black
  • COOK LIKE YOU'RE AT HOME: Easy to control digital temperature settings, generous space to cook like you're at home, fits...
  • SLEEK DESIGN: Stylish black exterior with black fixtures and a ceramic surface looks great and offers an updated look to...

For a full stove top with a complete oven, the Greystone packs a punch with three stove burners and a 17-inch gas range.

The entire combo runs on 12V power with electronic ignition and is adequately prepped for use with propane. Each burner produces 8,000 BTUs, and the oven can run up to 500 degrees.

The size of the unit measures 22 inches wide by 19 inches deep and 16 inches high.

Best Luxury RV Stove Top: 36-Inch Stainless Steel 5 Burner Gas Range 

FC Design Stainless Steel 5 Italy Sabaf Burners-36 Inch Gas Range Cooktops for Kitchen-Heavy Duty RV Stovetop with Metal Knobs-Easy to Clean Cook Top Stoves, 36inch-3605
  • PREMIUM GAS COOKTOP FOR YOUR KITCHEN: Re-discover your passion for cooking with the LYCAN 36-inch gas cooktop, which...
  • Performance: Middle (1,7000 BTU), Right & Left Front (10,200 BTU), Left Rear (6,000 BTU), Right Rear (3,400 BTU)

Live like a five-star chef when you install this five-burner RV stove top. Measuring 36 inches wide by 20 inches long, the stove is meant for larger countertops.

The stainless steel product is heavy, coming in at 51 lbs, but it handles like a pro. The largest burner has a 17,000 BTU rating, with two medium-sized burners at 10,200 BTUs.

It also has a burner with a 6,000 BTU rating and a small 3,400 BTU burner.

Do They Make Electric Stoves for RVs?

Many newer model RVs have installed induction cooktops in place of propane RV stove tops. They use electricity to generate heat, but most only have one burner.

The induction cooktop sits flush with the countertop, making it easier to clean and utilize as extra counter space when not in use.

An electric stove top in an RV with granite counter tops

Get Cooking With an Upgraded RV Stove Top

Now that you’ve seen a selection of great RV stove tops, it’s time to jump from the frying pan into the fire and find one appliance that will best suit your cooking needs.

Look at your vehicle’s space, then decide how many burners you can utilize. Once you’ve found the perfect cooking appliance, your camping trips will become much more flavorful!  

Which stove top do you have your eye on?

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