Upgrade Your RV Shower Door With These Awesome Options

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The luxury RV shower door in an RV

Whether you renovate an entire RV or simply want to spruce up the bathroom, upgrading your RV shower door can have a huge impact. You can change the look of the space and make it more functional.

If you don’t want the same old cookie-cutter RV bathroom, it’s time to do an upgrade.

We’ll share with you some awesome options for upgrading your RV shower door. If you need plans for your next free weekend, here you go.

You might just add this DIY project to your to-do list. Let’s get started.

Can You Replace a Shower Door in an RV?

If you’ve never done any DIY projects on an RV, you’ll quickly learn that you can replace just about anything in them.

Replacing your RV shower door isn’t too difficult and can bring new life to the space.

Depending on the door the manufacturer installed, it may take up more room than necessary or be impossible to clean.

The cost of repairing some fancier doors simply isn’t worth it for many RVers.

Thus they may look for other options.

How to Choose the Right Shower Door for Your RV

When choosing the right shower door for your RV, take the time to do your research.

You don’t want to get halfway through a DIY project and discover that you’re in over your head.

So familiarize yourself with the entire process before yanking your shower door out of your RV’s bathroom.

Ensure whatever option will be functional with your bathroom and how you use it.

When choosing the right shower door, consider maintenance and cleaning.

RVs have many things that require regular care and attention.

You likely don’t want to add another item to your RV to-do list.

So choosing the simplest solution that gets the job done and gives you the look you desire may be the best option.

You don’t want to spend time getting into tight spaces to keep everything squeaky clean.

Lastly, take some measurements and ensure any kits or items you order will fit.

We recommend taking the measurements several times to avoid any measuring errors.

Not catching an error until the parts arrive can be a costly mistake.

So measure twice — or ten times. 

What Are Your Options for an RV Shower Door Upgrade?

You likely didn’t have much say in the RV shower door that came with your rig. However, you have several options when upgrading.

Let’s consider how you can update your bathroom with these door ideas.

Glass Shower Doors

Residential showers commonly have glass doors and have become increasingly popular in RVs. You’ll find these in larger RVs like fifth wheels and motorhomes.

However, many RV owners do not like how difficult they are to clean.

They often require a daily shower cleaner spray to help avoid soap scum and other buildups from gathering in hard-to-reach spots along the track of the doors.

However, if you have plenty of space in your bathroom, you can always order a custom glass shower door.

You can team up with a local glass shop to help you get a glass door that fits the space in your bathroom.

They may not be cheap or light, but they provide a luxurious and modern look to an RV bathroom.

Glass shower door in a luxury RV

Retractable Shower Doors

A retractable shower door works well if you have limited space in your RV bathroom.

These doors use a slide tracking system to stay aligned better than other sliding doors.

You can easily install and maintain them. And you’ll hardly notice them when not in use. You can easily clean these doors, and they can make the room feel larger since they don’t waste any space.

This RV shower door upgrade costs approximately $200.

Like many DIY projects, you’ll want to ensure you take proper measurements.

Additionally, you’ll likely need to make some modifications to prevent leaks or other issues. 

Pleated Shower Doors

A pleated shower door will be the cheapest if you want a budget-friendly option.

These typically cost around $100, but the vinyl or polyester shades don’t have the classiest look or feel.

They’re prone to breaking as they age, which will mean you’ll need to replace the entire door.

However, they can get the job done if you don’t care about impressing anyone with your RV’s bathroom.

Shower Curtains

The cheapest option for an RV shower upgrade is to install a shower curtain.

This isn’t an actual door, but it’s a great option that many RVers choose.

It minimizes the weight and makes cleaning and maintenance as easy as possible.

You don’t have to worry about dirt and grime getting into tracks from a door, and you can find a plethora of shower curtains to give you the look and feel in your bathroom that you want to achieve.

A shower curtain on an RV shower door

Keep in Mind: Give your bathroom a major upgrade by replacing your RV Bathroom Faucet! These tips and tricks will help you get the job done!

Best RV Shower Doors to Consider

Check out these shower doors for your RV bathroom upgrade. They’ll look great and ensure water finds its way into the shower drain, not all over the room. Take a look at these various options.

1. RecPro RV Retractable Rolling Shower Door

Rec Pro retractable RV shower door on a grey background

The RecPro RV Retractable Rolling Shower Door comes in four sizes that all cost around $200. The door uses a slide and glide technology, so you don’t have to battle the door coming off the track constantly.

Additionally, the retractable door maximizes the space for getting in and out of the shower.

It only weighs six pounds, which helps you avoid unnecessary weight. You can tackle the easy installation as a solo DIY project.

Special Features: RecPro uses a platinum vinyl material that inhibits the growth of harmful organisms like mold and mildew.

This makes them easier to clean and reduces the chances of dealing with nasty bacteria growing in your shower.

Cleaning your RV shower is the last thing you want to worry about while exploring.

#2 Nautilus Retractable RV Shower Door

The Nautilus custom retractable RV shower door adds a classy look to your bathroom.

Simply input your measurements into their product search, and they’ll help you find one that meets your needs.

Prices typically range from $200 to $325, depending on the height and width of your door.

They have a handful of different frame color options, so you can get one that fits your style.

Special Features: The Nautilus Retractable RV Shower Door uses a patented self-cleaning technology, so you don’t have to worry about mold or mildew growing in your shower.

The canister that holds the door includes a squeegee that ensures all water and soap get removed before the door rolls into itself.

#3 RecPro Pleated Folding Shower Door

Rec Pro pleated RV shower door on a grey background

The RecPro Pleated Folding Shower Door keeps water in your shower and off the floor. It has a sleek design and is easy to use when stepping in or out.

You can install it on just about any RV shower without assistance. This folding shower door will help modernize your RV bathroom and keep it dry.

Special Features: The vinyl shower door seals off your shower from the rest of your bathroom. It’s child-friendly, and you won’t have to worry about messes from curtains.

While you can’t get them custom-ordered, you can easily cut them to fit your RV’s unique dimensions.

#4 Barossa Design Waterproof Satin Camper Shower Curtain

Barossa Design Waterproof Fabric Shower Stall Curtain Liner Microfiber 54" W x 78" H - Hotel Quality, Machine Washable, White Shower Liner for Bath Tub, 54x78
  • Hotel Quality: Natural than plastic one, non-toxic & pvc free. It can be used as shower curtain liner or shower curtain...
  • Waterproof: The PU coated fabric repels water and leak proof, no dipping or soaking, quick to dry. Added magnetic...

A simple camper shower curtain will get the job done. Consider a shower curtain if you don’t like cleaning sliding door rails and other hard-to-reach items.

It’s budget-friendly and will get the job done. You can find colors and designs that fit your personality or the look you want in your RV.

This waterproof polyester curtain is durable and has weights sewn in the bottom to keep it in place. It measures 54 inches wide and 78 inches long to fit smaller shower spaces.

Special Features: This one is natural, non-toxic, and PVC free. And it has a reinforced hem and durable rust-proof grommets that work with almost all hooks. It’s strong and easy to clean.

Keep in Mind: RV bathrooms aren’t known for their storage space. That’s why you need these RV Bathroom Accessories to help organize your bathroom!

You Have Many Options for Your New RV Shower Doors

Now that you see all the possibilities when upgrading your RV shower door, pick which one works best for you. A shower curtain can save you time, energy, and money.

But consider how often you’ll use your RV or if you want to sell it someday.

Ripping out a nice shower door and replacing it with a shower curtain may work, but future buyers might not enjoy you pinching the pennies. So think through your situation and budget and consider your RV shower door options.

Which do you like best?

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