Buyer Beware: We Would Never Buy RV Parts From This Store

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A man upset about his RV parts after using rv parts country

Tracking down that exact RV part you need to get your rig back in action can be difficult and frustrating.

That’s why so many RVers are thrilled when they find an online store that has everything they need.

But when it comes to the site RV Parts Country, things aren’t as wonderful as they may appear.

Let’s take a closer look at the problems RVers have been having with this store and where you should shop instead.

What Is RV Parts Country?

RV Parts Country is an online wholesaler of RV-related products. Brian and Neal Deaton own it and have been operating it since 2008.

The company is in London, Ky., a town in the state’s east-central region.

RV Parts Country promises to “[make] the great outdoors even greater” by providing “the big brands at the lowest prices.”

A man using RV parts from rv parts country

What Does RV Parts Country Sell?

RV Parts Country sells various RV parts and other items of interest to the RV and travel community.

These include parts for crucial RV systems like electrical and plumbing components and more fun and visible items like awnings, beds, and RV-specific appliances.

The store also offers camping essentials, like tools, grills, and chairs.

Various vehicle accessories are also available, from windshield wipers to floor mats.

Why We Think You Should Avoid RV Parts Country?

Any company can make big promises about their extensive product selection and great prices.

However, the real test is ensuring customers get what they ordered in a timely fashion, and that’s where RV Parts Country appears to fall short.

In the last three years alone, the company has faced nearly 300 complaints from consumers who’ve contacted the Better Business Bureau.

Overall, RV Parts Country has a miserable 1.86 out of 5 rating with the BBB, a sure sign that something isn’t right. 

A look at recent customer complaints reveals a variety of issues.

For example, buyers commonly complain about deliveries that are months late or wrong or incomplete orders.

Even worse, many reports are about customers having difficulty getting in touch with anyone for help and being dissatisfied when they finally reach someone.  

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Where Should You Buy RV Parts?

Now that you know where to avoid, you may be wondering where you should shop instead.

Here are our recommendations for the best places to find reliable, affordable RV parts and accessories.


You can find nearly anything on Amazon these days, including RV parts.

Even if Amazon doesn’t sell the item, the site provides access to a vast online marketplace of merchants who may have it in stock.

Amazon also saves you tons of time driving from one physical store to another, hoping the item you need is available.

For best results for RV parts, you should try searching by the manufacturer’s part number to narrow down your potential choices.  

A person placing an order with rv parts country

Local RV Dealerships

RV dealers can be an easy way to secure a ton of different parts that may not be easy to find on their own.

Dealerships enjoy the benefit of direct relationships with manufacturers and suppliers.

They can often reach out to an extensive network of sources to see if your needed part is available.

Naturally, you’ll likely see higher prices than buying on your own.

Pro Tip: Another option is to try and find Cheap RV Parts you need at RV Salvage Yards!

Your RV’s Manufacturer

Another good way to track down the exact RV part your rig needs is to reach out directly to the manufacturer.

Since they initially installed the part, they may have more on hand to replace it.

Unfortunately, this can be a bit of a hit-or-miss strategy.

Some manufacturers will be happy to help you with a spare part or two, while others require you to purchase through an approved dealer.

Multiple RVs at a dealership, where you can also buy RV parts instead of rv parts country

Reputable Online Retailers

Don’t let the complaints about RV Parts Country turn you off online shopping though.

Despite the bad actors out there, it remains one of the best ways to secure your needed parts or accessories from the comfort of your couch.

The key is to only purchase from online retailers who’ve earned a reputation for good service and fair prices.

These include outlets like eTrailer, RecPro, Camping World, and similar companies.

When in doubt, seek out reviews, check the BBB, and ask your fellow RVers for advice. 

Be Careful Where You Buy Your RV Parts

When doing just about anything online, some caution is warranted. This is certainly true when it comes to buying RV parts.

Stores like RV Parts Country may dazzle you with a large selection or competitive prices.

But, remember the old saying – if it seems too good to be true, it probably is. Keep this list of reputable RV part sources handy, and remember these important principles when evaluating an online retailer. Your wallet, stress levels, and RV will all thank you!

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