Are Monthly Rates at RV Parks Worth It?

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View of an RV park offering monthly rates

Many in the RV community enjoy constantly changing locations. However, others want to slow down their adventures. Many look to RV parks with monthly rates in these types of situations. But are they worth it? Is it worth paying a monthly rate instead of individual nights? 

Today, we’ll explore monthly rates at RV parks. We’ll help you decide whether it’s a wise financial decision for your travel plans. 

Let’s dive in and see if these sites are worth considering for your next adventure.

What Are RV Parks?

RV parks are where owners can park their recreational vehicles for short or long-term stays. They typically offer amenities and facilities that cater to travelers.

You can expect electrical, water, and sewer hookups at the site. However, some also have laundry facilities, restrooms, showers, and sometimes Wi-Fi and cable TV.

These establishments often lie near scenic areas or popular tourist destinations. RV parks can be an ideal spot for travelers to explore new places. They can explore the area during the day and return to their home on wheels at the end of the day.

Many parks offer recreational activities like swimming pools, playgrounds, or hiking trails. However, some provide more activities or amenities than others.

You can find small, family-owned operations and large chains with multiple locations. Just do some research before making a reservation.

How Long Can You Stay in an RV Park?

While many campgrounds have stay limits, RV parks typically don’t. Policies vary from one location to another and often depend on local rules and regulations. While many guests may stay a week or two, some stay for months or permanently.

If you plan on staying for an extended period, check the policies regarding length of stay and any associated fees. You may need to call months ahead of time to reserve your spot. Many have limited amounts of sites designated for long-term stays.

Do All RV Parks Have Monthly Rates?

Unfortunately, while many RV parks offer monthly rates, not all do. Management must follow local rules, which may limit how long guests can stay. In these instances, they may offer weekly rates that keep them on the right side of the law.

Additionally, some busy RV parks have no reason to offer monthly rates. Since these long-term stays typically have discounted rates, the business makes less money per night. Management maximizes their revenue by not offering discounts when they don’t have to.

How Much Are RV Park Monthly Rates?

Monthly RV park rates can vary considerably, especially geographically.

You can find budget-friendly spots for $300 to $500 in some areas. On the other hand, you can find some from $1,500 to $2,000 or more per month.

Not only do you need to consider the location, but also amenities and time of year. You can expect to pay anywhere from a few hundred to several thousand dollars for a monthly space.

It’s essential to do your research when selecting a long-term site. Compare prices and amenities when making your decision. Remember that some rates may not include utility usage, which could be a separate bill. Staying cool or warm in a camper can use a lot of power.

A sign on a highway leading to an RV park

Benefits of RV Park Monthly Rates

Let’s go over several reasons why RV park monthly rates are an excellent option. So what are the benefits for users who choose this method? You may discover it’s the perfect solution for you.

Cost Savings

One of the biggest reasons to consider long-term stays is the cost savings.

You can save hundreds of dollars each month by using a monthly rate. Discounts vary based on the establishment but can be anywhere from 20% to 40% off the nightly rate.

In addition, paying for a monthly rate can help you avoid other expenses. Moving from site to site can require a tremendous amount of fuel. You can drastically reduce your fuel expenses by staying longer, depending on how far and often you drive.

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Access to Amenities

Many RV parks that offer monthly rates have a generous amount of amenities. These include access to laundry facilities, showers, swimming pools, and recreational activities. We’ve even seen some that offer nightly entertainment on-site.

Some of the more luxurious locations tend to offer premium amenities. We’ve seen resorts with hot tubs, fitness centers, and golf courses. Occasionally, you can enjoy a premium RV experience without breaking the bank.

View of an RV park offering monthly rates


While RVing can be exciting, it can also be very lonely. Taking advantage of monthly rates at RV parks can help you establish connections with other long-term residents.

This can form close-knit communities that support and look out for one another.

In addition, being in one space for an extended period can help you create a “home base.” This allows you to connect with healthcare providers and other essential services. Having a sense of community and stability can make it easier to stay on the road longer.


Monthly rates at RV parks can offer a ton of flexibility. These are often month-to-month agreements between the management and the consumer. Instead of signing a lengthy lease, you can choose how long you stay. They’re helpful for those who travel seasonally or may not know the exact dates when they’ll leave.

The flexibility is beneficial for both the consumer and the establishment. It helps ensure that both sides are happy with the agreement. If not, their obligation is a much shorter term. 

Keep in Mind: If you’re thinking of staying in an RV park long term, here’s how to find the best permanent and long term RV parks!


Another benefit of these rates is the convenience they offer. That’s because many of these locations are near popular tourist destinations. This can make it incredibly easy to explore the attractions without driving too far.

With the increased convenience, you can explore more than just the popular spots. You can dive deeper into the location and experience it like a local. This can allow you to find hidden gems away from the chaos and crowds.

A family making food at a long term RV park

Are Monthly Rates at RV Parks Worth It?

Unfortunately, there’s no one-size-fits-all option for monthly rates for RV parks.

Some travelers prefer to log thousands of miles traveling each month and would never stay in one spot for a month. Additionally, others like to enjoy a slower pace.

Luckily, there’s nothing that requires you to use them. There may come a time when it’s an appealing option.

Whether it’s to spend time with family, recover from an injury, or take a mental break from travel days, monthly rates at RV parks can be worth it.

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