Let Freedom Ring with These RV Flag Poles

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RV on beach flying a USA flag

Many people like to show their support with flags, even at the campground. Figuring out how to best display those flags doesn’t have to get complicated–it just requires the right equipment. Let’s look at a few RV flag pole options that are ideal for your traveling lifestyle. 

What Is an RV Flag Pole?

When you want to display a flag at home, you likely have a mount on the front of your house or a towering pole in your front yard. As you can imagine, you’ll need a more portable way to display your flags when traveling. Enter the RV flag pole. 

Some portable flag poles use a mount on your RV, and others have a telescoping design to place outside your rig. Depending on your situation, there are a few options you’ll want to think through before you make your purchase. 

How Does an RV Flag Pole Attach to an RV? 

There are a few different ways to attach a flag to your RV. The three most common flag pole placements are the hitch mount, ladder mount, and tire mount. 

The latter is a lesser-known mounting option in which you place a piece of steel connected to the pole under a vehicle or trailer tire. The vehicle’s weight then holds the pole in place.

Man putting up RV flag pole with US flag while camping in his RV

Uses for RV Flag Poles

There are obvious and not-so-obvious uses for your pole-on-the-go. The not-so-obvious use might just make your life a bit easier. 

Flying Flags

You can show your support by flying your flag on the go. Many campers enjoy showing their patriotism or their love for a sports team with a flag. 

Flags use very little storage space, so flying your flag is a great way to add some personality to your site without adding weight. 

Elevating Antennas for Wifi and Cell Signal Boosters

You might be surprised to learn that flying a flag isn’t the only reason for having a pole on hand. While many RVers hit the road to unplug and go off the grid, sometimes staying connected at the campsite is essential. 

You can use a wifi and cell signal booster to improve your signal. These are optimized when elevated for a clean line of sight. While you’re showing everyone in the campground who you support, you can also use your portable pole to hoist your boosters into the air for a better signal. 

Best RV Flag Poles

It’s easy to think that all methods of flying your flag on the go are created equal, but they’re not. Here are the four choices we think you should consider.

Camco Telescoping RV Flag Pole

Camco Telescoping Camper/RV Flagpole Kit | Features Adjustable Pole Height Extends to 20-Ft & Collapses to 65-In | Includes Tire-Anchored Flagpole Holder, Storage Bag & 3’ x 5’ American Flag (51600)
  • CELEBRATE YOUR PATRIOTIC SPIRIT: Get the outdoor decor you want without sacrificing quality and performance. Camco’s...
  • FLY YOUR FLAGS IN STYLE: With the included hardware, this RV flag pole kit allows you to fly two flags or one at...

If you’re looking for a tire mount option, the Camco Telescoping RV Flag Pole is a safe bet. This rust-proof aluminum pole extends to 20ft and collapses down to 64in. 

Included in this pole is the ability to fly two flags at once. Additionally, users can fly a single flag at half-mast. This flag pole is perfect if you don’t have a ladder or hitch to attach it to.

FlagPole Buddy RV Flag Pole Kit

FlagPole Buddy RV Flag Pole Kit 22 Feet
  • “Don’t Climb the Ladder Again!” Angle pole in from ground level
  • Sturdy 22ft fiberglass telescoping flag pole system

This 22’ flag pole clips into pivoting brackets that attach to your RV’s ladder. The pivoting bracket system allows for less stress on the pole as the wind blows. 

FlagPole Buddy RV Flag Pole Kit is best for RVers who have a ladder to attach the brackets. Once you’ve secured the base, just insert the pole. It’s a simple setup that won’t leave you frustrated.

Flagpole-To-Go Ultimate Tailgaters Package

Flagpole-To-Go Ultimate Tailgaters Package with 20' Portable Flagpole and Tire Mount
  • Extends up to 20' long
  • Adjustable clips allow you to fly two flag up to 3' x 5'

The Flagpole-To-Go Ultimate Tailgaters Package is an excellent option for campers looking for a tire mount flag pole. The pole extends up to 15ft long and allows you to fly up to two flags at one time. 

The benefit of this option is its lightweight and compact nature. The flagpole and tire mount collapse to 4ft long and 2in tall. When every space matters in an RV, you’ll appreciate how little space your flag pole will use.  

Ladder Mount RV Flag Pole

22 Ft Telescopic Flag Pole Kit and Ladder Mount and Camp Locator (Bluetooth)
  • Bluetooth Infinity Camp Locator 30ft of wire
  • 22 ft Fiberglass Telescopic Flag Pole + Carry bag

Ladder mount poles are very popular, and this flag pole is no different. This 22ft ladder mount RV flagpole is a lightweight fiberglass option that includes a Bluetooth Infinity Camp Locator. It provides extra use to campers boondocking in more remote locations because the LED light helps campers find their RV even in a dark environment. 

Raising a flag is a great way to bring personality to your campsite. Thankfully regardless of your setup, there’s a pole that will work for you. Do you fly a flag from your RV? 

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