Where to Find a Reliable RV Driver

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An RV can be a great way to relax while in nature. Unfortunately, getting a camper from point A to point B can be challenging. The anxiety that some owners experience causes some to miss out on RVing adventures and memories. However, hiring an RV driver can solve many of these problems.

If you dread hitching up or getting behind the wheel, this could be an answer to your prayers. Leave the stress of driving to a professional and start looking forward to your adventures.

Today, we’ll share where to find a reliable RV driver. We’ll see how much they cost, why you might want to use one, and examine some of the most popular options. Let’s go.

What Is an RV Driver?

An RV driver is an experienced operator who hauls recreational vehicles for a living. These experts regularly move campers from manufacturers to dealerships across the country.

Their job is to get the cargo safely to the final destination. However, individuals can also hire these drivers.

For one reason or another, an owner may want to consider hiring a professional. Their training and experience can make it a much more enjoyable experience. They’ll pick up the trailer or vehicle and deliver it to the final destination as quickly as possible. 

A professional operator must have excellent driving skills and a spotless driving record. They must possess exceptional spatial awareness, judgment, and quick reflexes.

Additionally, they must navigate challenging terrains and negotiate tight turns and parking spaces. And the ability to drive in various weather conditions and adapt to changing road and traffic situations is also critical.

However, don’t expect these individuals to do the job for free. It can cost you a pretty penny to use these services. If you move regularly, it may not be the most practical option to consider.

How Much Does It Cost to Hire an RV Driver?

The cost of hiring an RV driver will vary considerably. It largely depends on the type of RV, the driver’s experience, and how far they must move the rig.

A local trip (typically anything less than 100 miles) can cost $100 to $500. However, many transporters will charge $1 to $2 per mile for trips over 100 miles.

Another major factor is how quickly you need the transport. If you’re on a tight or limited schedule, expect additional fees. A professional may charge a $500 to $2,000 fee to guarantee delivery. Additionally, costs may increase during peak seasons, holidays, or weekends.

If you plan to hire an RV hauler, research and compare rates and services. Ask for a written contract outlining the agreement’s terms and conditions.

It should include the cost, payment schedule, and insurance coverage. By doing so, you can get reliable and cost-effective services that meet your needs.

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Reasons to Hire an RV Driver

As we mentioned, there are several reasons why owners might hire an RV driver. Let’s look at a few instances where you may want to leave it to a professional. 

Lack of Experience

Maneuvering a big rig can be challenging. It takes tremendous skills, expertise, and patience to do it safely. Some situations are easier than others, but knowing your limits is essential. If not, you and your RV could end up in a dangerous situation.

Those individuals with limited experience behind the wheel of a big rig may outsource the responsibility. A professional driver can do the job and reduce the risk of someone getting hurt or damaging property.

If you lack experience driving an RV, hiring a driver can help ensure a safe and stress-free journey. Their knowledge and understanding of the vehicle and the road can significantly impact your RV trip’s success and enjoyment. 

Physical Limitations

Hauling a large vehicle can be physically demanding. Everything from correctly hitching up a trailer to navigating turns can be challenging. Not everyone has the physical capacity to do the required work. In these cases, hiring an expert is the only way to continue to enjoy the lifestyle.

Additionally, it’s crucial to stay within the towing capabilities of a vehicle. Exceeding the limits is illegal and can be dangerous.

Hiring someone may be your only option if you don’t have a car capable of safely hauling the load. While it may not be cheap, it’s typically less than a truck payment, especially if you don’t travel regularly.

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Time Constraints

Time constraints are another common reason people hire an RV driver. A professional may be your best option if you need to stick to a schedule.

An expert driver knows how to cover long distances quickly. You may pay more to expedite the shipping, but many can accommodate most time constraints.

This is especially true if you make a cross-country journey. Hiring an RV driver can allow you to fly. Instead of taking three or four days, you can get there in hours. Your RV and the remainder of your belongings will arrive later.


As we mentioned earlier, piloting an RV can pose challenges with so many factors to consider when behind the wheel. Hiring an RV driver allows you to put the stresses of maneuvering a big rig in the hands of a professional. Many find the convenience worth every penny it costs to hire a professional.

Where to Find a Reliable RV Driver

If you want to find a reliable RV driver, we have a list of several places you should look first. These are some of the most reputable options in the industry. They may not be the cheapest or most convenient, but they’ll care for you and your camper.


Uship is a service that connects shippers with carriers. They make it easy to ship things of all sizes, including RVs. All you need to do is fill out a questionnaire on their website.

The form asks for information about where you’ll ship it and your camper, including the type of vehicle, the year, and the dimensions. They’ll then follow up with a quote for fulfilling your request.

This makes it easy to compare the shipping costs and how long you can expect it to take. Whether you select them or not, their information can be beneficial in making your decision. Since quotes are free, this is an excellent place to start.

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Horizon Transport

Horizon Transport is one of the largest RV transport companies in the country. Many of the largest manufacturers use them to deliver campers from the factory to dealerships.

They offer various services based on the size and type of camper. A transporter can haul multiple rigs on a flatbed trailer for smaller campers.

One of the benefits of choosing Horizon Transport is its massive fleet of professional drivers. They train and support a fleet of independent contractors that offer high-quality services. If you want a company that’s proved itself for over 30 years, Horizon Transport is one of the best.


Another reputable company for hiring a reliable RV driver is Bennett. Its owner-operators have experience with all sorts of RVs, including fifth wheels, travel trailers, and more.

They’ll ensure your precious camper arrives as quickly and safely as possible.

You can request a quote or find an agent to discuss your needs through its website. It has an entire photo gallery dedicated to showcasing the loads they’ve transported. With almost 50 years of experience in logistics and transportation, your rig is in good hands with Bennett.

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Inquire with a Local Dealer

Another easy way to find an RV driver is to chat with a local RV dealership. As we mentioned, RV drivers frequently work closely with dealerships.

It’s not uncommon for new owners to use these services. As a result, many dealerships have close relationships with local transporters and companies.

You may score a deal by working directly with a transporter. If the dealership has contact information for the driver, you can cut out the middleman and save a few bucks. Just because they work for a third party doesn’t always mean the driver has to go through them.

Ask the RV Community

Many seasonal RVers will frequently use the services from the RV community. They’ll hire an RV driver to move their rig from point A to point B and back twice a year.

If you’re a member of any large online RV group, ask them their opinion. They’ll provide recommendations based on their experiences.

The RV community is an excellent resource for these situations. They’ll provide honest information and feedback about the services they received. If they’re unsatisfied, they’ll let you know.

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Finding a Trustworthy RV Driver

Do your research when selecting an RV driver. Unfortunately, you can’t trust everyone. Some drivers are better than others. While many will go above and beyond to care for your precious rig, that’s not always the case. 

You need to know the driver has the proper knowledge, experience, and insurance to do the job. If not, you could find yourself in a messy situation.

Have you ever hired an RV driver?

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