7 Ways to Update Your RV Countertops

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Close up of an RV countertop

Countertops are one of the defining features of your kitchen. But if yours are a little worn out or dinged up, or you’re just tired of their look, they’re also one of the easiest to update!

So whether you’re looking for a wholesale replacement or a light refresh, we’ve got seven ways to update your RV countertops. 

What Kind of Countertops Are Used in RVs?

An RV’s price point and style can play a significant role in the type of countertops they have. Low-budget and mid-range rigs often come with laminate countertops over a base of plywood or other sturdy materials.

These are relatively low-cost and lightweight but perhaps not as eye-catching or sleek. Higher-end rigs feature more luxurious countertop materials like granite, Corian, stainless steel, butcher block, and more. 

Can You Paint Over RV Countertops?

If you’d like to go for a simple way to refinish and update your RV countertops, we’ve got good news. In most cases, you can absolutely paint your countertops.

It’s one of the quickest ways to change their look. We’ll talk more about the details below.

Replacements for Your RV Countertops 

Sometimes, a quick fit won’t suffice. Other times, RVers want a more dramatic overhaul than a simple refresh or update.

Those looking to replace their RV countertops have a few common options.

Replace With Butcher Block 

Butcher block refers to the thick wood countertops you find in old-school butcher shops. It’s become one of the trendiest countertop styles in recent years, both in RVs and traditional kitchens. 

Since it’s just wood, moderately handy RVers can cut and install their own butcher block if they want to save money or take on a project.

Unfortunately, this same simple wood construction is also one of its weaknesses, making it more prone to scratches, dents, and other damage. Wood is also subject to natural shrinking or swelling depending on weather and humidity conditions.

Replace With Corian 

Corian and other “solid surface” materials offer the look and feel of materials like granite or quartz without their price and weight.

It uses a mix of mineral powder and binding polymers, resulting in a non-porous surface that resists stains. 

The decreased weight of Corian is especially vital in RVs, where every pound your countertops consume is one fewer pound of gear or passenger you can safely transport.

However, Corian is more sensitive to heat and prone to scratching and damage than real stone. 

Replace With Stainless Steel 

Stainless steel isn’t the most common RV countertop material, but it offers some significant advantages. For one, it’s among the easiest countertops to keep clean, and it’s naturally stain- and rust-resistant. 

It’s also one of the lightest weight countertop materials aside from laminate. In addition, stainless steel is quite eye-catching and unique, providing a burst of style to your rig’s kitchen.

However, it can get scratched up relatively easily, and some find the surface too noisy for close-quarters situations like an RV.

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Update Over Existing RV Countertops 

Some RV countertops don’t need a complete replacement.

Instead, a light refresh can make your countertops look new without the extra cost or hassle. Try these methods for the best results. 

Paint Your RV Countertops 

As we mentioned, painting is a common way to change the look of countertops quickly. The process is relatively simple — sand down the current countertops, prime them, apply paint, and seal them. 

Ensure you pick the right paint that will adhere properly to your countertop surface. While it requires a bit of work, it’s one of the cheapest ways to update your RV countertops. 

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Use Epoxy Over Existing Countertops

Epoxy countertop makeovers can offer one-of-a-kind looks and don’t require removing your current countertops. Epoxy begins life as a liquid, which you pour into a mold that will enclose your eventual countertop.

Over time, the epoxy cures and hardens, forming the surface. This method requires extra attention to leveling your rig since a slanted pour will result in a sloping final product. 

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Use Peel and Stick Contact Paper 

If you’ve used a sticker, you can use this incredibly easy contact paper. Just clean the existing countertop surface and then apply the paper, taking care to avoid any bubbles or creases. 

This is an ultra-lightweight and ultra-fast update that takes just a few minutes to complete. Contact paper for RV countertops can stand up to most typical kitchen wear and tear but will generally degrade faster than other types of surfacing.

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Try DIY Faux Concrete 

Concrete countertops are trendy and cool, but their weight makes them impractical for most RVs. Fortunately, DIYers have developed a faux concrete look that provides the style without the downsides. 

The process essentially comes down to adding a thin layer of concrete on top of your current countertop’s frame. To most eyes, it’ll look exactly the same at just a fraction of the weight. Like epoxy, it’s vital to get your concrete perfectly level or risk dealing with a wonky countertop. 

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A man next to his RV countertop

What Is the Most Lightweight Countertop Material?

For some, weight is the number one priority when it comes to their rig. These folks should opt for laminate countertops, which are typically the lightest of all materials.

Some may even skip the laminate surface and use stained and sealed plywood. Stainless steel can also be exceptionally lightweight relative to other materials. 

What Is the Best Countertop on a Budget?

If you’re starting from scratch and installing brand-new countertops, there’s no cheaper option than laminate.

While they offer some drawbacks, they provide a reliable, basic countertop that can fit in with nearly any RV. 

When resurfacing and updating, painting is the most budget-friendly choice. Your expenses will be limited to paint and perhaps some sandpaper and painter’s tape.

Do Peel-and-Stick Countertops Work? 

It’s understandable if you have some doubts about whether a peel-and-stick surface can truly deal with the abuse that many kitchen countertops take.

But in truth, most RV peel-and-stick material is pretty durable. You won’t have to worry about getting it wet, and you can clean it as usual in most cases. Still, sharp implements or hot items can damage the surface. 

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What Is the Easiest Countertop to Install?

We’ve mentioned it a few times by now, but there’s nothing easier than the peel-and-stick method, which can overhaul your countertops in just minutes.

Painting is also a relatively simple countertop refresh method. Out of the more significant overhaul materials, both butcher block and stainless steel are fairly straightforward. If you have some experience with DIY, you should be able to install these.

Close up of an RV countertop

Tackle Your RV Countertops for Big Changes 

If you’re looking to dramatically change the look of your RV kitchen relatively easily, your RV countertops are one of the best ways to do it.

For some, a little paint or a stick-on cover may be all they need for a speedy refresh.

But swapping out your current counters for butcher block, Corian, or stainless steel also provides a longer-term upgrade. No matter which path you choose, you can be sure that following these methods will result in striking RV countertops for many trips to come. 

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