The Best RV Cabinet Latches to Keep Your Stuff Secure

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Women securing RV cabinet latch in her motorhome

Opening your RV to find the contents of your cabinets all over your RV isn’t a great way to start your camping trip. Some RV cabinet latches lose their ability to keep your cabinets closed after years of opening and closing. Some are junk from the start. Today we’ll help you find new latches to replace ones past their prime. Let’s get started! 

The Best Way to Keep Your RV Cabinets Closed

Don’t forget to fully close your cabinets before setting out on your adventures. Even the best latches won’t do any good if the cabinet isn’t completely shut.

Many RVers make this mistake while in a hurry to pack up. However, later, a sharp turn or sudden shift can result in broken dishes in your kitchen and even damage to your RV.

Don’t let this happen to you. Upgrading your RV cabinet latches is a great place to start. There are many different styles, closing techniques, and construction materials that separate one cabinet latch from another.

What to Look for When Buying RV Cabinet Latches

There are a few things we think you should consider when buying RV cabinet latches. Here are our top tips.

Ease of Use

RV cabinet latches should be easy to use. You don’t want to struggle to open or close your cabinets every single time. The more frustrating the latch is, the less likely you’ll be to use it.

Also, ensure that your latches are easy to use for everyone in your RV. If you have children, you don’t want them to struggle either. It’s not fun replacing a latch because someone didn’t understand how to use it.


A strong latch can endure the bumps on the road. Try to balance the strength of your cabinet hinge with the weight of the items inside the cabinet. If things do shift, you don’t want the weight of the items to force the door open.

Automatic Versus Manual

An automatic hinge has hydraulics built into it. These take over once the hinge has reached a specific point in the closing process. This makes for smoother closing and keeps the cabinet shut.

However, a typical RV cabinet hinge is manual. When it comes to manual hinges, make sure you’re in control of the door when closing and opening. These hinges offer no assistance. If you let the hinge do the work, you’ll likely end up slamming the cabinet shut.

A man adjusting his RV cabinet latches.

The Best RV Cabinet Latches

We’ve created a list of a handful of the best RV cabinet latches for you. Let’s take a look.

Button Pull Handle Latches

RDEXP 3.5x2.4cm Silver Metal RV Button Lock for RV Cupboard Drawer Cabinet and Door Pack of 10
  • Material: plastic + metal, long service life.
  • Do not need keys, press the button to lock, and press again to open.

These button pull handle latches provide a modern look and work with all kinds of cabinets. You won’t need a key to lock or unlock these latches. With the simple press of a button, you’ll quickly and easily lock or unlock.

They’re also durable and have a long life expectancy. Not only are these latches easy to use, but they’re also easy to install. For $25-$35, you’ll get a pack of 10, which can replace most of the latches in an RV.

Push Catch RV Cabinet and Drawer Latches

Camp'N - 4 Pack - RV Cabinet Latch - Push Catch - RV Drawer Latches and Catches - Holder for RV Cabinet Doors w/Mounting Hardware - 5 lbs Pull Force - RV, Trailer, Camper, Motor Home, Cargo Trailer
  • ➊ RV latch easily keeps RV cabinet door latch and rv cabinet latches closed with 5 lbs of pull force
  • ➋ Replaces worn out/broken rv closet door latch and drawer latches for rvs

These latches by Camp’N are a direct replacement for most RV latches. You can easily install the mounting hardware in less than a minute per latch.

Whether your RV cabinet latches are broken or just need replacing, these latches are the perfect replacements. They offer five pounds of pull force. If you have a rattling door, this is an excellent option to consider.

To Secure Heavy Items: Barrel Bolt Latches

Door Security Slide Latch Lock, Keyless Entry Door Lock, Thickened Heavy Duty Steel Sliding Door Lock, Easy to Install Gate, Slide Latch Lock with 12 Screws
  • 🔒【Keep Safe & Private】:Cranach door slide latch lock is upgraded from old style door bolt, 2 times stronger than...
  • 🔒【Stronger & Durable】: Cranach barrel bolt made with heavy duty steel ,the solid door latch has been tested more...

Barrel bolt latches are excellent latches for securing heavy items. They also provide extra security and privacy for residential doors. The steel construction supplies durability and corrosion resistance, which means it’ll last for years to come.

The five-year warranty gives you peace and assurance that you can rely on this product. Installation is quick and easy as it only requires six screws to mount each latch. You can grab a two-pack for just $8-$12. 

Oval Turn Latch

Nickel Plated Small Stamped Cabinet Latch - Antique Reproduction Oval Turn Latch | UA-141-LPN (1)
  • This reproduction cabinet door latch is made of stamped nickel-plated steel.
  • Overall size: 1 3/4" High × 1 3/4" Wide;    Catch width: 1/2".

If you’re searching for an antique look, check out these latches. They have an oval-shaped turn latch made of nickel-plated steel. Six screws mount this latch in place and create an almost effortless installation.

You can snag a single latch for $10-$15, but buying six only costs $35-$45. They’re an excellent option whether you’re replacing hardware or using them for a DIY project.

Roller Catch Latches

YuanhuaRongsheng 20pcs Double Roller Catch,Heavy Duty Latch Hardware for Cabinet Closet Doors (Bronze Tone)
  • 20pcs ball screw cabinet with screws.
  • Rolled Stamped Steel Roller Catch - Made of Steel, which is Stable and Long Time Use,.

A roller catch latch is one of the most commonly used latches in RVs. For $10-$15, you can get 20 latches to replace all of the latches in your RV. You’ll often see these on cabinets, cupboards, drawers, and closet doors. They do a tremendous job at keeping doors closed and preventing items from falling out while traveling.

They can wear out quickly from repetitive use, though. Whether you’re planning to replace all of them or replace them as they go bad, it might be wise to grab extras just in case. 

Things are bound to bounce around and shift while RVing. Loose or broken latches can result in items flying around inside your RV. You don’t want to get to a campsite and discover a mess or broken items. Having fully functioning cabinet latches in your RV is essential. Have you ever had a cabinet door open during transit? If so, what was the aftermath?

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