How We Completed Our RV Bedroom Remodel

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A truck camper bedroom during renovations.

When we decided to remodel the bedroom in our RV, we didn’t quite know what we were getting ourselves into. However, we couldn’t be happier with how it turned out.

Keep reading if you want inspiration for your renovation project. We learned quite a bit along the way and would love to share those tidbits with you.

Today, we’re sharing how we completed our RV bedroom remodel. Did we bite off more than we could chew?

Let’s look and see!

How Do I Update My RV Interior?

Unfortunately, RV manufacturers aren’t typically very creative for their interiors. They usually have a very stale and cookie-cutter feel to them. Replacing features and putting your unique touches on the space is relatively easy. Even small changes can have a significant impact.

Paint, wallpaper, and accent pieces can go a long way. They’re relatively simple ways to transform just about any space. You don’t always have to knock down walls or remove furniture to transform a room.

These simple changes help create a finished product that’s cozy and comfortable. Like us, you’ll have no trouble relaxing during your travels.

A bedroom inside a truck camper before being renovated.
Our truck camper bedroom before the remodel
A bedroom inside a truck camper after being renovated.
Our truck camper bedroom after the remodel (minus the bedding)

Does Remodeling An RV Increase Value?

It can be very tricky to remodel an RV while also increasing its value. This is because not everyone has the same tastes, preferences, or needs. While it may work for you and your travel plans and style, it may not work for everyone else. Like they say, beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

Additionally, it’s essential to consider that dealerships are often cautious when accepting renovated RVs as trades.

In talking with other RVers, dealerships offered them a fraction of the actual value of the rig on their renovated campers. As a result, selling one of these rigs could require you to go through a private sale.

In general, remodeling an RV can increase its value as far as private sales. However, if you expect to go through a dealer, they’ll likely severely undervalue it. If you decide to remodel your rig, sell it privately whenever that day comes.

Our RV Bedroom Remodel: From Drab to Fab 

How did we take our RV bedroom from drab to fab through our remodel? Let’s look at what we did to create a place that feels like home while traveling.

Removed Awkward Storage to Expand Bed Space

One of the first things we did was to remove the awkward storage compartment. With such a minimal amount of space, you have to consider how you use every inch. For us, the storage area wasn’t worth the room it was occupying. Removing it allowed us to have more sleeping space.

Again, this was a personal preference for us. The camper had plenty of storage space for what we would bring. It was a gamble, but luckily, we guessed correctly.

While extra storage space would be nice, we’ve enjoyed having the extra room to spread out while sleeping. 

Trashed Dated Headboard and Created a Geometric Wall

One of the first projects inside our rig we shared on our YouTube channel was creating a geometric wall for the headboard. We had already removed and tossed the old headboard in the trash. As you might expect, it looked straight out of 2012, and we’re glad we made the upgrade.

We quickly discovered that building a geometric wall was more challenging than it looked. However, we created a design we love once we had the proper tools. It’s best to come up with a rough idea of what you want it to look like and then get to work. Avoid overthinking, and don’t be afraid to show off your creativity and artistic skills.


One of the fastest ways to transform a space is to put on a fresh coat of paint. For some reason, RV manufacturers enjoy using dark colors. However, this can create a very dark and dungeon-like feel. Try painting the walls and furnishing white to create a brighter, more open space.

We went with a white and black color theme throughout our bedroom and the rest of our RV remodel. We used dove white and black from Benjamin Moore. If we learned anything, it’s to take your time and do it right. Tape off areas you want to avoid getting paint on and work slowly. Trying to rush this process will likely provide the results that you’re looking for in the end.

Upgraded Lighting

It can be scary anytime you’re working with electricity. Thankfully, replacing light fixtures is a relatively simple project.

It’s typically as easy as disconnecting the old fixture and reconnecting the new one to the appropriate wiring. Since they’re color-coded, it’s nearly impossible to mess up. However, be sure to turn off the power before touching any wires.

We replaced the lights in our bedroom with these Light Vintage Vanity Wall Sconces. They are a better quality and match the look we were going for in our truck camper. When choosing lights, consider how you’ll turn them on and off and ensure they’re compatible with your electrical system.

Keep in Mind: If you’re ready to reinvent your space, take a look at these 15 RV Renovation Ideas!

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Upgraded Bed

If you’re not aware, RV mattresses are notoriously bad. Whether remodeling an RV bedroom or not, many owners immediately upgrade their mattresses.

You need a comfortable place to get a solid night’s sleep after a long day of adventuring. Waking up with a stiff neck or sore back makes your travels less enjoyable.

As mentioned earlier, we removed the weird storage compartment in the corner. This gave us more room and allowed us to fit a larger mattress.

We wanted to ensure our mattress didn’t create a breeding ground for mold, so we put down a layer of Reflectix (an insulating material), then a layer of Hypervent before opening the mattress.

An upgraded bed inside a truck camper.

We chose a custom mattress from Mattress Insider. It’s almost identical in size to an RV king. We love it and are incredibly thankful every time we crawl in bed at the end of the day!

How Do I Make More Room in My RV Bedroom?

Making more room in your RV bedroom will require you to get creative and use unique products.

For us, we use hangers that allow us to hold multiple pairs of pants.

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Additionally, we’ve also used hanging shelves for our folded clothes. This allows us to make the most out of every inch of space in the bedroom of our RV.

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Keep in Mind: Now that you’ve seen how we reinvented our bedroom, take a look at how we took our RV bathroom from Dated to Dazzling!

Unfortunately, living tiny will require you to make sacrifices. Learning to live with less has been something we’ve enjoyed. We’ve been surprised at how little we need, especially regarding clothes. We visit laundromats regularly to avoid needing weeks’ worth of clothes.

We’re Super Please With How Our RV Bedroom Remodel Turned Out

We’re thrilled with how our RV bedroom remodel turned out. As you can see from the pictures, we created a space that fits our needs and preferences. We love everything about the color scheme and the functionality of the room.

While it may have taken tremendous work and more money than we expected, we love how it turned out.

Have you remodeled your RV bedroom? Did you like the result? 

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