5 Best RV Bathroom Sink Upgrades

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Close up of an RV bathroom sink

Are you tired of your small, cheap RV bathroom sink? It might be time to upgrade. Doing so on your own may be easier than you think. 

This article discusses why RV bathroom sinks typically stink and how you can improve yours. We also look at the benefits and considerations of sink upgrades in an RV. 

Let’s jump in!  

RV Bathroom Sinks Aren’t the Best 

RV bathroom sinks tend to lack quality and size. For some reason, they’re not high on RV manufacturers’ priority lists.

They often comprise cheap plastic and are usually so small that an adult has difficulty washing their hands in them.

Are RV Sinks Standard Size? 

While there’s no standard size for RV bathroom sinks, they’re typically not a typical residential size.

They come in various shapes and sizes. Most are shallow with a small circumference, making them difficult to wash your hands under a low faucet. 

RV kitchen sinks are similar in that they come in unpredictable sizes. And the faucets in the kitchen and bathrooms are typically smaller than an average residential system.

An RV bathroom with a bathroom sink

Are RV Sink Faucets Different?

RV sink faucets are different from residential faucets. They’re typically made of cheap materials, lightweight, and not the most stylish options. 

The good news is that you can replace an RV sink faucet with a residential style. You simply need to take into consideration the plumbing and holes for the hardware.

If you’re upgrading your sink, faucet, and countertop, there’s less to pay attention to in terms of retrofitting a better faucet. 

5 Best RV Bathroom Sink Upgrades

There are many sink options on the market. Some work in RVs and some don’t.

We’ve helped narrow it down by identifying the top five RV bathroom sink upgrades.

What We Used: 12″ Bathroom Vessel Sink and Matte Black Bathroom Faucet

The 12-inch bathroom vessel sink is a great option for a bowl above the sink. We love it!

It’s compact at 12 ⅜ inches by 5 2/4 inches, making it easy to fit on most RV bathroom countertops. The sink is durable porcelain ceramic, and it’s rust-resistant. 

The matte black bathroom faucet compliments the sink and gives it an overall modern look. Together, they give our bathroom a pop of style and make it feel cozy. 

Aquaterior 12" Bathroom Vessel Sink with Pop up Drain Above Counter Washing Basin Bowl Porcelain Sink Counter Top RV Bathroom Lavatory
  • [Simple & Space-saving]: This Aquaterior 12" Round Bathroom Sink comes in a modern and simple design with white color, a...
  • [Durable]: Crafted from high-grade ceramic for great durability, it features smooth, rounded edges and contoured lines...

Highest Rated: Rectangular Vessel Sink 

The rectangular vessel sink is the highest rated. It’s a quality 16-inch by 12-inch above-the-counter option and fits a U.S. standard 1.75-inch drain option.

The modern European style can give your bathroom a new look. It’s porcelain and ceramic, and fade, scratch, and chip resistant. 

Vessel Sink Rectangular - Lordear 16"x12" Rectangle Bathroom Sink Pure White Porcelain Ceramic Vessel Sink, Rectangular Above Counter Sink Art Basin
  • 💧【 Modern Bathroom Vessel Sink】Best Sleek European inspired modern contemporary classic design, arc beautiful,...
  • 💧【Stain Resistant Rectangular Bathroom Sink】Using high-quality clay 1380° high-temperature firing for low water...

Budget Friendly: RecPro Oval RV Bathroom Sink

RecPro is a trusted RV supplier. Its oval RV bathroom sink is a budget-friendly drop-in option without skimping on quality.

The plastic sink is only 2.9 pounds and measures 19.5 inches by 16.5 inches with cut-out dimensions. It has three holes cut out for the faucet and one for the drain.

An RV bathroom with a bathroom sink

Drop in Replacement: RecPro Stainless Steel Oval Sink

RecPro also makes a stainless steel drop-in sink. If you already have a drop-in, this is a great upgrade since it’s for RVs. It’s 10 inches by 13 inches and 5 ¼ inches deep.

There’s a 1.5-inch drain hole and no faucet holes, so the likelihood of the dimensions working in your RV is higher. The stainless steel material is rust-resistant and stain-resistant.

RecPro RV 10" x 13" Stainless Steel Oval Sink | Single RV Kitchen Sink | RV Sink | Camper Sink | Single Bowl Sink (No Faucet)
  • This stainless steel oval sink measures 10” by 13” by 5 1/4” deep and has a 1.5” drain hole, perfect for fitting...
  • The stainless steel construction is durable as well as attractive, being rust-resistant and stain-resistant. This mix is...

Modern Over-the-Sink: Matte Black Bathroom Vessel Sink

The matte black bathroom vessel sink provides a sleek modern look. It automatically upgrades your bathroom as a centerpiece when you open the door.

The fireclay ceramic sink is 20 inches by 15 inches. It’s easy to clean and is scratch, chip, heat, and stain resistant.

Miyili 20"x15" Matte Black Bathroom Vessel Sink Modern Above Counter Bathroom Sink Porcelain Ceramic Vanity Sink Art Basin, VS5039B
  • PREMIUM MATERIAL - Constructed of true FIRECLAY porcelain to glazed and fired on the specific high temperature small...
  • MODERN SLEEK DESIGN: Sleek and elegant design show European inspired modern contemporary style. Simple and atmospheric...

Pros of Upgrading Your RV Bathroom Sink

There are benefits to upgrading your RV bathroom sink. Let’s look at the three most significant.

A More Roomy Sink 

A more roomy sink gives you more space for daily activities, like washing your hands, brushing your teeth, and more.

There’s really no point in having a tiny sink in an RV bathroom if it’s not useful. This is the precise reason many RVers upgrade.

Higher Quality Product 

Having a sink made of high-quality materials will help it last longer and keep your RV finishes looking good.

The small plastic sinks that come with many RVs tend to get stain build up and can crack. You can avoid issues by upgrading to a superior product.

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An RV bathroom with a bathroom sink

More Stylish and Modern

Let’s face it, a lot of RV bathrooms lack style. Doing a small upgrade, like replacing the RV bathroom sink, can make a world of difference.

It can provide a more modern look or is a way to bring in your personal style to the room.

Things to Consider When Upgrading your RV Bathroom Sink

While there are several benefits to upgrading your RV bathroom sink, be sure to keep in mind four things. Any renovation requires research and calculation to limit problems.

Drop in Sink vs. Bowl Sink 

If you have a drop-in sink, you’re limited to finding a replacement. You can make the hold bigger but not smaller.

However, if you’re handy, you can fill part of the hole with additional countertop to put a bowl sink on top.

A bowl sink provides you with a lot more options for style, shape, and size. You can replace it with any bowl sink that sits on top of the counter as long as it fits within the dimensions of your countertop.  

Be Sure to Measure the Space Correctly

When upgrading your RV bathroom sink, make sure to measure it correctly — double and triple check the depth, circumference, and holes for plumbing.

Also, factor in the faucet placement and size if you’re getting a different or larger faucet.


Every ounce of weight matters in an RV. The more weight you put in your rig, the more stress you put on it. And if you have a towable RV, every extra pound gets added to your towing capacity.

Sinks can be heavy, so do your research and think through the weight implications when purchasing an upgrade.

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Don’t Forget to Plan for the RV Sink Faucet

When upgrading your sink, make sure to plan for the faucet. If you get a different sized sink, the original faucet might not work with it anymore.

So, measure accordingly and determine if you want to keep the original or get a new faucet. If you plan to keep the original, you’ll need a sink that fits with it.

Upgrade Your RV Bathroom Sink On Your Own

Are you ready to upgrade your RV bathroom sink? A project like this is easier than you may think. We encourage you to go for it if you dislike your current sink. 

Any of the options on our list are quality picks and long-lasting. You deserve to have a stylish bathroom, even in your RV. 

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