Progressive Industries SSP-50XL Portable Surge Protector Review

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Progressive Industries SSP-50XL set against a dark blue background.

Do you really need an RV surge protector? The short answer is yes. The longer answer is that it’ll depend on your circumstances and how secure you feel where you’re parking. Surge protectors like the Progressive Industries SSP-50XL can protect your RV when shore power isn’t quite up to snuff. Let’s learn more.

What Is the Progressive Industries SSP-50XL?

Progressive Industry SSP-50XL RV Camper Circuit Analyzer Surge Protector w/Grip Handles—30 & 50 Amp Portable & Hardwired Surge Guard w/Fault Detection
  • Maintain electronic safety - This 50 Amp RV Surge Protector by Progressive Industries is a real guard for your RV...
  • Prevents costly damage - With a 50A/120-240V/12,000W rating, SSP-50XL can absorb surges of up to 1,650 joules. This...

The Progressive Industries SSP-50XL is a 50 amp surge protector. It provides five-mode protection to defend your RV’s electrical system against a range of electrical issues. These include things like incorrect wiring of the power pedestal, power surges, and reversals in polarity. 

This surge protector safeguards against power spikes up to 45,000A. It also includes three LED indicators to provide diagnostic information. The weather-resistant design and protective cover make it perfect for RVing. 

Why You Need an RV Surge Protector

RV surge protectors help protect your rig from dangerous electrical surges that lightning or faulty wiring could cause. When you plug your RV’s power cord directly into the power pedestal, you open yourself up to a host of potential problems. Using a surge protector will help eliminate many risks. 

Without a surge protector, you’re at the mercy of the campground’s wiring. You could encounter damaged electrical systems, melted components, and sometimes even electrical fires. That’s not something worth taking a risk on, especially in an RV. 

To protect your RV, simply plug a surge protector directly into the power pedestal. Then, plug your RV power cord into the surge protector. On the Progressive Industries SSP-50XL, you’ll see an indicator light when it’s safe to connect.

When choosing a surge protector, the higher the joules or amps it protects against, the better. Certain manufacturers report their protection using joules while others use amps. They measure different things, but both will give you an idea of the protection level.

What We Love About the SSP-50XL Surge Protector

This surge protector makes it easy to know you’re safe and comes with a nice warranty. Let’s take a closer look at what makes this surge protector so great.

Easy-to-Read Lights

No one wants to guess what each light on a surge protector means. The Progressive Industries SSP-50XL has lights that are easy to read and understand. This simplicity makes your life so much easier. 

Five-Mode Surge Protection

Another benefit of the SSP-50XL is five-mode surge protection. Multiple modes of protection will keep your systems safer. This surge protector will mitigate power surges and alert you to the many electrical problems we mentioned earlier. 

Lifetime Warranty

Buy with the security of a lifetime warranty. If something goes wrong, simply contact Progressive Industries, and they’ll send you a replacement if the problem is because of the manufacturer’s defects. 


There is one major downside to the Progressive Industries SSP-50XL. It lacks one bit of protection that other Progressive Industries surge protectors have.

No Under/Over Voltage Protection like the EMS-PT50X

The lower price tag of the SSP-50XL means it lacks some features that the Progressive Industries EMS-PT50X offers. That includes protection from low or high voltage. 

While this surge protector secures your rig against surges in power, it lacks protection against more consistent voltage issues. High or low voltage can damage your electrical system over time. It can cause your appliances to overwork or overheat, which can lead to melting and fires.

Alternatives to Progressive Industries SSP-50XL

If the SSP-50XL isn’t quite what you were hoping for, here are two solid alternatives. Both options have superior features and protection, which means they cost more. It’s up to you to decide if the added cost is worth it. 

Camco 50 Amp RV Surge Protector

Camco Power Grip Camper/RV 50-Amp Voltage Protector | Features Integrated Surge Protection of Up to 4,200 Joules & Diagnostic LEDs Indicate Wiring Faults (55306)
  • RV ELECTRICAL PROTECTION: Protects your camper from dangerous high (>132 VAC) and low (
  • AUTO CONNECT/DISCONNECT & DIAGNOSTIC LEDS: Automatically disconnects from dangerous conditions & reconnects after normal...

This Camco 50 amp RV surge protector and monitor will defend your RV’s electrical system against power surges up to 4,200 joules. When power spikes occur, the surge protector automatically disconnects to protect your wiring—no need to worry about reconnecting or when it’s safe to do so. The Camco 50 amp surge protector will take care of reconnecting automatically. 

This RV surge protector is sensitive to pedestal wiring issues, high voltage, and low voltage. Its LED display is easy to read and understand. The weather-resistant design also makes it perfect for RVing. 

Progressive Industries EMS-PT50X

Progressive Industries EMS-PT50X RV Surge Protector W/Fault Detection — 30-50 Amp Electric Portable Camper Surge Protector, Surge Guard W/Hardwired Options
  • ELECTRONIC SAFETY MAINTAINED: Ensure the safety of your Progressive Industries surge protector electronics with the 50...
  • COST-EFFECTIVE RV SURGE PROTECTOR: Rated at 50A/120-240V/12,000W, the EMS-PT50X can absorb surges up to 3,580 joules.,...

Another option from Progressive Industries is the EMS-PT50X. This product provides additional features that the SSP-50XL lacks. One feature is a digital display that makes understanding the diagnostics even easier than LED light displays. 

Another critically important feature is the monitoring against a broader range of electrical problems, including high or low voltage. It protects against surges up to 88,000A with a less than one nanosecond response time.  

Another beneficial feature of the EMS-PT50X is the option to buy a lock designed to fit this system. That way, no one runs off with your expensive new purchase. 

If you’re an RVer, you may need a surge protector. This small investment can pay big dividends by preventing electrical problems. The Progressive Industries SSP-50XL doesn’t provide as much protection as some other options on the market. However, it will provide some level of security and could be a good starter choice if you’re on a tight budget. 

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