Progressive Industries EMS HW50C Hardwired Surge Protection Review

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Plugging your RV into a power pedestal can be a gamble. The more you use your RV, the more you’ll begin to see that some power pedestals need some maintenance work.

In addition, connecting your RV to an inconsistent or miswired power source can cause extensive damage to your RV.

The Progressive Industries EMS HW50C will help protect your RV against many standard power issues. So let’s take a quick peek at this hardwired surge protector for your RV!

An RV electrical plug, with a progressive industries ems hw50c hardwired to protect it

Overview of the Progressive Industries EMS HW50C Hardwired Surge Protector

Progressive Industries makes the EMS HW50C hardwired 50 amp surge protector. This surge protector guards against fluctuations in voltage. So whether you encounter a surge of up to 3,580 Joules or a voltage drop, this unit will keep your RV safe. 

Progressive Industries, a well-known name in the electrical solutions community, backs this product with a lifetime warranty. The HW50C and the rest of their products can withstand extreme conditions and still get the job done!

With less than one nanosecond response time, this unit works quickly and quietly in the background. In addition, it has a scrolling digital display to help you know the current electrical conditions powering your RV.

This hardwired unit provides your RV’s electrical system with the safest and most secure protection available. You’ll sleep soundly knowing this unit monitors your RV’s electrical system even through the night.

Progressive Industries Hardwired RV Surge Protector, 50 Amp EMS with Remote Display and Fault Detection - EMS-HW50C
  • Maintain electronic safety - This 50 Amp RV Surge Protector by Progressive Industries is a real guard for your RV...
  • Prevents costly damage - With a 50A/120-240V/12,000W rating, EMS-HW50C can absorb surges of up to 3,580 joules. This...

Hardwired Surge Protection vs. Inline Surge Protection

The HW50C hardwired surge protector directly connects to your RV’s electrical system. This connection ensures the safety of all 120-volt items plugged into your RV from electrical surges and voltage drops. 

While other surge protectors will plug directly into the power pedestal, this surge protector tucks inside an RV’s underbelly. This location adds a layer of safety against your surge protector getting stolen.

Inline surge protectors, while popular, have two main faults: the ease of theft and their inability to handle pooling water. A hardwired surge protector sits out of sight and out of mind, no matter the weather, and guards against theft.

Features We Love About the Progressive Industries EMS HW50C

The Progressive Industries EMS HW50C has many great features. Before you click add to cart, let’s look at a few of our favorites.

5 Mode Surge Protection

The HW50C provides five different modes of surge protection — over and under-voltage protection, open ground, open neutral and reverse polarity detection. Many RVers will experience these common issues at a power pedestal.

Not only does the HW50C provide five modes of protection, but it also works in less than one nanosecond. Should an issue arise, the device will take action before any damage can occur to your RV or any connected accessories.

Remote Scrolling Digital Display

The remote scrolling digital display helps you know when issues arise and what’s causing the problem.

Additionally, this screen displays the voltage from the source and the amps the RV is currently using. However, make sure to keep it away from water to avoid damage.

No Worries about Weather Damage or Theft

This unit connects inline to the RV’s electrical system. While this means you’ll likely need to hire a professional to install the unit, it provides the utmost protection for your investment.

You can invest in your RV’s safety by getting a hardwired EMS surge protector. You don’t want it disappearing or sustaining damage from the weather.

A hardwired surge protector hides in the underbelly of an RV. Many RVers enjoy not having to worry about their surge protector when packing up at the end of a trip. Forgetting your portable surge protector will surely make the next guest’s day but ruin yours.


Even the best products on the market have their faults. So let’s take a look at a couple of things we wish were different about this product.

Technical to Install

If you lack confidence in dealing with electricity, hire a professional. You need to install the HW50C correctly for it to function properly and for the warranty.

Some users state having their warranty claim denied because they did not use a licensed RV tech to install the product.

We love the protection it provides, but a typical RVer can’t always handle the install. We don’t like spending several hundred dollars on the unit and then forking over more money to have it installed.

Can Be Costlier to Replace

The HW50C comes with a hefty price tag of $350-$375. This price does offer premium protection, but needing to replace it should an incident occur can add additional costs.

Replacing your surge protector will also likely require another licensed RV tech to avoid potential damage to the new unit. We wish there were a better option to help RVers save some money.

Alternative to Progressive Industries EMS HW50C

You can find other units on the market other than the Progressive Industries EMS HW50C. So let’s look at another great hardwire option.

Southwire 50 Amp Hardwired Surge Guard

Surge Guard 35550 Hardwire Model - 50 Amp
  • Automatic reset on power restoration
  • Multi-mode surge suppression

The Southwire 50 Amp Hardwired Surge Guard provides some stiff competition to the Progressive Industries EMS HW50C. This hardwired surge protector provides 3,850 Joules of protection for your RV.

This unit has an optional remote LCD display you can add on. This display provides critical information to help you monitor the status of the RV’s electrical power.

The Surge Guard does not have the same monitoring system as the HW50C. After a fault triggers a shutdown, the Surge Guard will begin a restart phase, which lasts 128 seconds.

This process will continue until a stable electrical connection returns. During this time, power will shut off to your RV to keep it and your electronics safe. 

What We Suggest

If you’re planning to use your RV even semi-regularly, you need a quality surge protector. Surge protectors have an essential job. We suggest RVers not go cheap in this area. You get what you pay for when it comes to protection.

If you’re looking for one of the best hardwired EMS surge protectors on the market, then we strongly suggest you consider Progressive Industries’ HW50C. Do you have a surge protector on your RV?

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