7 Popup Truck Campers for Any Truck

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A Four Wheel Pop-up Campers Project M truck camper outside

A towable or drivable RV isn’t for everyone. Some want to travel without the hassle of hitching, unhitching, or paying the high fuel price to fill a larger tank.

If you own a truck, there’s another option: a popup truck camper.

These campers are different from hard-sided truck campers. They are more fuel-efficient because of their low profile and are usually less expensive.

Let’s look at these options, and perhaps you’ll head to your nearest dealer to check one out soon!

What Is a Popup Truck Camper?

A popup truck camper sits on the truck’s bed rails with latches connecting the top of the camper to the base.

You’ll keep the camper closed and the latches securely locked when you travel. When you arrive at your destination, you’ll open the latches and raise the interior “pop-up” roof.

It’s a soft-sided shell around the top with a hard-sided shell around the base.

This is the most significant distinction between a popup and a hard-sided truck camper.

How Much Do Popup Truck Campers Cost?

Depending on the features, popup truck campers can cost as little as $10,000 for a base model with few amenities and reach over $40,000 with all the bells and whistles.

Because many of these campers are customizable, you can add and delete features to suit your camping needs.

As you do this, however, the price changes.

So if you need a wet bath to make your camping experience comfortable, you’ll pay more for installation.

What Are the Best Trucks for a Popup Camper?

Popup truck campers are for every type of truck. There is no “best” when it comes to these units.

The larger the bed of the truck, the more expensive the model.

However, the more heavy-duty the truck, the more features you can include.

As you add on optional equipment, the price goes up, and so does the weight.

One-ton trucks can handle the payload of increased weight more than a standard pickup truck.

So your truck’s size will determine how much weight you can put in the bed.

Who Makes Popup Truck Campers?

Numerous brands make popup truck campers. From Four Wheel, Bundutec, Hallmark, and Phoenix, there are more manufacturers than the ones we list below.

Although all models are similar, distinct differences make each brand unique.

Some create a molded fiberglass front. Others build with aluminum.

Some brands offer multiple floorplans and options, while others focus on making one superb unit.

Although all pop-up truck campers have similar designs and feature the extended roof, each brand has a unique touch.

Pros Of a Popup Truck Camper

One of the most significant advantages to owning a popup truck camper is the size and weight.

Any truck can handle a popup camper. These are more lightweight than other hard-sided truck campers, so smaller trucks like the Nissan Frontier can still haul a pop-up truck camper.

This also means they’re easy to maneuver. You don’t have to worry about hitching and unhitching, paying attention to bridge clearances, or other things that make traveling with larger RVs more difficult.

The camper sits in the back of the truck and travels down the road, adding very little change to your drive day.

They’re also straightforward to set up.

Some units come with the option of adding an electric roof lift mechanism.

With the push of a button, the soft-sided roof extends to provide 20 more inches of interior space.

Other units only come with a manual roof lift mechanism.

However, it isn’t challenging to use and only takes a few minutes to set up your camper.

Cons Of a Popup Truck Camper 

A popup truck camper will be smaller and less roomy than other truck campers.

If you’re planning on traveling for extended periods, you may want to consider another option.

The cabover bed can also get tiresome.

Once you’ve slept in it a few times, you’re ready to enjoy sitting up in bed again.

There is also limited storage space. Because of the size, you won’t find a wardrobe closet or a pantry.

You may add flip-up storage compartments or hidden trunks, but that’s about it.

You also have to detach when you get home.

This can be a difficult task at first and takes 15-20 minutes for seasoned campers.

The Best Popup Truck Campers 

1. Four Wheel Pop-Up Campers Project M

MSRP: starting at $10,995
GVWR: 465lbs

A topper that bolts to the truck’s bed rails, these Four Wheel Project M truck campers can fit truck beds five to eight feet in length.

To open the camper, the owner unlocks the six latches, climbs inside the truck bed, and raises the popup roof.

There are four built-in windows with privacy flaps.

Inside, the sleeping space sits over the cab, and there are two shelves on the bed rails and wall tracks to store items.

A Four Wheel Pop-up Campers Project M truck camper outside

2. Bundutec Topi

MSRP: starting at $19,963

GVWR: 1,450lbs

The Bundutec Topi fits truck beds five to six feet in length with the tailgate removed.

Like the Project M line, the Topi is a topper that bolts to the truck’s bed rails.

However, you need to remove the tailgate, which means a taller rear door instead of a hatch.

The owner unlocks the latches and raises the roof in the same manner.

The overall length is 164” while the interior height extends from 60” to 80” when opened.

Inside, the cabover bed is 60” x 80” with side storage compartments.

The kitchen includes a 3.1 cu ft 12v refrigerator, a two-burner drop-in stove, a stainless steel sink, a pull-out locking side table, an interior swivel cassette toilet, and a Maxxair electric roof vent.

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3. Bundutec Wild

MSRP: $19,134

GVWR: 1,483lbs

The same brand as the Topi but a different model, the Bundutec Wild fits 0.5 ton to one-ton trucks with at least 49.5” wheel well widths.

The overall length is shorter than the Topi at 140” while the interior height remains the same.

Inside, the cabover bed is 60” x 80” with hamper storage on the sides and storage underneath the bed.

The kitchen comes with a 2.5 cu ft 12v refrigerator, two-burner drop-in stove, stainless steel sink, swivel table leg, and a Maxxair electric roof vent.

There is no cassette toilet in the Wild model.

The Bundutec Wild popup truck camper outside

4. Hallmark Milner Classic

MSRP: $42,695

GVWR: 1,212lbs

The Hallmark Milner Classic popup truck camper features an East-West cabover bed with the option for a North-South bed.

You can also convert the U-shaped 39” x 74” dinette into an additional sleeping space if needed.

Owners can choose from ample 30 lb LP storage or porta-potty storage.

The overall length is 140,” and interior height is 80” when open.

A molded fiberglass composite exterior frame and a one-piece molded fiberglass composite roof are standard.

Other features include a three-way DSI absorption refrigerator, a 45-amp power system, and big-view double windows.

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5. Hallmark EXC

MSRP: $26,995

GVWR: 995lbs

Another Hallmark model, the EXC, is an “a la carte” camper series. This simple, lightweight camper shell is fully customizable.

Owners start with cabinets and cushions for a 60” x 80” cabover bed, then add to the interior space.

The molded fiberglass composite exterior frame and one-piece molded fiberglass composite roof are standard on the EXC.

Big-view double windows, under-bunk storage, LED interior lighting, and a manual crank roof lift mechanism also comes with the model.

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6. Phoenix Pop-Up Campers Mini-Max

MSRP: $37,000

GVWR: 1,180lbs

Phoenix builds custom campers from three floorplans.

However, the Mini-Max is a fully self-contained popup truck camper that starts with a floorplan and standard features instead of being fully customizable.

Owners can add and delete components from the standard model. It features a wet bath, sink, stove combo unit, refrigerator with freezer, table with seating and storage, a queen cabover bed with storage underneath, and taller living space.

Owners can enjoy a full 30” of cabover headroom.

More storage is underneath the elevated sub-floor.

Parked truck with a Phoenix Pop-up Campers Mini-Max
Source: Phoenix Popup

7. Outfitter MFG Caribou Lite

MSRP: $22,995

GVWR: 950lbs

The Caribou Lite 6.5 slide-in truck camper features a fully-welded aluminum roof and frame with vacuum-bonded composite walls.

The interior height measures 77.5,” and the overall length is 134”.

It fits most full-size 0.5 and 0.75-ton trucks as well as mid-size trucks.

Standard features include a 1.9 cu ft refrigerator, three-burner cooktop, 16K BTU furnace, full-size cabover bed that pulls out to a queen, and a power roof vent system.

A U-shaped dinette sits across from the kitchen.

The Outfitter MFG Caribou Lite popup truck camper outside
Source: Outfitter MFG

Get Poppin’ With a Popup Truck Camper

A popup truck camper has many features to make your camping experience comfortable. You don’t have to rough it in a tent to enjoy the outdoors.

However, if you still want to have a more rugged camping experience than what a travel trailer or RV will provide, these popup truck campers will answer the call.

Some provide the convenience of a wet bath, while others feature an ample dining space for guests. Whichever model you choose, you’ll appreciate the ease of setup and teardown as you venture into nature’s beauty.

Which brand and model catches your eye?

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