Pet-Friendly RV Rentals Pet Owners Actually Swear By

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A couple sitting on top of their RV campervan with their pet dog

Have you ever gotten a pet-friendly RV rental? A family camping vacation allows you to escape the pressures of work and spend time with your loved ones outdoors.

But if your family is like 70% of American households, it includes pets. Many people list domesticated animals as part of their group, from canines to felines, fish to birds, and a few reptiles. So when taking a family vacation, shouldn’t it involve your furry friends as well?

Many RV rental businesses realize that families love to travel with their dogs and cats. So they have made pet-friendly RV rentals. However, they require that you return their vehicles clean and in good condition.

Today we’ll explore pet-friendly RV rentals that pet owners actually swear by. Let’s get into it.

What Is A Pet-Friendly RV Rental? 

Those that wish to explore the countryside with their furry companions can find pet-friendly RV rentals.

As with hotels, you can get an RV specific to pet travel because some renters may have allergies. Some rental agencies may require an extra cleaning fee, but many welcome pets to the camping scene.

How Do I RV Camp With My Dog?

RV camping with a dog is just about the same as camping with a child. The biggest difference may lie with campground reservations.

Most allow pets, but many have restrictions on how many, the size, and certain breeds. You should talk with individual campgrounds to see if they have dog runs, leash rules, and other specific restrictions.

Generally speaking, campgrounds want responsible pet owners who clean up after their dogs, keep barking at bay, and keep them under control.

Most require the pet to stay on nothing longer than a 6 ft leash. Many also don’t allow you to keep your dog alone at the campsite, whether tied up or in an RV. 

All pets should have current vaccination records available. If you have a hound that fits these minimal requirements, you’ll likely have no problem staying at most private and public campgrounds.

Pro Tip: We travel full-time with our adorable dog, Carmen. Here’s some advice we’ve garnered along the way about how to easily RV with dogs.

Pet-Friendly RV Rentals Pet Owners Actually Swear By

Some pets may get anxious in a car, and some people may not like tent camping. But you don’t have to give up your adventure altogether.

You can rent a comfy RV instead of buying one you won’t use often. If you want to bring your furry friends on your next getaway, you can consider these pet-friendly RV rental companies.

A woman cuddles her small dog in her arms beside her RV

1. Cruise America

About: Cruise America rents Class C motorhomes and truck campers. You can feel at home in a 30-ft RV or opt for a smaller sub-compact 20-ft motorhome or several sizes in between.

This RV rental company has locations all over North America, including Alaska and most of Canada. And they offer pet-friendly RV rentals and long-term ones, too.

Based on the type of vehicle, rental period, location, and mileage, prices vary widely, so contact Cruise America directly for quotes and availability. 

Pet Policy: Cruise America has a very generous pet policy that allows dogs and cats to join in the family fun. Always clean up after your pet, and return your RV in its original condition. That’s it!

A kitty gets real close to the photographer outside at their campsite

2. El Monte RV

About: Another rental agency that loves pets is El Monte RV. With 28 locations, campers have the option of renting Class C or Class A recreational vehicles. They offer round-trip and one-way rentals, and their prices depend on the RV, length of your trip, and the mileage incurred.

El Monte RV is heavily used on the West Coast because almost half of their pickup locations are in California. Contact them with specific travel dates for a custom quote on your rental.

Pet Policy: El Monte’s pet-friendly RV rentals are very popular. They request that pet owners be responsible for their four-legged friends, clean up after them, and return the camper in good condition. You can incur additional fees if not adequately cleaned.

3. Escape Campervans

About: Escape Campervans converts Ford Transit, Transit Connect, and E350 vans into campers, then rents them through 13 locations across the US and Western Canada. Each van has unique exterior artwork and solar for off-grid travel. Most can only sleep two people.

The vans have a minimal kitchen and no bath equipment but come stocked with linens and eating utensils. And to embrace the new popularity of “overlanding,” the company now rents Jeeps with roof tents, as well. Search by location and vehicle on their website for the best results.

Pet Policy: You can bring your pets in Escape campervans, but you’ll have to pay a non-refundable pet fee of $150. The pet fee doesn’t cover any damages caused by the dog, and the renter will have to take care of it out-of-pocket. Additionally, you can’t get a pet rental in July, August, and September.

A young woman laughs enthusiastically while petting her dog in the back of an RV

4. Outdoorsy

About: Outdoorsy is a peer-to-peer RV rental company that allows private owners to list their recreational vehicles for rent and find interested renters.

They facilitate the rental agreement and handle insurance, payment, and communication between owners and renters. But the owners will dictate specific policies for each vehicle.

Rental RVs include teardrop campers, travel trailers, camper vans, Class C RVs, and even big Class A buses.

In fact, Outdoorsy has such a wide variety of vehicle types and styles that the nightly prices can run from $75 to $300 and beyond, depending upon the RV and amenities included. Most come fully loaded for a comfortable camping experience, with linens, dishes, and silverware.

Pet Policy:  Because each RV is privately owned, the pet policy can vary greatly. The easiest way to find a pet-friendly RV rental on Outdoorsy is to use the “pet-friendly” filter in their search feature.

This will narrow down the vehicles to only those that allow pets. On each listing, read their pet policy. Owners will meet with renters to show them how the systems in their vehicles work, allowing renters to ask further questions.

5. RVshare

About: RVshare is another peer-to-peer RV rental company. It puts owners together with prospective renters to find the perfect vehicle for a camping adventure.

They handle the business transactions, carry insurance policies on all vehicles, take and issue payments, and keep all listings active. You can rent almost all types of RVs including fifth wheels, trailers, Class B vans, Class A buses, and Class C vehicles.

Search by the city and state where you would like to pick up the RV, then select the type of vehicle you want. Listings can frequently change as new owners join the rental pool, so if you don’t find a good one, check again next week.

Pet Policy: RVshare welcomes dogs and cats into most RV rentals, but the individual owners determine pet policies.

Search for ‘pet-friendly’ vehicles and read each listing’s requirements. Contact owners for more specifics if you have questions.

A dog riding in the lap of a driver on a road trip with his owners.

Pro Tip: Regardless of what you may have heard, RVing with your cat isn’t impossible. Learn how to bring your cat RVing with you.

Bring Fido on Your Next Road Trip 

As you can see, you don’t need to leave your pet out of a family camping trip. Several companies offer pet-friendly RV rentals to responsible pet owners. If you found a perfect campground that allows furry friends, the last thing you need is a comfy way to get there. 

Try getting a pet-friendly RV rental for your next trip. You can let your pup enjoy extra hikes, visits to a dog park, and lying by the campfire with the rest of his family.

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