Personalized RV Camping Gift Guide

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A woman wraps a personalized camping gift in tan paper wrapping.

What do you get for the RVer who has everything? Personalized camping gifts, of course! They’re a perfect way to show you care by creating something just for them. And these days, it’s easier than ever to find high-quality, personalized camping gifts from sellers across the internet. Join us as we take a look at some of our favorites!

The 10 Best Personalized Camping Gifts for RVers

When you hear “personalized,” you may think of complicated, expensive, or unusual items. That’s not necessarily so. Our list of 10 personalized camping gifts includes fun, functional, and affordable items that any RVer will love!

#1. Scratch-off Map

A scratch off map is a great gift for the traveler who has it all.

About: This 12”x18” map of the United States includes a removable foil layer over the states that you can scratch off as you travel to various areas. The top layer of foil comes off to reveal beautiful multicolored watercolor designs below.

Why They’re a Great Gift: If someone owns an RV, chances are they’re passionate about travel. Help them keep track of their journeys and give them a great piece of art and a conversation piece at the same time. Unframed, it’s less than $30, and you can also order a wooden magnetic framed version as well. 

#2. Travel Journal

A leather bound notebook with shells and a rock is a great gift for the traveler friend who can write down all of their adventures.

About: This customizable vegan leatherette journal includes 112 lined pages to record all the memories of your travels. The journal measures 5 1/4” x 8 1/4” x 3/4”, making it the perfect size for easy writing and convenient transportation. 

Why They’re a Great Gift: You can personalize this journal in several ways to create a fantastic gift for anyone. It comes in 10 different colors, and you can have it printed with a name, monogram, slogan, or graphic, all available in several font options. Whoever receives it will love the extra thought you’ve put into creating this personalized camping gift just for them. Plus, with over 100 pages, they’ll have plenty of room to record memories of travelers for a long time to come.   

#3. Vinyl Decal

A clever personalized camper gift is a decal that captures the traveler's uniqueness.

About: You can custom-order these vinyl decals in any design or branding of your choosing. They range in size between 4”x4” and 6”x6”, but you can also order them in custom sizes. Your decal will come printed on easy-to-remove transfer tape that helps hold your design together until it’s fully applied to the recipient’s vehicle. 

Why They’re a Great Gift: RVs are a home away from home for many (or an actual home for full-timers). What better way to help make an RVer’s rig feel like home than with a windproof and rainproof decoration made just for them? With free shipping and a short, 4-day turnaround, StickerMule also offers a classic customer experience.  

#4. Stove Cover

A custom stove cover is a thoughtful and unexpected personalized camping gift.
Image via Etsy

About: This handmade stove cover combines both style and substance. At 21”x20”, it fully covers most RV stoves, providing additional storage and prep space for your kitchen. The cover bears the adorable and friendly “Welcome to Our Camper” screenprint, and you can customize it with the recipient’s last name. It’s available in eight different colors, from light golden oak to dark ebony. 

Why They’re A Great Gift: Anyone who’s spent time in an RV kitchen knows space is at a premium. Whoever receives the cover will love the additional space they’re reclaiming in their kitchen while also providing a nicely designed decoration. Plus, the customization with the recipient’s last name will help them feel like their camper is home. This is without a doubt one of the most useful personalized camping gifts on our list!

#5. Beach Towels

A line of beach towels hangs in front of the camper but you'll never lose them if they're personalized!

About: Several companies offer these custom towels to personalize with a name and various colors or designs. From solid backgrounds to sports designs, cartoons, tie-dye, and more, you can purchase a beach towel to match your loved one’s interests. 

Why They’re a Great Gift: Beach towels don’t have to be boring, and they won’t be any more, thanks to your personalization. Everyone will know their towel when they see it, meaning no more fights or confusion at the beach or the pool. It can also add some flair to your friend’s beach setup–always a plus! 

#6. Bottle Opener

A bottle is being opened against the sun and a bottle opener is the perfect gift for the camper in your life.

About: This bottle opener is hand-forged out of rugged steel here in the U.S. At 5.25 inches long, it’s the perfect size to slip in a pocket or small bag. You can add a custom message to both sides of the opener, up to 20 characters each. It comes with a wire-brushed finish and features a beeswax seal for extra protection. 

Why They’re a Great Gift: It’s a gift that’s both thoughtful and useful! Every time your friend or family member goes to open a beer or soda bottle, they’ll think of you and your excellent gift-giving. The suede leather tassel also makes it easy to hang and store your bottle opener–perfect for the friend that’s always misplacing things. 

#7. Coffee Mugs

An older couple sip on coffee outside of their tent with personalized mugs.

About: This camping mug features cute, stylized drawings of a travel trailer. You can personalize it with the recipients’ names, along with the phrase “Happy Campers.” It’s made of white enamel-covered stainless steel, and you can order it with silver or black rims. You can buy this lightweight mug in 12oz and 17oz sizes. 

Why They’re a Great Gift: The caffeine-addicted camper in your life will love this mug. It’s a great way to provide a smile first thing in the morning, and the customization makes sure everyone knows whose cup is whose. 

#8. Key Holder

A mountain key holder keeps the essentials from being lost and fits the camping theme.

About: Never wonder where you put your keys again with this helpful and stylish RV-themed key holder. At 11” long by 5” tall, there’s ample space for four silver hooks so the entire family can store their keys. The front includes a picture of a camper with the message, “This Is How We Roll.” You can add two names below. There are also two convenient slots on the back for easy installation with two screws or nails. 

Why They’re a Great Gift: Organization is always vital in tight spaces like RVs or trailers. This key holder is perfect for your loved ones that are invariably missing their keys. It’s a thoughtful present that could help them avoid everything from minor delays to lost key catastrophes. The chic faux-wood design looks great in any RV or home, and the artwork and custom names can give the owner a smile or chuckle every time they grab their keys.  

#9. Welcome Mat

A woman stands on a welcome mat that could be made better for your traveling friend by getting a personalized camping one.

About: Style and function come together in this personalized welcome mat. It bears the message “Happy Campers,” along with a cartoon-style trailer. Below, you can add the name of the mat’s owners. These welcome mats are available in two colors/styles, grey/rubber for covered or indoor use or coir for outdoor use. They range in size from 30”x18” (for a single door) up to 60”x36” (for double doors.) 

Why They’re a Great Gift: Help keep your family or friends’ RV nice and clean and spruce up their camp set up at the same time! They’ve got a recycled rubber or vinyl backing to prevent slippage and are easy to clean. Plus, the long-lasting print means they’ll be enjoying your personalized camping gift for years to come.

#10. Holiday Ornament

A woman holds a handmade ornament in front of pine tree.

About: These cute, personalized holiday ornaments are shaped like a travel trailer. You can add a name or short message and the year and choose a black, red, green, or white ribbon as the embellishment. These 3D-printed ornaments are 6.75” long by 3” tall. You can also find similar decorations from the same artist shaped like a teardrop or popup camper. 

Why They’re a Great Gift: The holidays are a special time for everyone, and especially RVers who may not be with friends or family at the time. Brighten their holiday season with this handmade ornament, which costs just $18. By including the year, you can help them remember their time in their RV and possibly even create a new yearly tradition! 

A little customization can go a long way in turning a dull, everyday item into a heartwarming, meaningful piece of someone’s life. But as this list shows, creating personalized camping gifts doesn’t have to be expensive or complicated. Keep these items in mind, and you’ll have years worth of great gifts for your RV and camping friends!

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