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While many flock to Florida each winter, Arizona sees its fair share of RVers escaping the cold as well. Arizona is a land full of adventures perfect for various types of travelers. With so many great places to explore, it can be challenging to zero in on one location. Today, we want to look at Quartzsite, Arizona, and see if it might be right for your next trip. 

Where Is Quartzsite Arizona? 

Quartzsite, Arizona, sits in the far southwest of the state. It lies just 20 minutes to the east of California off of I-10.  

If you’re traveling to Quartzsite from Phoenix, expect the drive to take approximately two hours. 

RV parked in the desert of Quartzsite Arizona

When Is the Best Time to Visit Quartzsite?

We all know that summer in Arizona can be brutal. Summer days often reach temperatures of over 110 degrees. Simply put, not many RVers find themselves in Quartzsite during those unbearable sweltering months. 

Those looking to escape the harsh northern winters start to arrive in Quartzsite in November and tend to head out by the end of April. As a result, the months with the highest numbers of RVers visiting are January and February. During the winter, you can expect highs in the mid-70s and lows dipping into the 50s on average. 

What Is Quartzsite Arizona Known For?

Quartzsite, Arizona, is a mecca for RVers. In January and February, RVs outnumber the permanent homes in the area 500 to one! As a result, this sleepy little town jumps to life in the winter as RVers camp and shop in the local public lands. 

The area is also known for the Rock and Gem Show. In an average year, as many as a million people gather to explore rocks and gems from around the world. 

Best Things to Do Near Quartzsite Arizona

So you’ve decided to spend a few months in Quartzsite, Arizona, but what should you do while there? First, let’s take a look at how you can spend your time in the area. 

Go to A Rock/Mineral Show

One of the big draws to the area, aside from the large camping areas, is the Quartzsite Rock and Gem Show. While at this show, you’ll find many rocks, gems, minerals, and crystal products. These items are for sale at the many booths. In fact, you can find raw rock and mineral specimens from all over the world here. You can also find home decor items, jewelry, and art. 

Check out the Petroglyphs

Hunting for petroglyphs is an exciting activity that everyone should experience at least once, and there are plenty in Quartzsite. You can find many of these exciting ancient drawings at Dripping Springs and on the east side of Tyson Wash.  

Three women standing around a rock with Petroglyphs outside of Quartzsite Arizona

Visit the Quartzsite RV Show

The Quartzsite RV Show is the largest gathering of RVs and RVers. It’s also lovingly known as the “Big Tent Show.” There are typically 425 vendors promoting RV products and outdoor lifestyle products. So, if you want something RV-related, you’ll more than likely find it here! 

Those who enjoy quirky and unique pit stops should look no further than Joanne’s Gum Gallery. This fun location features various gum dating all of the way back to 1914.

It’s interesting to observe the displays of gum packaging and types that have evolved over the years. You won’t realize how much our beloved chewing gum has changed until you’ve visited this place. 

Best Camping Near Quartzsite Arizona

With so many people who make their way to Quartzsite, Arizona, you may be a bit concerned about finding a space to call home. Thankfully, there are many options for RVers since there are over 50 RV parks! Here are a few of our favorite places to park. 

RV parked in Quartzite Arizona with the mountains in the background and a sunset


Many people come to Quartzsite, Arizona, to boondock, where space to do so is abundant. There are Bureau of Land Management (BLM) areas that are free with a 14-day limit and five individual BLM areas to choose from, each requiring you to register with a host.

Additionally, there’s an area called La Posa Long Term Visitor Area, which offers potable water, trash collection, and a holding tank dump. There are also pit toilets for campers. There’s a small fee of $40 for 14 days or $180 for seven months. 

Holiday Palms RV Park

Holiday Palms RV Park is an excellent place for families. Many RV parks in Arizona are age-restricted, but not this one. They offer customized rates and options including daily, weekly, monthly, snowbird, and seasonal rates all year round. There are 245 full hookup sites. 

Holiday Palms RV Park is not short on amenities including a laundry room, game room, hot tub, library, and pool. 

Shady Lane RV Park

Shady Lane RV Park claims to be the “campiest” campground in all of Quartzsite. They offer nightly, weekly, and monthly rates to campers. They even give you the option to rent one of their RVs for the duration of your stay. Those who camp at Shady Lane RV park will appreciate the free Wi-Fi and hot showers. 

Quail Run RV Park

Quail Run RV Park is a lovely place to call home during your stay in the area. Campers have the option to stay daily, weekly, monthly, or seasonally. There are large-level sites that will make parking a breeze, plus a clubhouse, clean restrooms, and laundry facilities. In addition, campers will enjoy park-provided WiFi. 

Enjoy Camping in Quartzsite, Arizona! 

Regardless if you want to do some boondocking or have the comforts of an RV park, Quartzsite is a great place to spend the winter. You’ll likely have an incredible time and make a few friendships during your stay. 

Have you traveled to this RVing mecca yet?

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