On The Go OTG4-DBLSOFT Portable RV Water Softener Review

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Whether you RV full-time or just on the weekends, a water softener can ensure you have good, drinkable water no matter where your travels take you. The On The Go water softener is an excellent option for many RVers. Let’s find out why.

On The Go Portable RV Water Softener Overview

For RVers, a water softener can save your pipes and appliances. Hard water from campsites and other locations can deposit minerals in your plumbing. This build-up can mess with your pipes over time.

The On The Go water softener is compact yet offers a good amount of capacity. It can help you stay on the go while protecting your pipes.

Benefits of the On The Go Water Softener for RVs

You don’t want hard water messing with your plumbing. On The Go offers several features that you’ll love. Let’s look at a few.

Helps Avoid Build-Up From Differing Water Sources

Whether you’re on the road full-time or just occasionally, it’s tough to know the quality of the water you use along the way. You could park at a campsite with very hard water that results in damage you don’t know about until far down the line. RV pipes aren’t the easiest to access, so keeping them clear using a water softener is a long-term investment in your vehicle.

A faucet has mineral build up because they didn't get an on the go water softener to protect their RV appliances from all the hard water typically found at campgrounds.

Increases Life of Appliances

The mineral build-up that occurs as a result of hard water can back up things like faucets. That means any appliance that relies on them could run less efficiently and break sooner. The On The Go water softener helps avoid this problem and keeps your devices running properly for longer.

Better for Showering, Washing Dishes, and Drinking

These devices take minerals out of your water, so you’ll have less residue on things like dishes. Some even say that showering in soft water resulted in softer skin and less dry hair. Plus, you’ll notice that things like soap and shampoo lather up more quickly.

A woman washes her face and has softer skin thanks to the on the go water softener.

What We Love About It

Those benefits apply to many water softeners. However, there are some things about the On The Go water softener that make it stand out in particular.

Compact, Easy to Use and Store

At less than two feet tall, the water softener stores away well in most RVs. You can keep it in a storage bay. The strap makes this 32-pound softener easy to carry as well. Despite this, it has a capacity of 320 to 800 gallons.

Super Easy to Install

To install, simply connect the unit to a water source. You will need to flush the system the first time, but for future uses, just add ordinary table salt and rinse. You can set up the standard and double standard models in just a few easy steps.

Seven to 10 Year Lifespan

The resin for the On The Go water softener will last you seven to 10 years. That means you’ll get a lot of value out of this one unit before you have to think about finding any replacement.


While this water softener can do a lot, that does not come cheap. The cost has put off some people searching for a water softener. 

Initial Purchase Price

This water softener does not come cheap. Even a discounted version of the double standard model costs $272, with the full price being $375.95. The standard model is slightly cheaper at $229 discounted or $306.95 normally. That is no small expense. However, it may still be worth it compared to the cost of having to fix your RV plumbing due to hard water and mineral build-up.

Alternatives to the On The Go Water Softener

If the cost puts you off, you do have other options. Let’s look at two alternatives to the On The Go water softener. 

Mobile Soft Water

The Mobile Soft Water is a smaller water softener might be a little less unwieldy than the On The Go model. It weighs just 18 pounds. It’s a nice budget option at $148. Yet, it’ll still remove things like calcium and iron with its 6,400-grain capacity.

Softpro RV Water Softener

Portable RV Water Softener (16,000 Grains)
  • PROTECT The Plumbing AND Fixtures Throughout Your RV!
  • SOFT WATER WHEREVER YOU GO! - Hook It Up Wherever you stop!

This Softpro unit really packs a punch with its 16,000 grains of capacity. It can handle 1,600 gallons but is still easy to haul and store in your RV. It isn’t as light as the Mobile Soft Water, though, coming in at a hefty 80 pounds. That can be a significant downside for some. It costs $218, a pretty good value.

The On The Go water softener can bring RVers peace of mind when they travel to campsites and RV parks. You never quite know what kind of water you’re getting. The wrong type could slowly destroy your pipes. Have you invested in a water softener to protect your plumbing?

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  1. I have looked into these softeners for a few years but have yet find anyone who says their rv pipes and appliances were damaged nor destroyed. While it seems feasible this could degrade over a long number of years, as still question its usefulness in those regards. It would make the water in the shower nice and soft though. I had a fifth wheel for ten years with no softener and could not say it had any damage before we sold it. Thanks for the info.

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