Is This Luxury RV King of the Road?

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A couple walks up to the steps of their Newmar RV after a day of horse back riding

As you begin researching RVs, you’ll come across some brands repeatedly. Newmar RV is a brand you’ll likely see if you search for high-quality RVs. It’s a well-known brand, but do they produce the high-quality RVs they claim to?

Today, we’re looking at Newmar RVs and sharing their most luxurious and expensive RV. 

What Is Newmar RV? 

Newmar RV is an RV manufacturer that makes motorhomes. The company has both Class A and Class C RVs in its lineup. 

For over 50 years, Newmar has been making quality units for families to explore while making memories. Two men who shared the same first name, Marvin, started Newmar RV in 1968. They chose to quit their RV sales jobs to form a corporation. In 2012 they decided to stop producing fifth wheels and focus solely on Class A motorhomes. 

A couple sits outside enjoying dinner next to their luxury Newmar RV

Who Makes Newmar RVs? 

Winnebago now owns Newmar RV. The acquisition occurred in November of 2019. The Newmar and Winnebago deal was worth $270 million, plus two million shares of common stocks in Winnebago Industries. 

Is Newmar a Quality RV? 

Newmar is considered a high-quality RV with many happy owners. The company has a good reputation for its manufacturing and customer service. 

Owners feel satisfied with the overall build quality, including cabinetry, appliances, and mechanics. Over and over, owners have mentioned that Newmar produces an RV that drives remarkably like a car in its handling, which is important to both newbies and veteran RV owners. 

Is the Newmar King Aire the King of the Road? 

About the Newmar King Aire: The Newmar King Aire is about as luxurious as you can get. Rivaling many sticks and bricks homes in its finishings, it truly is a home away from home. There are three floor plans available, each offering two bathrooms.

This model is 44’11”, placing it among one of the largest RVs on the road. It weighs around 49,000lbs. All three floor plans feature three slide-outs, one being a super slide. 

Official tour of the 2022 Newmar King Aire luxury motorcoach

Kingly Features: The King Aire has everything you could need on the road plus a few extras. The large windows offer fantastic views of the surrounding landscapes. The hardwood cabinets supply ample room for food supplies, pots, pans, utensils, and more. The quartz countertop and farmhouse sink are of high quality and will satisfy the chef in any family. Dinner clean-up is a breeze with the built-in dishwasher. 

There are tile floors in the kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, and living areas. The small details make the King Aire shine, such as the built-in shoe storage in the wardrobe. There’s a safe in the bedroom, helping owners keep their most valuable possessions protected. There are four TVs throughout the unit, including one exterior TV.

There are substantial storage options. With storage everywhere you look inside the unit itself, you’ll have a place for everything. This makes it easy to bring along all of the comforts of home without feeling like you have clutter everywhere. In addition to the interior storage, there are massive storage bays under the living area. These sizeable pass-through storage bays ensure you won’t have to leave anything behind.

MSRP: $1,441,648

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What Is the Most Expensive Newmar? 

To date, the Newmar King Aire is the most expensive Newmar. As stated, this unit’s MSRP starts at almost $1.5 million. If the purchaser selects all available upgrades, the cost could exceed $2 million. 

This RV is over $500,000 more than their next expensive model, starting at $900,000. 

A Class A Newmar coach travels down a road during the winter.

What Is the Smallest Newmar RV? 

While much of the Newmar line features mammoth RVs, not all coaches are big rigs. The Baystar Sport 2702 is the smallest of their units at 27 feet in length. Even in its small size, it’s well equipped.

The Baystar Sport 2702 features a comfortable queen bed, ample wardrobe, and spacious bathroom. The entire Baystar lineup features generous storage space that can catch you off guard.

Tour the 2022 Baystar Sport 2702

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Is a Newmar the Best RV on the Road? 

Newmar might be the best RV on the road. The brand has mastered luxury and functionality, two very important factors for many RV owners. Current owners enjoy the reliability of their unit and feel confident driving it on their adventures. 

Have you had a chance to experience Newmar’s offerings? If you’re a current or former Newmar owner, would you say you were satisfied with your coach? What features do you think boost your RV above the rest?

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