These Rope Swings in Mona, Utah, Are Perfect Places to Cool Down This Summer

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A man back flips off a rope swing into a water.

With summer in full swing, our minds become filled with ways to enjoy the extra sunlight hours. The outdoor activity opportunities are numerous, from hiking and biking to road trips with camping.

Escape to a festival or go on a microbrewery tour. Or, if you really feel adventurous, take a leap out of a plane. But when the heat overwhelms, cool down quickly with the Mona rope swings.

How Hot Does Mona, Utah, Get in Summer?

H2O is a great equalizer when it comes to heat. And Mona, Utah, has plenty of water for swimming, boating, and fishing.

Situated 33 miles south of Provo in central Utah, this small town has an average summer temperature of 90 degrees. So you might say that cooling off is a full-time job here.

With Mona Reservoir and Burraston Ponds in the area, you have plenty of opportunities to get wet. But it also hosts a lavender festival, distillery tours, skydiving, and a host of hiking and biking trails.

What Are the Mona Rope Swings? 

Head to the Burraston Ponds just south of town to find the Mona rope swings. They’re scattered in the trees along the water’s edge.

The north and south sides of the ponds have these heavy-duty ropes tied with various knots. And most of the trees they hang from have homemade ladders on their trunks, giving swimmers differing heights from which to jump.

Some even have platforms above the water reaching up to 30 feet high. The water is deep enough to dive and perform acrobatics from the rope swings, making it a popular attraction, especially during summer heatwaves.

In addition to swimming, divers can explore the depths while kayakers and paddleboarders skim topside. The ponds are also a community fishery, so anglers can also reel in a catch.

How Do You Get to the Burraston Ponds?

If driving from the Provo area north of Mona, get on Interstate-15 traveling south to Exit #233 onto Utah Highway 54. Turn left on North Main Street/Old Highway 91 and follow it for 3.9 miles. This will take you through the town of Mona. Turn right on Burraston Ponds Road and follow it around to the water.

Are Rope Swings Safe? 

The Mona rope swings have all been tested by users, and it appears they can handle a good deal of weight. But as the trees and ropes age and rot, the limbs could eventually break. So when selecting a rope swing, check the tree and the rope attachments before committing. 

When ready to take the plunge, remember that rope swings are only as safe as the person using them. Most problems arise when swimmers forget to let go of the rope at its apex.

They either let go when the swing is on its way back toward land, putting the swimmer in shallower water. Or they hold onto the rope and crash land on the shore. 

A man lets go of a rope swing and leaps into the refreshing water in Mona.

Although Mona rope swings lead into deep ponds, other locations may have some on shallower bodies of water. Do not assume that diving and acrobatics are safe in those areas.

If there is no one to ask, jump into the water from the shore, not a rope, and check out its depth before you swing. 

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What Is Mona, Utah, Known For?

Mona has become well-known for its annual lavender festival in July. The Young Living Lavender Farm is the largest herb farm in the world.

The scenic backdrop of Mount Nebo sets the stage for the Lavender Days Celebration, where visitors can walk through endless fields of the plant but participate in a rodeo, the Lavender Run, and many farm activities. It’s a fragrant event that brings attendees to Mona from around the world.

The lavender farm also includes a huge distillery with a free tour and hosts a draft horse competition and show in the fall. The grounds include a bed & breakfast, as the location has become an event destination.

When Is the Best Time to Visit Mona, Utah?

Summer and fall seem to bring the most events. With the heat of summer, water sports like kayaking, fishing, and swimming are in full ‘swing.’ Burraston Ponds is full of families playing on the Mona rope swings, and the reservoir bursts with carp, catfish, trout, and walleye. 

Festivals in both seasons bring visitors from all around, offering activities, races, and sporting events. The weather can get hot in the summer, but with its location on the edge of the mountains, Mona has pleasant temps to enjoy the autumn colors.

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A woman sits on a rope swing and glides high above the water of a fresh pond.

What Else Is There to Do in Mona? 

Mona is an agricultural and ranching community just south of Provo. In town, visitors can frequent farmer’s markets or venture outside the city limits for horseback riding, hiking, and fishing. 

The wide valley offers backcountry exploration into the mountains and cycling on less-trafficked county roads. And just 30 minutes north lie rafting and skydiving opportunities, water parks, and several museums.

Are the Mona Rope Swings Worth Trying? 

For summer fun, head to the Mona rope swings for a great way to celebrate the season. Simple entertainment like that available at Burraston Ponds is getting harder and harder to find. So we think you should swing in and take advantage of cooling off.

Take a swim, bring your kayak or paddleboards, and spend a refreshing time in this small Utah town!

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