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Couple sitting in a pool at Miette Hot Springs

Jasper is a gateway town in Alberta, Canada, that welcomes over two million visitors annually to see the majestic Jasper National Park. But it’s not just the rugged Canadian Rockies and massive glaciers that lure tourists.

Miette Hot Springs is just a short drive from the national park and is the perfect location for a relaxing soak after days of hiking and sightseeing. 

Let’s look at how you can spend a perfect day at Miette Hot Springs in Jasper!

What Are Hot Springs?

There are several different types of geothermal features. Hot springs are heated by geothermal heat, which means heat from inside the Earth. Geysers are a violent burst of this groundwater. Fumaroles exist in areas of vents and fissures near volcanic activity. You often see steam and gas circulating.

Hot springs form when rain or groundwater seeps through cracks beneath the earth’s surface and gathers in aquafers (or underground reservoirs).

Eventually, the water moves farther down into the earth, where it’s heated by magma. A hot spring develops when this hot water is forced back to the surface because of extreme temperature and high pressure.

A sign for Miette Hot Springs

Native Americans have considered hot springs sacred for centuries. As more and more white settlers came into contact with these bodies of water, they, too, began thinking that hot springs had healing powers. 

Many people claim that soaking in a hot spring relieves skin problems, decreases blood pressure, reduces stress, and boosts blood circulation. Athletes and soldiers used to visit the popular hot springs in Arkansas to soak their bones and muscles and provide relief from pain.

Where Is Miette Hot Springs?

Miette Hot Springs is located on Miette Road in Jasper, a town in Alberta, Canada. It has bus, RV, and handicap-accessible parking. However, the road leading to the hot springs is narrow and winding. You’ll want to use your best judgment on whether or not to bring your big rig.

A sign for Miette Hot Springs

5 Things to Know When You Visit Miette Hot Springs

We have a few tips to help you enjoy your visit to Miette Hot Springs. If you want to stay overnight, you’ll find a couple of nearby campgrounds, hotels, and cabin rentals in Jasper.

1. Entry Is First-Come, First-Served

You don’t need to make reservations for Miette Hot Springs, even though you must purchase a pass to enter. Daily hours are 10:30 a.m. to 9 p.m. during the early season from mid-May to mid-June. 

During the peak summer season, you can go from 9 a.m. to 11 p.m. from mid-June to early September and 10:30 a.m. to 9 p.m. during the late season from September to early October.

It’s best to arrive as early as possible or later in the evening to avoid the largest crowds.

2. There Are Multiple Passes Available

Miette Hot Springs offers multiple pass options to suit all types of visitors. If you’re just visiting for a day, a single-entry adult ticket costs $16.50, a youth ticket for children aged 3 to 17 costs $14.25, a senior costs $14.25, and a family costs $53.

If you plan on going in and out of the facility, you’ll want to purchase a day pass, which ranges from $22 for a youth and senior pass to $25.50 for an adult pass or $82 for a family pass. 

In addition, you can purchase a season ticket and punch cards. Punch cards allow for three, four, or five visits.

Visitors enjoying Miette Hot Springs

3. RV Parking Is Permitted

As mentioned earlier, you have designated RV parking in the Miette Hot Springs primary parking lot. However, due to the road conditions of Miette Road, trailers and motorhomes over 25 feet aren’t permitted past the Miette campground. The Lower Miette Mine Trail parking lot has a trailer drop-off area.

4. Hiking Trials Are On-Site

The 1.1-mile Source of the Springs Trail is an easy out-and-back stroll that follows the creek. The paved path is wheelchair accessible and a great option for families with strollers. 

If you prefer a more strenuous hike, the Sulphur Skyline Trail is a 4.4-mile loop with over 2,200 feet in elevation gain. It requires scrambling, route-finding, and bushwhacking, so don’t attempt unless you’re an experienced hiker. But the views of Jasper National Park are breathtaking!

Keep in Mind: While driving the Icefields Parkway, you can’t miss these stops on your way from Banff to Jasper!

A man walking his dog on Source of the Springs Trail at Miette Hot Springs

5. There Are No Restaurants

Finally, you’ll only find Miette Hot Springs Restaurant near the hot springs. For more dining options, plan on going to Jasper for lunch or dinner.

Stone Peak Restaurant and Folding Mountain Brewing Taproom and Kitchen are right on Highway 16 in Jasper, just 35 minutes from the hot springs.

How Far Is Miette Hot Springs From Jasper National Park?

Miette Hot Springs is less than an hour from the entrance to Jasper National Park. You could spend an entire day hiking, mountain biking, and exploring the park and then head over for an evening soak in the hot springs. 

Or you could start your day with a soak and end it with a sunset in the national park. But even if you don’t want to visit both on the same day, you can easily access these popular attractions from the same campground, hotel, or cabin.

What Is Jasper National Park Famous For?

While visiting this area of Alberta, Canada, spend at least one day in Jasper National Park. If you can give yourself several days, you’ll have even more time to enjoy the beautiful scenery of the rugged peaks, turquoise lakes, massive glaciers, and alpine meadows. 

You’ll likely catch an elk, moose, caribou, black bear, or bighorn sheep sighting. The park also has abundant wildlife.

Jasper National Park is the world’s second-largest dark sky preserve in the largest national park in the Canadian Rockies. Stargazing is very popular. Head out to the Jasper Planetarium, Pyramid Lake, or Medicine Lake for prime locations to photograph and witness the starry night sky.

Keep in Mind: Jasper is one of the most popular parks in Canada, but you don’t want to miss Oka National Park!

View of Jasper National Park

Enjoy Miette Hot Springs And the Canadian Town of Jasper This Camping Season

This summer, instead of taking a trip to the Florida beaches or Michigan lakeshore, why not head north and cross the border into Alberta? The town of Jasper has so much to offer! Enjoy a soak in Miette Hot Springs and the spectacular landscape of Jasper National Park.

For even more ideas, check out our article “The Best Things to Do in Jasper for First-Time Visitors.” When will you visit Alberta, Canada?

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