Our Honest Review of the MaxxFan Mini

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One of the tasks in our truck camper renovation project was to find a powerful fan to help control moisture and airflow.

However, we needed something with a low profile because we wanted to add as many solar panels as possible on our roof in the future. We hesitantly settled on the Maxxfan Mini.

The fan’s smaller size was a bit concerning. Would it get the job done? Were we wasting our time and money by going this route? Did we experience buyer’s remorse?

Today, we’re providing our honest review of the Maxxfan Mini and the decision we ultimately landed on for controlling the airflow and ventilation in our truck camper.

Let’s get started!

What Is a Maxxfan Mini?

The Maxxfan Mini is a product from the well-known fan company, MaxxAir. It’s a smaller version of the more popular MaxxFan.

It’s a compact, high-performance ventilation fan for RVs, campervans, motorhomes, and other small spaces. It is a drop-in replacement for most standard ventilation fans using a 14-by-14-inch roof opening. 

This five-blade fan may be mini, but it’s a competent exhaust fan. It also features a built-in bug/debris screen to help prevent unwanted pests from entering. The fan requires a 12-Volt electrical connection, which comes standard in most recreational vehicles.

MaxxAir 00-003801 Maxxfan Mini Plus Vent 6" Single Speed Exhaust Fan, White – Quiet and Energy Efficient RV Ventilation
  • MINI VENT - The perfect replacement for powered bathroom and galley exhaust fans
  • VENTILATION - Fresh, comfortable ventilation and well lit lighting when and where you need it; Draws Less than 2 amps
MaxxAir 00-003851 Maxxfan Mini Plus Vent 6" Single Speed Exhaust Fan, Black – Quiet and Energy Efficient RV Ventilation
  • MINI VENT - The perfect replacement for powered bathroom and galley exhaust fans
  • VENTILATION - Fresh, comfortable ventilation and well lit lighting when and where you need it; Draws Less than 2 amps

What Does a Maxxfan Mini Do?

You typically find Maxxfan Minis in bathroom and kitchen spaces to control ventilation for moisture, odors, and air circulation. Its smaller size helps it to fit into smaller areas but doesn’t sacrifice performance.

The primary function of the Maxxfan Mini is to help with airflow, ventilation, and temperature regulation. However, it also helps with rain protection and energy efficiency.

It can benefit anyone in a small space to stay comfortable in various environments.

How Much Power Does a Maxxfan Mini Draw?

The Maxxfan Mini is a powerful and energy-efficient exhaust fan. The max amperage draw is less than 2 amps. So it cranks out tons of power and does a great job circulating the air, but it doesn’t require much energy.

This minimal power usage makes it an excellent option for those wanting to extend their battery life when off the grid. If you enjoy boondocking and other off-grid adventures, this fan is a great way to conserve power.

Benefits of a Maxxfan Mini

We have a handful of things that we love about the Maxxfan Mini. Here are some benefits of choosing this fan in your RV or other tiny living space.

Compact Size

The Maxxfan Mini delivers tremendous power but without the bulk. It fits into a standard 14-by-14-inch roof space and weighs approximately 6 pounds.

Whether you want to save on weight or work with a tight space, the Maxxfan Mini’s compact size makes it a great option. It can fit in various vehicles and situations.

Extremely Efficient

Considering the Maxxfan Mini pulls less than 2 amps, it’s one of the most efficient fans on the market. With such a low-power draw, you can extend the life of your battery bank. It creates impressive air circulation and can help you control the climate wherever you place it.

The Maxxfan Mini is great for expelling moisture and hot air, which commonly happen in RVs and other small spaces, especially during hot showers or extreme temperatures.

Additionally, these fans work great for expelling bathroom and kitchen odors. We have appreciated that.

LED Light

One of our favorite features of our Maxxfan Mini is the LED light. We find that the lighting is less harsh than the standard light in our bathroom. This is especially helpful in those middle-of-the-night trips to the bathroom. 

The standard lighting can sometimes feel a bit blinding, but the Maxxfan Mini provides enough illumination without blinding you.

Rain Blocking Cover

The Maxxfan Mini comes with a built-in rain-blocking cover. This is a great feature because you no longer have to worry about whether you closed the vent.

We’ve heard from other RVers who returned to their RV during a downpour and discovered they had a flooded RV due to an open vent.

The rain-blocking cover also doubles as a wind-block cover. You can keep the vent open during travel days to help with air circulation and prevent hot air from building up in your rig while driving.

Some RVers have left their fans open while traveling without these covers and had the wind damage their hinges, sending their covers flying.

Keep in Mind: Do You Need to Cover Your RV Air Conditioner? We strongly recommend them!

Easy to Install

The installation for the Maxxfan Mini is rather simple, especially when replacing or swapping out an existing fan. Ensure you have some butyl rubber sealing tape and Dicor self-leveling caulk to seal the gaps after installation. You want to keep any moisture from getting inside your RV.

While the installation isn’t overly difficult, it can help to have an extra set of hands. This can be useful when installing the sleeve, wiring, and putting the fan cover assembly in place.

A man installing a maxxfan mini in his RV

Disadvantages of a Maxxfan Mini

While the Maxxfan Mini has many benefits, we also found some disadvantages. Let’s look at a few things we consider weaknesses of this mighty fan.

No Intake Features

The Maxxfan Mini doesn’t have an intake feature. While this isn’t something we use often, it’s nice on cooler nights when we don’t want to run our air conditioner and want to pull in cooler air from the outside. 

Our previous Maxxair fan had this feature, which we occasionally used to help with air circulation. Not having the intake feature is a strike against it in our books.

Limited Controls

While we understand this is a budget-friendly fan, it’s unfortunate that it has limited controls. Other Maxxair offerings provide features like a remote control, a built-in thermostat, and multiple speed settings. 

However, the Maxxfan Mini is severely limited, doesn’t include a remote control or thermostat, and only has one setting for speed. Compared to the typical Maxxair products, the Maxxfan Mini is lacking.

Keep in Mind: RV refrigerators don’t preform the best in extreme heat. You may want to consider purchasing a RV Refrigerator Fan to Keep Your Food Cold!

What Do We Think of the Maxxfan Mini?

For us, the Maxxfan Mini does the job. It doesn’t have as many features or capabilities as other Maxxair products. However, it does what we need it to and is rather inexpensive.

Its low profile design helps ensure we don’t waste any space on our roof for solar panels like other options we considered.

Costing just over $100, the Maxxfan Mini is worth every penny. You get a tremendous bang for your buck, and it delivers incredible results. If we had to do it again, we’d gladly make the purchase.

Is the Maxxfan Mini Worth It?

The Maxxfan Mini is a powerful and capable exhaust fan. However, whether or not it is worth it for you depends on your needs and preferences. 

It does have its limitations, as it doesn’t offer an intake feature and only offers a single speed setting. But the results for the money made this purchase worth it for us. If you’re considering ventilation options, don’t overlook the Maxxfan Mini.

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