Is Mattress Insider Legit?

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You don’t want to start your morning by waking up in pain or feeling groggy. Having a comfortable mattress is essential to a good night’s sleep. When you go camping, you shouldn’t sacrifice quality sleep. So who is Mattress Insider, and how can it help?

No matter if you need a 42-by-70-inch mattress or a 76-by-80-inch mattress, this company has the options. They’ll even handcraft a custom mattress to fit your needs. 

So let’s learn more about Mattress Insider so you can get a good night’s sleep to tackle a hike or paddle a river the next day. Let’s dive in!

About Mattress Insider

Mattress Insider began in 2008, custom-making mattresses in all shapes and sizes for over 80,000 customers.

It makes residential mattresses as well as ones for boats, RVs, and trucks. You can also buy mattress toppers, sheets, and protectors.

What Types of Products Does Mattress Insider Manufacture?

For the RVer, Mattress Insider manufactures three handcrafted mattresses in any shape or size. You also have six options for trucks with sleeper cabs. 

The company can take specific measurements for any size space and create a custom mattress to fit. Want an Alaskan King that measures 9 by 9 feet or a heart-shaped one? Mattress Insider can make it.

How Are RV Mattresses Different from Residential Mattresses?

RV mattresses have different sizes than residential mattresses. They tend to be narrower and thinner to fit in a small space.

An RV might have a short queen or an RV bunk mattress that doesn’t match residential dimensions.

They’re also lighter. Weight is very important in an RV. The platform underneath many rigs can only handle a certain amount of weight.

If you replace the manufacturer’s mattress with a 150-pound residential mattress, you may damage the platform. 

In addition, if you have storage under the bed, you’ll have more difficulty lifting up the platform with a heavy residential mattress on top.

The RV Mattress Options at Mattress Insider

Mattress Insider has a few options if you want to upgrade your RV mattress from the sub-par manufacturer’s one.

Regardless of which one you buy, you’ll receive free shipping, a 121-night comfort guarantee, and a 15-year warranty.

The Elation, Luxury, and Scarsdale Luxury can all be custom fit to any size.


Elation is the most budget-friendly one. This 6-inch gel foam RV mattress is an affordable yet premium option that gives you a comfortable night’s sleep.

The cooling gel keeps you from getting hot, and the design eliminates pressure points, so you don’t sweat or toss and turn during the night. The cost starts at $309.


Available in either an 8-inch or 11.5-inch thickness, the Luxury mattress from Mattress Insider is the most popular option.

It can help you maintain a natural spinal alignment so that you wake up refreshed without aches and pains.

The cooling gel keeps you from getting too hot and provides a comfortable night’s sleep. The cost starts at $479.

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A mattress from Mattress insider inside an RV

Scarsdale Luxury

The Scarsdale Luxury is only available in a 9-inch thickness, but like the two other options, you can customize the size.

This hybrid mattress combines gel memory foam and individually pocketed coils to provide both contouring and support.

It also comes with a cooling gel for a comfortable night’s sleep. The cost starts at $609.

How Much Is an RV Mattress from Mattress Insider?

As already mentioned, the prices vary between the three options. The cheapest one, the Elation, is $309 for a 24-by-75-inch mattress. If you want a queen 60-by-80-inch, the price starts at $459. These come with a 6-inch thickness.

For a 24-by-75-inch Luxury mattress with an 8-inch thickness, you’ll pay $479. A queen 60-by-80-inch mattress with an 8-inch thickness costs $859. 

But if you prefer the 11.5-inch thickness for a queen mattress, you’ll pay $1,059. The 11.5-inch costs the most of all of the Mattress Insider offerings.

A 24-by-75-inch Scarsdale Luxury mattress costs $609, while a queen 60-by-80-inch mattress costs $869. These come with a 9-inch thickness. 

So depending on the thickness, size, and type (Elation, Luxury, or Scarsdale Luxury), you could pay as little as a few hundred dollars or over $1,000 for a new RV mattress.

A mattress from Mattress insider inside an RV

Does Mattress Insider Make Residential Mattresses?

Mattress Insider does make residential mattresses. The company can custom-make a mattress up to 120 inches, so you can create a sleeping space of almost any size. 

The 8-inch Park Meadow option provides heavy-duty support for people with back pain. It starts at $459. The Latex option is an 8.5-inch coil-free natural latex mattress that starts at $447.

The Luxury is the most popular mattress. It comes in an 8 or 11.5-inch thickness and starts at $479. It’s made for any type of sleeper, whether you lay on your back, side, or stomach, and provides the “just right” feel that isn’t too firm or soft.

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Is Mattress Insider a Good Company?

Of the 343 ratings on the website, 87% of them have left five-star reviews. Less than 5% of owners have rated the experience and company as less than four stars. 

Kathy, a happy customer, says, “Most comfortable mattress I’ve ever owned – and I’ve owned many! I prefer a soft mattress and hubby likes firm, but both adore this one because it has a soft, ‘molding to your body’ feel but still gives plenty of support.”

It’s also not just the mattress quality that customers rave about. They also appreciate the service received. 

Susan, a repeat customer, says, “This is the second custom mattress we’ve ordered from Mattress Insider. We couldn’t be more pleased with the fast service! Thanks for a great product and great service! We have told our friends about this wonderful company!”

Finally, Janet explains, “Love this RV queen mattress. It is soft to medium in support, great for a good night’s sleep after hiking all day! We had tried 2 other tops of gel mattresses, toppers, and nothing worked. The customer service was great and accommodating. Delivered to us in less than 2 weeks.” 

So if you’re considering a mattress from Mattress Insider, you’ll receive the quality and customer service you’d expect from a top RV mattress company.

Sleep in Comfort: Replace Your Standard RV Mattress With a Mattress from Mattress Insider

Standard RV mattresses are notorious for being uncomfortable. And people who suffer from back pain and other sleep conditions especially need the support of a quality mattress. 

Before sleeping one night in an awful RV bed, change out the mattress. First, take the measurements, then check out Mattress Insider to order your new one.

Have you considered buying an RV mattress from Mattress Insider?

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  1. Hi, can’t say enough about our Mattress Insider queen size foam mattress! From the initial call to go over the options (the person helped a lot and made a recommendation on the basic material that was way less expensive than what could have been recommended “because this fits your needs best”!) to the careful discussion of dimensions (we wanted a tri-fold), we couldn’t have been more pleased!

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