Who Owns Marathon Coach?

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A marathon coach parked outside by the mountains

Some say that no one does luxury bus conversions better than Marathon Coach. There’s a reason owners make statements like “the best coach I’ve ever owned.”

Want to know more? Let’s dive in and look at the world’s largest and most experienced luxury bus conversion business.

Who Owns Marathon Coach?

In September 1983, Marathon Coach started its service of converting commercial bus shells into recreational vehicles and corporate coaches. 

Robert A. Schoellhorn bought his Marathon Coach in 1990. He loved it so much that he bought the company! Therefore, the Schoellhorn family has owned Marathon Coach since 1992.

What Types of RVs Does Marathon Coach Make?

Prevost Car in Quebec, Canada, supplies Marathon Coach with new commercial bus chassis. The shells are driven from the Quebec facility to Marathon’s facility in Coburg, Oregon. 

Then Marathon Coach custom builds the motorhome. No two coaches are alike. But they’re all luxurious with the finest fabrics, innovative technology, and beautiful stone and woodwork. Each custom coach takes about 6 to 9 months to build.

Where Is Marathon Coach Located?

The 160,000-square-foot manufacturing, sales, and service facility is built on 17.5 acres in Coburg, Oregon. The production space has an interior design studio, engineering hub, cabinet production, full-service exterior paint shop, and nine-bay service centers. 

However, you can schedule any routine service maintenance, repair, or upgrade at any of the three locations: Coburg, Oregon; Grand Prairie, Texas; or San Antonio, Florida.

Special Features of a Marathon Coach

So what’s so special about a Marathon Coach? The details and the new, creative designs set the company apart from other motorhome brands. Plus, you know when you buy a Marathon Coach, you’ll get a one-of-a-kind motor coach.


If you have grandkids who like to camp with you or you travel with your family, Marathon Coach is one of the few motorhome companies that can create custom bunk beds.

Each bed can have its own audio/visual system if desired. But when the kids aren’t traveling with you, a push of a button moves the upper bunk down to the bottom bunk, which opens up the space for additional storage or a wardrobe. It’s the best of both worlds!

Close up of bunk beds inside a marathon coach

Dimmable Lighting

If you like the interior of your unit to have a particular mood, you can dim virtually all of the lights. You can press each button to turn off the lights, or you can press and hold to dim the lights to your liking. 

Whether you want the galley lights dimmed after dinner or the ceiling lights dimmed for a movie, you have full control over your interior lighting.

Theater Button

The Marathon control system makes having a movie night simple and easy. With one touch of the hand-held control, the system closes the blinds, dims the lights, activates the Blu-ray player, and turns on the surround sound. You don’t even have to leave the comfort of your seat unless you want to pop some popcorn.

An entertainment system inside a marathon coach

Entertainment Bay

Marathon Coach can give you the outdoor entertainment center you want. You have access to satellite dishes, a Blu-ray player, Apple TV, an antenna TV, XM radio, and AM/FM radio that you can watch or listen to via the outdoor entertainment bay.

You’ll be the talk of the campground and gather a crowd for the big game or Friday night movie.

Handcrafted Furniture

There’s a team at Marathon Coach that custom-builds every piece of furniture, from the sofa to the valances to the cabinets, with the best materials available. 

You’ll feel like this attention to detail truly transforms your motor coach into a luxury home on wheels. And remember, the interior of your coach won’t look like your neighbor’s, as every unit is handcrafted differently.

View of the living room area inside a marathon coach

TechLink is Marathon Coach’s smart house control system. This system monitors and controls all of your essential information and displays it wherever you want it.

You can send it to your iPhone, iPad, or interior display making it easy to keep an eye on the main functions of your overall motor coach.

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A bathroom inside a marathon coach with a smart house system

Freedom Plus

The patented Freedom Plus is an automated sewer hose system. You can easily open a drop door that dispenses the sewer hose and the shore cord using push-button controls. 

After you finish camping and head home, the simple push of a button retracts the power cord and the sewer hose. This system minimizes handling the sewer hose, which is a win for every RVer!

How Much Is a Marathon Coach?

New coaches range from $1.8 to $2.5 million. These coaches result from meticulous attention to detail over the course of 6 to 9 months to make your Marathon Coach exactly what you want it to be.

Top-quality pre-owned coaches begin at $200,000. A 6-month warranty is available on some used motorhomes.

What’s So Special About the Prevost Chassis?

Marathon Coach has chosen to build on the Prevost chassis because it’s made from stainless steel and welded together to form one structure. 

Unlike other RV brands that may use steel in their chassis, the walls and ceiling are usually made of other materials like wood or aluminum. Marathon Coach chassis has a unibody frame built to travel more than a million miles.

But it’s not just the structure that makes the Prevost chassis ideal. They also provide better responsiveness when driving because of the unibody frame. The twists and turns that cause damage in other chassis just won’t happen with a Prevost.

What’s the Difference Between the H3-45 and X3-45 Chassis?

When you custom build your Marathon Coach, you can choose from two 45-foot chassis. The H3-45 provides the most storage and features sleek, modern sides. The X3-45 offers 89 inches of headroom and features classic stainless ribbed sides.

What Customers Are Saying About Marathon Coach

Marathon Coach owners feel very satisfied with their motorhomes. 

One customer wrote, “We have been truly blessed with our 1998 Marathon Coach. Ours is still beautiful and looks like new. Just as importantly, it feels like new and still pampers us with incredible luxuries other coach builders are only now thinking to add. We feel completely at home wherever we go.”

Another owner shared, “Marathon Coach is the best coach made! The quality and attention to detail is amazing! I am obsessed with motor coaches, and I have thoroughly researched every brand available. I can say with absolute certainty that no one beats Marathon when it comes to exterior paint, interior design, and million-mile dependability.”

Not only will you be happy with your custom-built bus conversion, but you can also appreciate the customer service when things go wrong. No RV is perfect, so the customer service and repair departments can greatly improve overall customer satisfaction.

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Travel in Stylish Luxury With a Marathon Coach

If you want to travel in luxury and feel like your RV is a home on wheels, a Marathon Coach might make a good fit for your travel lifestyle.

From technological innovation to high-quality fabrics to handcrafted furniture, the features of a Marathon Coach have made this company the world’s largest and most experienced luxury bus conversion business.

Is a Marathon Coach in your future?

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