Low Profile RV Air Conditioners That Actually Work

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It can be challenging to stay cool in an RV, especially during the summer months. However, having the right RV air conditioner can help you stay comfortable inside your rig.

You don’t want to add too much height to your RV or waste your money on a unit that doesn’t get the job done.

We have some suggestions if you’re in the market for a new low profile air conditioner for your RV.

We’ve found a few low profile RV air conditioners that work and won’t leave you sweating. Let’s take a look!

What Is a Low Profile RV Air Conditioner?

A low profile RV air conditioner is like any other air conditioner for an RV but not nearly as tall.

These are commonly on motorhomes, which are much taller structures than other RVs. This helps reduce the chances of having clearance issues with bridges, limbs, and low edifices.

Is a Low Profile RV Air Conditioner Less Efficient Than a Regular RV Air Conditioner?

Despite their more diminutive stature and weight, low profile RV air conditioners are no less efficient than regular RV air conditioners.

They’re more streamlined and aerodynamic than standard units but still get the job done.

However, you’ll pay a premium price for a smaller, lighter unit that is equally as efficient as larger units. Low profile units are substantially more expensive than standard units.

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Benefits of a Low Profile RV Air Conditioner

There are a few benefits to choosing a low profile RV air conditioner over a standard unit. The most significant reason people choose a low profile version is because of the height.

Motorhomes, fifth wheels, and toy haulers are all incredibly tall. Installing standard air conditioners on them can create clearance issues. 

The maximum height of an RV is 13 feet 6 inches, and exceeding this height can not only get you in legal trouble but also put you and your RV in danger.

Running into a low clearance object will ruin your RV, air conditioner, and, most likely, your day. 

Another reason many choose low profile RV air conditioners is their lighter weight. These units are not only more lightweight but more aerodynamic.

You can shed some pounds on your RV and improve fuel efficiency by choosing a low profile RV air conditioner.

There are many reasons you might consider these units for your RV.

Pro Tip: Be prepared if your RV air conditioner stops working with these Simple Maintenance Tips!

Low Profile RV ACs That Really Work 

Here are a few low profile RV air conditioners you should consider for your rig.

They do the job but aren’t nearly as tall as standard units.

Let’s look at what units you should consider buying.

Dometic Penguin II Low Profile Rooftop RV AC 13.5K

Dometic Penguin II Low Profile Rooftop Air Conditioner | 13.5k BTU AC with Ducted and Non Ducted Application | Portable Air Conditioner for RVs, Trailers, and Campers-Black
  • LOW PROFILE: With its low-profile design, this rooftop air conditioner adds a sleek and stylish touch to your RV or...
  • HIGH PERFORMANCE: The Dometic Penguin II Air Conditioner offers high-performance cooling, providing superior comfort in...

BTU: 13,500
Dimension: 40 inches x 9.5 inches x 29 inches
Weight: 99 pounds

Dometic is one of the most recognized names regarding RV appliances. Their 13,500 BTU Penguin II low profile RV air conditioner will keep you and your RV’s interior cool.

The Penguin II comes with a price tag right around $1200 and works well with ducted and non-ducted cooling systems.

You can install the included thermostat or control the unit via the smartphone app on your phone. You won’t have to worry about staying comfortable with this unit!

RecPro RV Air Conditioner Low Profile 9.5K

RecPro RV Air Conditioner Low Profile 9.5K Non-Ducted | Optional Heat Pump | Quiet AC | Cooling Only | RV AC Unit | Camper Air Conditioner (Do Not Include Heat Pump, Black)
  • Ultimate comfort control - With cooling, dehumidifying, sleep, and timing functions, our remote-controlled unit puts you...
  • All-season usage - Don't let extreme temperatures stop you from hitting the road. Our optional heat pump feature allows...

BTU: 9,500
Dimension: 22 5/16 inches x 8 3/8 inches x 39 7/16 inches
Weight: 65 pounds

The RecPro 9,500 BTU low profile RV air conditioner comes with a remote that allows you to avoid getting up when you need to turn on or off the unit.

The unit is powerful enough to cool approximately 400 square feet of space. It hums at 54.7 decibels, so it’s not so loud that you’ll have trouble talking or falling asleep.

RecPro makes a rigid plastic shell in those two colors, whether you want black or white. This unit runs for about $1200 and will make it easy to stay cool in your RV. 

RecPro RV Air Conditioner Low Profile 13.5K

RecPro RV Air Conditioner Low Profile 13.5K Non-Ducted | Quiet AC | 110-120V | Heater and Cooling | Easy Install | For Camper, Travel Trailer, Fifth Wheel, Food Trucks, Motor Home (Black)
  • - Low Amp Draw - The RecPro RV Air Conditioner is designed to use less energy than other models, allowing you to run...
  • - Heating and cooling capacity - Keep your temperature regulated with this AC unit! Whether you're in need of a cool...

BTU: 13,500
Dimension: 33.5 inches x 8 13/16 inches x 44 3/16 inches
Weight: 99 pounds

The 13,500 RecPro low profile RV air conditioner runs at 59.7 decibels and is for non-ducted systems. It will dump a massive amount of cool air into your RV to help keep it cool.

The included remote is an excellent feature to make it easy to stay cool without getting up from your seat. This is a beefed-up 9,500 version and will work even faster to cool you and your RV.

Whether you go with the black or white versions, it’ll look great on your RV’s roof!

RecPro 12V RV Air Conditioner 22K

RecPro 12V RV Air Conditioner | 90A Peak Draw | Camper Van AC Unit | 22,000BTU | Made in USA (Black)
  • Solar ready AC Unit for Camper Vans and RVs
  • Low power draw: 1100 Watts @ 120°F Outside Temperature

BTU: 22,000
Dimension: 33.5 inches x 9 inches x 48 inches
Weight: 90 pounds

The RecPro 22,000 BTU 12V RV low profile air conditioner is an acceptable option for solar users. It has a low amp draw and gains even more efficiency for off-grid users since it uses 12V directly.

The 65 dB may be louder than other units, but you won’t mind the noise when you factor in its ability to cool.

You can expect to cool the interior of your RV 17 to 24 degrees from the outside temperatures. The removable screen filters make it easy for you to keep dust and debris out of your unit so it can run efficiently. 

This will require a new 2 AWG wire to be run to it from the battery if you are converting from a 120V AC that comes standard with most RVs.

How Do You Maintain a Low Profile RV Air Conditioner?

If you want your low profile RV air conditioner (or standard RV air conditioner) to last, you must maintain it regularly. Keeping the entire unit clean and free of debris is essential.

You’ll need to remove the cover, spray the coils with coil cleaner, and use a soft-bristle brush to clean the coils thoroughly.

Getting the gunk and debris out of your air conditioner will help it last longer and be more efficient. You should do this maintenance twice yearly, especially at the start of summer.

This will help your AC unit give you the best results during the hottest times of the year. The more you use your unit, the more often you’ll want to clean it.

Pro Tip: Have you been protecting your RV air conditioner with a cover? If not, these are the best Best RV AC Covers!

A man checking on his low profile rv air conditioner

Take a Few Inches Off Your Total RV Height With a Low Profile RV Air Conditioner

By choosing a low profile RV air conditioner, you can save a few inches of height on your RV and worry less about low clearances. You don’t have to sacrifice comfort to save those inches, either.

These units will produce cool air as efficiently as other units. You’ll stay chilled and comfortable for the entire camping season.

Say goodbye to sweating in your sleep by choosing a low profile RV air conditioner!

Which RV air conditioners on our list would work best for your rig? 

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