Your Guide to Lovell Canyon Campground

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An RV parked at Lovell Canyon Campground

You can find quite a few options for camping near Las Vegas. From full hookup campgrounds to dispersed camping on public lands, you have options for all kinds of campers.

If you want to get away from the bright lights of The Strip and enjoy a more natural setting, Lovell Canyon Campground could make a great option. 

Let’s take a closer look at this dispersed camping location so you can start planning your next trip!

Where Is Lovell Canyon Campground?

The Lovell Canyon Campground is a dispersed camping area in Nevada’s Spring Mountains National Recreation Area.

It lies off Lovell Canyon Road in Mountain Springs at about 5,085 feet in elevation. The campsites have dirt pads. It’s a popular place for ATV/UTV enthusiasts to gather together.

Lovell Canyon Campground sits southwest of Las Vegas, just off Pahrump Valley Highway. It’s about 45 minutes from The Strip and 30 minutes from the Red Rock Canyon National Recreation Area. It’s less than an hour from the Nevada-California border.

How Do You Get to Lovell Canyon Campground?

If you drive from California into Nevada, you’ll follow California Highway 178 to Pahrump Valley Highway, also known as Nevada Highway 160. 

Or from Las Vegas, take Interstate 15 to the Blue Diamond exit onto State Road 160. Watch for signs to turn right and follow the highway to Lovell Canyon Road. The road will be just after Mountain Springs on the right.

Can You Make Reservations to Camp at Lovell Canyon?

Like many dispersed camping locations in the West, you don’t make reservations at Lovell Canyon Campground. It’s first come, first served. It has a stay limit of 14 days. You can choose tent camping or RVing. But you may want to choose when you come wisely — the area can get a little crowded.

How to Pick a Campsite at Lovell Canyon Campground

Understanding proper dispersed camping etiquette is important when you arrive at Lovell Canyon. You want to choose a site far enough away from others that you won’t disturb them. 

Remember, they arrived before you, so don’t intrude in their space. You’ll find numerous turnouts and plenty of space to spread out.

You also want to find an area that works well for camping. Don’t drive over undisturbed plants and soil. Minimize your impact on the land. Find an open space that looks like tents or RVs have used it before, and then enjoy the beautiful setting responsibly.

More Dispersed Camping Tips and Etiquette

Be responsible when camping on public lands or anywhere else in the country. This means following certain unwritten rules.

You can check out all of our boondocking tips in this blog post, but we have three significant ones when staying at Lovell Canyon Campground.

Keep Your Distance From Other Campers

As mentioned, check the area for an open site when you arrive. Don’t congregate in the same area as another camper.

Most people who choose to boondock do so to escape the campground feel of RVs on top of one another and tiny spaces. Don’t try to squeeze in. If there isn’t enough room to spread out, find another place.

Additionally, don’t park in front of another camper and obstruct their view. They were there first. They chose that space for a reason. Don’t ruin their experience or create an unnecessary confrontation by taking a spot that would block them.

Practice Leave No Trace Principles

Always practice Leave No Trace principles. Your campsite should look exactly like you found it. 

Pick up your trash and properly dispose of it. Clean up after your pets. Don’t trample on vegetation. All of these principles protect the environment. 

If we don’t do our part, these dispersed camping areas won’t be around for others to enjoy.

An RV parked at Lovell Canyon Campground

Be Considerate of Your Neighbors

Finally, just like keeping your distance from other campers, you also want to be respectful and considerate. You can use generators almost anywhere on public lands, but that doesn’t mean you should run them 24 hours a day. Only run your generator for as long as needed to fully charge your batteries.

Even though it doesn’t have quiet hours, don’t play loud music, arrive super late, or have your outdoor lights on during the night. All of these things can annoy your neighbors who want to have a great camping experience just like you. 

Remember, most people want to escape the raucous campground behavior while staying on public lands.

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What Campers Are Saying About Lovell Canyon Campground

On Campendium, Lovell Canyon Campground has 4 out of 5 stars. The cell service is adequate for most carriers, but Starlink should work well since it doesn’t have towering trees to block the view. Many campers mention how the area is good for large rigs and smaller trailers.

It does stay busy with its proximity to the city and other recreational areas, but for the most part, people space themselves out well, and so you’ll have plenty of room. It has rock fire pits for you to enjoy a campfire at night. You’ll also likely encounter off-roaders, so be prepared for some ATV/UTV noise.

One happy camper said, “Just stayed one night and got in after dark. One major plus is that this road is paved, and the sites are right off the road. Makes for easy parking for the night.

However, because the road is so good, there is some road noise. But not bad at all. Lots of hiking around, and relatively close to Vegas without all the crazy of Vegas.”

What Else Can You Do at Spring Mountains National Recreation Area?

Many enjoy mountain biking, hiking, sledding, and skiing at Spring Mountains National Recreation Area.

The areas best for mountain biking lie near the Fletcher View Campground and Hilltop Campground. The Foxtail Snowplay Area has a $25 daily fee and is operated by the Lee Canyon Ski Area.

You can also find hiking trails throughout the recreation area. The Fletcher Canyon Trail, South Loop Trail, Echo Overlook Trail, and Upper Bristlecone Trail are some of the most popular options. 

You’ll find easy, moderate, and hard hikes throughout Spring Mountains National Recreation Area to suit all levels of explorers.

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View of Spring Mountains National Reaction Area near Lovell Canyon Campground

Enjoy the Natural Beauty Rather Than the Bright Lights of Las Vegas

You may want to take a few days to enjoy the shows, casinos, and nightlife of Las Vegas. But after a while, you’ll long for the solitude of nature. The Lovell Canyon Campground is a great option for travelers wanting the best of both worlds.

When you choose to camp on public lands, please follow the Leave No Trace principles and respect your fellow campers so that everyone can have a great experience!

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