How to Spend Your Day at Liard Hot Springs

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View of Liard Hot Springs

We’re fans of anything with the words “hot springs” in it. So when we discovered Liard River Hot Springs Park Provincial Park, we knew we needed to explore it.

If you want a relaxing place to spend a few days when traveling through Canada, plan to stop here. But what is there to do here?

Today, we’re sharing with you some of the great options for how to spend your time in Liard Hot Springs. Let’s take a look and see!

What Is Liard Hot Springs?

Liard River Hot Springs is the second-largest hot spring in all of Canada. Many traveling the Alaska Highway through Canada stop to soak. It sits roughly 110 miles south of the Yukon border in the northern section of British Columbia. 

The hot springs are tucked into a thick boreal spruce forest full of wildlife and diverse ecosystems. This adds to the sensational natural environment and amplifies the experience. 

Temperatures in the main pool typically sit around 108 degrees Fahrenheit. The soothing waters and peaceful surroundings make this an ideal place to spend a few hours on your way to Alaska.

A truck camper parked outside of Liard Hot Springs

Can You Swim in Liard Hot Springs?

If you want to go for a dip, you can swim in the Alpha pool. One end of the pool is shallow, which makes it perfect for children. In addition, it has benches in the pool where you can sit. The floor of Alpha Pool is a pebble-like texture.

However, it has no lifeguards on duty, and you swim at your own risk. So keep an eye on any little ones you bring with you. Additionally, visitors must remain on the boardwalks to protect the environment and for their safety.

A couple swimming in Liard Hot Springs

How Much Does It Cost to Visit Liard Hot Springs?

Liard River Hot Springs might do the trick if you want a budget-friendly adventure. From April 1 through October 31, the park charges a day-use fee. It costs $5 for adults and $3 for children.

However, they help families by capping the cost at $10 per family. They also offer annual passes for $10 for adults and $20 for families.

The revenue collected from these fees helps cover the cost of maintenance. Due to the park’s popularity, it does experience a significant amount of wear and tear. 

In addition, it spends a large portion of the year subjected to extreme weather conditions. Having funds readily available to make repairs helps ensure everyone has a great experience.

How to Spend Your Day at Liard Hot Springs

Ready to start planning your day at Liard River Hot Springs Provincial Park? Here are some things we think are worth adding to your itinerary and filling your schedule. 

Explore the Boardwalk

The boardwalk at Liard Hot Springs is almost 2,300 feet long and provides a unique experience. It gives a great view of the area and can be very peaceful. 

You walk through a warm water swamp and a boreal woodland. Wildlife sightings are common in this area as they feed on vegetation.

If you arrive early in the morning, you can enjoy a magical experience. A layer of mist hovers above the pool and swamp. However, the path has no lights. If you plan to arrive or leave after dark, you’ll want to bring a flashlight.

Keep in Mind: Some hot springs you can swim in, but the ones in Yellowstone you absolutely can’t touch! Recently, a tourist learned their lesson when they put their hand in a Yellowstone hot spring.

View of the boardwalk at Liard Hot Springs

Soak in the Hot Springs

No trip to Liard River Hot Springs Provincial Park is complete without soaking in the hot springs. As mentioned earlier, this is one of Canada’s largest hot springs. 

The Alpha pool is the largest and most popular spot to soak. They’ve done an incredible job of creating a serene atmosphere perfect for swimming.

Whether you prefer to swim, float, or walk around, you can relax and unwind. You could end up spending your entire day in this peaceful paradise. Just ensure you take breaks and stay hydrated.

Watch for Wildlife

Humans aren’t the only ones that flock to Liard River Hot Springs. It’s common for visitors to spot moose in the swamp waters feasting on the vegetation. However, black bears, elk, foxes, and many more animals frequent the area.

The area is also popular with many different species of birds. The park has recorded more than 100 bird species. Some of the most common include the common snipe and solitary sandpiper. Just about everywhere you look, you’re bound to see wildlife.

Relax and Enjoy the View

People don’t come to hot springs to stress or wear themselves out. Take time to unplug, relax, and enjoy the view. The atmosphere at Alpha Pool certainly makes it easy to do. 

The lush greenery surrounding the space makes it the perfect place to rest, reflect, and breathe. Doing so can help the stress of a bad travel day or other chaos melt away.

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View of Liard Hot Springs

Stay the Night in the Campground

The campground at Liard River Hot Springs is very popular. Unfortunately, it typically fills up every night during the busy season.

However, the park does have some first-come, first-served sites. If you can’t snag a reservation, it’s worth a shot to see if you can grab a campsite for the night.

It has approximately 50 sites, which range from $16 to $26 per night. You can make reservations two months in advance. If you plan to stay here, ensure you stay organized and set a reminder to make your reservation.

A truck camper parked in Liard River Hot Springs Provincial Park

Enjoy a Day of Bliss at Liard Hot Springs

We loved every second of soaking in the springs at Liard River Hot Springs Provincial Park. We hope that someday we’ll return and be able to soak in it again. 

No matter how long you stay, ensure you take time to rest and recharge. Life’s far too short, and we hope you’ll take advantage of the vibe and let it melt your stresses away.

Have you ever been to a Canadian hot spring?

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