Leaving our Mark in Seattle, WA

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Getaway Couple Jason Miller adding gum to famous seattle gum wall

Seattle, WA

We made it to Seattle from Portland where we spend last week! This week was spent with family and being major tourists. Jason’s little sister, Libby lives in Seattle so she took us to some of her favorite places as well. We stayed at Tall Chief RV Camping Resort in Fall City through Thousand Trails near Snoqualmie Falls. 

We really liked this resort because the pool facilities were amazing! They had a heated pool, spa, and sauna! This awesome facility made up for the fact that the resort didn’t have sewer hookups in any of their sites. We were kind of thankful for that though because it forced us to learn how to use a dumping station (not as bad as we thought it would be, by the way).

Fremont District

Fremont Troll

Of course, we had to snap a picture with the Fremont Troll!

Ballroom Pizza and Beer

Libby took us to one of her favorite pizza joints, The Ballroom for lunch. Despite its name, it really isn’t a fancy place. They had delicious local beer on tap and pizza slices bigger than your head! They have an outdoor patio which is awesome in the summertime and inside they have pool tables and a dance floor. Apparently, this is the place to be for some fun nightlife.

Fremont Brewing

After walking around Fremont District and watching the drawbridge open to allow a tall sailboat to enter the docks we stopped at Fremont Brewing for some local beer.

Pike Place

The next day we spent the afternoon exploring Pike Place Market and the surrounding area. We had a late lunch at Japonessa Sushi in Downtown Seattle. While we enjoyed everything we ate, we were lucky enough to be there during happy hour. We would only recommend coming here during happy hour otherwise the prices just aren’t worth it.

After lunch, we bought a pack of Double Bubble and headed to the famous Bubblegum Alley! It’s really gross to be surrounded by chewed gum but there is also some weird appeal to coming here. Of course, we added our own gum to the collection 🙂

We then moseyed on over to the Waterfront District to watch the sunset. They have a cute boardwalk with a Ferris wheel at the end. This area is a great place to people watch and relax. We ventured into a store called Ye Olde Curiosity Shop, which had some very macabre souvenirs. I’m talking shrunken heads, animal skulls, and two-headed taxidermied animals! If you’re into this kind of thing it’s at least worth a stroll through the store to look at all the oddities.

Overall, we had a great week in Seattle. Next week Rae will be alone though because Jason has to fly to Atlanta for work!

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