Dreamy Lavender Farms to Add to Your Bucket List

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View of a lavender farm

Have you ever heard of a lavender farm? When you think of visiting a farm, you probably imagine cows, chickens, and goats behind barbed wire fences. It’s a fun outing with kids or grandkids to visit a local farm and browse the country store with honey, eggs, and other homemade products.

But these lavender farms have beautiful gardens that make great spots for a picnic lunch or an afternoon of serenity. Let’s look at seven dreamy lavender farms worth visiting so you can plan to stroll the fields during the peak blooming season. Let’s dive in!

What Is a Lavender Farm?

A lavender farm is where lavender plants grow in rows and rows, similar to a vineyard. Watching thousands of lavender plants bloom at once is a heavenly experience. The sights are beautiful, and the smells are captivating.

Sometimes lavender farms will also have small animals like goats and chickens. Visiting one of these farms is a great family-friendly experience.

What Is Lavender Used For?

Lavender is an evergreen plant that produces a flower and oil. You will often find lavender used in medicines, essential oils, and lotions. This calming scent helps relieve anxiety and increases sleep quality. 

Many people use lavender oil in aromatherapy and topical blends. It can help relieve headaches, heal burns, and provide skin relief due to eczema, dermatitis, or psoriasis.

View of a lavender farm

When Is Peak Blooming Season?

In the United States, lavender plants bloom in the summer. In the Mediterranean, where lavender originated, blooms begin appearing in May. 

Even though the summer is the peak blooming season, many lavender farms remain open year-round. You can visit these farms and purchase products made from the lavender plants, like lotions, soaps, and essential oils.

7 Dreamy Lavender Farms You Should Visit  

If you want a unique family outing or a romantic lunch date, consider visiting a lavender farm this summer. Some of these farms are also Harvest Host locations, a membership program offered to RVers. You can park your RV overnight and enjoy stunning views of purples and greens.

1. Xanadu Acres

Location: Mullin, Texas

Cost: Xanadu Acres has no admission fee.

Stroll through lavender rows at this Harvest Host location for rigs under 35 feet. But anyone can visit, not just RVers. 

You can also visit Xanadu Acres by appointment only, where you can view the beautiful plants, interact with the farm animals, and purchase various products. 

One Facebook reviewer states, “Marc and Nancy have a little slice of heaven. Their lavender farm allows them to hand make at least a dozen high quality and delightfully fragrant products.”

View of a lavender farm

2. Lavender Essentials of Vermont

Location: Derby Line, Vermont

Cost: This lavender farm has no admission fee.

Lavender Essentials of Vermont is another Harvest Host location for RVs under 44 feet long. This farm has partnered with Tentrr and HipCamp and has one cabin on-site for overnight guests. 

Book a massage or sign up for a weekly class. Pick your own lavender, sunflowers, mint, and Russian sage, or visit Scarlette’s Pond for a quiet afternoon of solitude.

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3. Trinity Gardens Lavender Farm

Location: Quincy, Washington

Cost: Trinity Gardens has free admission.

This farm in Washington provides several overnight spaces for RVs under 44 feet through Harvest Hosts. 

The 5-acre farm remains open to the public seasonally but hosts public events year-round. In addition to the you-pick rows of lavender during the summer, visitors can also shop for food, wine, beer, and hand-crafted lavender products. 

4. Southern Grace Lavender Farm

Location: Southport, Florida

Cost: You can visit Southern Grace Lavender Farm for free.

The last Harvest Host location on the list is Southern Grace Lavender Farm in Florida. This property has 15 RV spaces that can accommodate rigs of all sizes. Just 40 minutes from Panama City Beach, this farm is a great place to visit during the summer and not just for RVers.

 Recognized as the first lavender farm in Florida, Southern Grace has nearly 1,300 lavender plants on over 3 acres. You can also shop for essential oils, body care products, soaps, and candles.

5. Pelindaba Lavender Farm

Location: San Juan Island, Washington

Cost: You can visit for free.

Another Washington state lavender farm is on San Juan Island. Pelindaba has won TripAdvisor’s Travelers’ Choice Award for the last two years. 

Bring a picnic lunch and enjoy strolling through the lavender fields, taking photos of the brilliant purples. During peak season, you can harvest your own bouquet. 

At the Gatehouse Farm Store, pick up handcrafted lavender products like soap, chocolate, bubble bath, and more.

View of a lavender farm

6. Hood River Lavender Farms

Location: Hood River, Oregon

Cost: You can stroll through the Hood River Lavender Farms for free.

This farm produces 100% pure, steam-distilled essential oil. But other best-sellers include the lavender therapy cream, silk lotion, body wash, refreshing spritzer, and homemade soap. 

Consider visiting when Hood River hosts the annual Lavender Daze Festival, which brings thousands of guests to celebrate the peak lavender bloom. It hosts live music, food, art, activities, and vendors.

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7. White Oak Lavender

Location: Harrisonburg, Virginia

Cost: White Oak Lavender farm has no admission fee.

Another lavender farm on the East Coast is White Oak Lavender in Virginia.

This family-owned farm in the Shenandoah Valley region also has a vineyard. Unlike many of the other farms on this list, White Oak is open daily in the winter. 

Come enjoy a glass of wine in the tasting room, grab a scoop of lavender ice cream, relax at the pond, and take the children to the Discovery Area for the interactive gardens. You can also reserve a guided tour through the fields for $10 to $25.

View of a lavender farm

Enjoy the Beauty of a Lavender Farm This Summer

There’s something about the smell of lavender that soothes the spirit. The delightful purple scattered through fields of green will take your breath away. 

This summer, visit a lavender garden to learn more about the growing and harvesting process. Pick up a few lavender products that will aid in healing the mind, body, and spirit. And snap a few Instagram-worthy photos of your family strolling through the gardens.

Have you ever visited a lavender farm before?

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