Your Lance Travel Trailers Buying Guide

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One of the Lance travel trailers outside

Lance truck campers have been around since 1965. These high-quality units have been on the road for decades. However, the new Lance travel trailers open up more options for campers. And when owners choose to buy a newer model, they often stick with Lance to receive the same construction and customer service.

Recently, Lance entered the travel trailer market. They have the same top quality as their truck campers. You can rest assured that when you purchase one of these, you’ll have a trailer that lasts for decades. Let’s learn more!

About Lance 

Lance is a well-known brand in the RV industry, one that many recognize as a top-quality company with superior construction.

Almost every year for the last decade, Lance has won the prestigious Dealer Satisfaction Index Award for quality. 

The company also serves its customers well.

Referrals and repeat customers are common because of the excellent service.

When you buy a travel trailer, you receive a two-year structural limited warranty and a 15-year roof warranty.

Where Are Lance Travel Trailers Made?

Based in California, Lance focuses on creating eco-friendly products.

The state has some of the strictest regulations regarding manufacturing and safety.

Lance commits to building campers with no mercury to provide toxin-free RVs.

Additionally, the company uses Azdel in place of Luan wood, thus reducing the risk of mold and mildew.

It’s also carcinogen and formaldehyde-free.

Recently, Lance expanded to a facility in Decatur, Ind.

This campus serves the Midwest and East Coast.

One of the Lance travel trailers outside

About Lance Travel Trailers

These ultra-lightweight campers range from 14 feet 10 inches to 24 feet 11 inches long and sleep two to eight people comfortably.

They have robust construction, great features, and four-season packages.

Let’s take a look at what these trailers offer.

Floor Plans

The Lance travel trailer lineup has 11 floorplans, and all models include a full bath and kitchen.

The smallest unit, the 1475, replaces the typical dinette with two cozy lounge chairs and a swivel table.

This model and the 2075 have no slide-outs but still come equipped with a full bath, separate sleeping space, and kitchen.

They have all of the necessities for a comfortable weekend camping trip.

The two largest units, the 2445 and the 2465, measure 24 feet 11 inches long.

The 2445 can sleep eight people with the addition of rear bunks beds.

Only two Lance travel trailers have this option. 

The second, the 2185, features smaller bunk sizes at 29 by 75 inches, whereas the 2445 bunk sizes are 50 by 70 and 50 by 66 inches.

The 2465 is the only model with two slide-outs.

It has one in the rear bedroom and one in the living area to create a large interior space. 


Lance travel trailers range from a dry weight of 2,600 to 6,830 pounds.

These ultra-lightweight campers mean more owners can tow them with vehicles they already have.

They don’t have to spend even more money on a heavy-duty truck.

The travel trailers range from 14 feet 10 inches to 24 feet 11 inches and sleep anywhere from two to eight people.

The tank sizes change based on the length of the unit.

For example, the 1475 has 26-gallon tanks while the 2465 has 40 to 45-gallon tanks.

Each model has a 5 or 6 cubic-foot refrigerator.

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All Lance travel trailers have heavy-duty leaf spring suspension with a “Road Armor” equalizer system except the 1475 and 1575 models.

The engineered “I beam” tempered and powder-coated steel chassis provides a strong foundation. 

The aluminum-framed structure keeps the travel trailers lightweight without sacrificing quality.

Finally, the interior walls and cabinetry are constructed of Euro-Ply, a lighter, stronger, and formaldehyde-free product.

The kitchen area of Lance travel trailers

Are All Lance Travel Trailers Four Season?

The Lance Four Seasons Comfort Technology package comes standard in all Lance travel trailers.

It includes dual pane windows, a water heater bypass, winterizing valve, insulated hatch covers, and heated tanks.

This means you can camp anywhere during any season and enjoy comfortable conditions — at least inside your Lance travel trailer.

What Is the Cost of a Lance Travel Trailer? 

The cost of a Lance travel trailer varies just like any other brand.

Each camper will vary depending on the floorplan, size, and options.

The smaller units like the 1475 and the 1575 will have an MSRP around $59,000.

As the size increases, so does the MSRP.

For example, the 1995 is 19 feet 2 inches with a dry weight of 4,950 pounds.

It features one slide-out and has an MSRP of around $72,000.

The larger 2285 unit that measures 22 feet 6 inches and weighs 5,775 pounds also has one slide-out.

The MSRP on this unit is around $82,000.

The most expensive model is the 2465, with an MSRP of about $90,000.

The bedroom area of Lance travel trailers

What Is the Lance Owners Club?

The Lance Owners of America (LOA) club offers customers a way to connect.

This community loves traveling and camping in Lance campers. It also hosts events yearly where owners get together and share their travel stories.

The club also allows owners to ask questions and get help from other owners.

This group also gives Lance feedback on amenities and floorplans, feedback that the company actually listens to.

The change to the 1475 model came as a result of customer feedback.

Many said they like to eat outside or would rather enjoy lounging in a comfortable chair instead of having a dinette.

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Are Lance Travel Trailers Good? 

Lance is one of the best companies in the RV industry. Their track record proves it.

For decades, Lance has manufactured top-quality truck campers that remain on the road today. 

There’s no reason why their new travel trailer lineup shouldn’t experience the same longevity.

Lance is committed to their customers. The company listens, makes changes, and focuses on quality over quantity.

This means a better-made, longer-lasting camper for consumers to enjoy.

The dining area of Lance travel trailers

Consider a Lance Travel Trailer When RV Shopping

If you want a smaller travel trailer, consider choosing a Lance.

They aren’t perfect, but when something goes wrong, it’s easy to reach their customer service department and get the help and service you need.

But with the superior construction, hopefully, those phone calls or emails will be few and far between.

With 11 floorplans, you can find a Lance travel trailer for your need. Find something that works for you and helps you get on the road confidently. Which model do you think best fits your needs?

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  1. Nice article however you failed to mention that it is next to impossible to get a Lance trailer now. We had one on order for almost a year and finally gave up and went with a different manufacturer

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