Everything’s On the Menu At the International Market in Las Vegas

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Have you visited Las Vegas before? If you’ve never made it to the International Marketplace, you might want to plan another trip. And if you have never been to Sin City, make sure to schedule a few hours to explore this grocery store.

With Mediterranean, Middle Eastern, Asian, European, and Hawaiian foods, there’s a fantastic supply of cuisines to satisfy your international taste buds. Let’s look at why you should visit the International Market in Las Vegas on your next trip!

What Is the International Market Las Vegas?

The International Marketplace in Las Vegas is like a Costco or Sam’s Club on steroids. The varieties and choices from around the world are endless.

It’s not a huge warehouse, but the number of options is unique. You certainly won’t need to go anywhere else to get your grocery shopping done. It’s also fun to peruse the aisles in search of something new to try.

Pick up some Japanese candies or Italian pasta. Try an assortment of cheeses from all over the world. Stop by the hot bar and grab fresh ahi poke.

The website says, “Explore the diverse world of food through our amazing selection of delicious products from over 50 countries!” Plan a fun family dinner trying a new cuisine from another part of the world, or browse the aisle for inspiration for your next romantic dinner.

If you’re missing some of your favorite drinks or dishes from other countries, the International Market in Las Vegas probably has them in stock. Maybe you’re craving a sip of Hawaiian Sun Luau Punch or miss your grandmother’s German sausage dinners. Visit the International Marketplace to soothe your cravings.

Getting to the International Market Las Vegas

Open Monday-Saturday, you can visit the International Market in Las Vegas from 9 am to 6 pm. It’s at 5000 South Decatur Blvd in Las Vegas.

Although there’s a Euro Market & Deli, a Japan Mini Mart, and a New India Market blocks from the International Marketplace, you can get it all at this one location.

Decatur Blvd runs north-south, paralleling Interstate 15. Tropicana Ave runs east-west connecting the Spring Valley and Paradise communities.

The Las Vegas Strip is only about a 10-minute drive from the International Marketplace. The MGM Grand is a straight shot down Tropicana Ave, about two and a half miles from the store.

Do You Need a Membership to Shop At the International Market?

Although membership is not required to shop at the International Market in Las Vegas, it might be something to consider purchasing if you plan on visiting often. You can’t take advantage of the members-only deals and savings, and you’re charged an extra 5% at checkout.

But if you’re visiting the city and want to stock up on foods from around the world before you head home, feel free to shop without a membership.

A woman with a scarf peruses the produce section at a food market.

Is An International Market Las Vegas Membership Worth It?

At only $15/year, a membership to the International Market Las Vegas is worth it if you plan on shopping there throughout the year. Members receive promotions, offers, and special savings.

It’s easy to pay for your membership with only a couple of visits. If you enjoy trying new dishes, the International Marketplace is an excellent place to get inspiration and test your culinary skills.

There’s even a section where you can buy cooking utensils. You might need something special to serve up that Hawaiian dish you’ve wanted to make. If you only want to have a tea kettle from another country, the International Market Las Vegas has it all.

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Everything’s On the Menu At the International Market in Las Vegas

It’s impossible to walk into the International Marketplace and not leave with a handful of goodies. From Asian poke bowls to Portuguese sausage and European butter, there’s much to discover.

Fresh caught fish, headless on a beautiful wooden cutting board.


You can find a whole frozen octopus or frozen squid in the seafood section. There’s a seafood bar with entire fish like red snapper or catfish. You can have these cut up on-site.

It’s very similar to a fish market you might find in Asia. Other unique meats include pork ears and pork snout, rabbit, beef intestines, and cow lips.


The produce section is full of fruits and vegetables. Many of the typical items you’d find in a traditional grocery store, like onions, peppers, and bananas, are there. Still, you’ll also find unique things like frozen banana leaves or grated cassava.

The produce section is also near the deli section, where you can pick up sushi rolls, pastrami paninis, Mediterranean vegetable sandwiches, or curry chicken salad.

Baskets filled with fruits from around the world at an international food market.

International Foods

Buy a seedless Monthong durian or mudfish sauce from Thailand. Try the sweet sake bonito spice or Mochi ice cream from Japan. Grab some Lübecker Marzipan chocolate from Germany, tapioca crackers from Indonesia, or Silesian dumplings from Poland.

There are also shelves of international spices and sauces to make your meal as authentic as possible.

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Cooking Utensils

There are all kinds of kitchen gadgets if you need to pick up something special for new world cuisine. There are also everyday items like tea kettles, strainers, bowls, and mugs.

You’ll find cast iron skillets, burners, and specialty knives. Any pot or pan you might need will be at the International Market Las Vegas. There is also an assortment of bamboo plants and tiny gardens, and decor and soaps from around the world.

What Will You Look for At the International Market Las Vegas?

If you want to get all your holiday shopping done in one place, visit the International Market Las Vegas. You can quickly put together baskets of goodies from all over the world for family and friends to enjoy.

Throw in a special spatula or whisk, and your loved ones will have something fun and delicious to cook. The prices are reasonable, and it’s convenient to find everything in one location.

What will you be looking for when you visit the International Marketplace?

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