Who Owns Host Campers?

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A Tahoe Longbed Host Campers parked outside

Are you looking for a truck camper with all the comforts of home? That comfort is what Host Campers provides. They produce luxury campers that ooze quality. 

In this article, we’ll reveal who’s behind Host Campers and how they make their products. We’ll also take a deep dive into the manufacturer’s lineup. 

Let’s take a look!

About Host Campers

Host Campers found a niche in the high-end truck camper industry. Hogue and Storch, the founders of Beaver Coaches, developed the company.

The Host Campers factory is in Bend, Oregon, featuring a showroom. You can visit and get an in-depth look at their campers and production. 

Host Campers has a favorable reputation in the RV industry due to their quality builds and attention to the customer’s experience. They even allow for customization on their campers, giving you the best options to fit your needs.

Who Owns Host Campers?

Dave Hogue and Mark Storch own Host Campers. They are well-known in the RV industry as founders of Beaver Coaches, which their fathers previously owned. Hogue and Storch started Host Campers in 2000. 

How Are Host Campers Made?

Host Campers have an Ultralite 100% aluminum structure. The exterior is fiberglass, and they have a one-piece TPO roof. The walls, floor, and ceiling of all Host Campers have vacuum-bonded foam insulation giving them a high R-value. In addition, the campers have large, radius-cornered windows. 

The Host Campers Lineup 

Are you ready to see the Host Campers lineup? Here are the truck campers on the market and the features they offer.

Tahoe Shortbed

Dry Weight: 3,340 pounds

Overall Length: 17-feet-1-inch

Floorplan Options: The Tahoe Shortbed has a full bathroom with a shower, toilet, and sink. It also has a small kitchen with overhead storage. 

The seating area has two configurations; an l-shaped dinette or a couch. Each has a removable table and overhead storage. You can also opt for a fireplace and TV. 

There are four bedrooms to choose from in this model. You can have a queen-size mattress with a wardrobe on each side. Another option is a king-size bed and the choice of a wardrobe with no window, a wardrobe and a window, or two nightstands. 

The Host Campers Tahoe Shortbed has two slide-outs with topper awnings and a rear entry door.

It features eclectic jacks and heavy-duty camper tie-down brackets. In addition, it has freeze-resistant water lines and enclosed, heated holding tanks.  

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The kitchen inside a Tahoe Shortbed Host Campers

Tahoe Longbed

Dry Weight: 3,465 pounds

Overall Length: 17-feet-7-inches

Floorplan Options: The Tahoe Longbed has the same floorplan options as the Tahoe Shortbed. The difference is about six more inches of space in the living area and bathroom on the longbed version.

The Tahoe Longbed has all of the luxury features of the shortbed version of this model. It also has a skylight roof vent with screens and a 24-inch by 38-inch shower.

This Host Camper also has a 24-inch exterior grab rail, a 12-volt LED patio light with an interior switch, and an enclosed service center.

Cascade 10’5”

Dry Weight: 3,498 pounds

Overall Length: 18-feet-5-inches

Floorplan Options: The Host Campers Cascade comes in two floorplans. Each has a full bathroom with a sink, shower, and toilet. There are two opposing slide-outs with a rear entry door. 

For the dinette, you can choose between an l-shaped, u-shaped, or couch. Each converts into a sleeper and has a removable table. There is another set of seating in the living area, and you can opt between theater seating, a couch, or a recliner. The theater seating limits the space you have to step into the bed.

The bedroom area also comes with options. There is a configuration with a queen-size bed and two wardrobes, or a king-size bed and one wardrobe.

The Cascade is a decent size for two or three people traveling together. The truck camper features cabinets with Shaker doors, grani-coat solid surface countertops, and a sizeable three-burner range.

The refrigerator has double doors, and there’s a MaxxFan Deluxe in the living area to keep air flowing. In addition, it comes with duo day and night shades.

A Cascade 10'5" Host Campers parked outside

Yukon 11’5”

Dry Weight: 3,955 pounds

Overall Length: 19-feet-3-inches

Floorplan Options: The Yukon is massive with three slide-outs, one on each side and one on the rear. The entry door is on the passenger side of the camper. 

It has a full bathroom and an option for a washer and dryer. That’s right, laundry in a truck camper! If you don’t want laundry, you can opt for a complete wardrobe or a small couch with a removable table.

For the primary seating area, you can choose between theater seating, a six-foot couch, or a u-shaped dinette. In the bedroom, a queen-size or king-size bed configuration is an option.  

The Yukon has all the quality features you’ll find in Host Campers. Some of our favorites are the sizeable j-rail rain gutters, exterior shower, and the Onan generator.

We also think you’ll like the interior options like an accordion bedroom separator, a bathroom power vent, and the synthetic leather upholstery.

The living room area inside an Yukon 11'5" Host Campers

Mammoth 11’6”

Dry Weight: 3,955 pounds

Overall Length: 19-feet-3-inches

Floorplan Options: The Mammoth’s floorplans are similar to the Yukon’s. However, the Mammoth has the laundry center option on a smaller rear slide-out. It allows for a slightly larger bathroom with a rolling door curving outward. 

The other difference is the Mammoth doesn’t have an option for theater seating. For seating, you can choose between a u-shaped dinette or a couch with a removable table. 

The Mammoth is another quality truck camper and tiny home on wheels. The option for things like laundry sets Host Campers apart. You can customize the Mammoth to have exterior speakers, a satellite dish with GPS, a Gateway router for internet, 12-volt charging stations, and more.

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Everest 11’6”

Dry Weight: 3,890 pounds

Overall Length: 19-feet-3-inches

Floorplan Options: The Host Campers Everest has three slide-outs and maximizes seating space. It has a u-shaped dinette and the option for a full-length couch with overhead storage or a short couch with a wardrobe and overhead storage.

It also has a full bathroom with a sink, toilet, and shower. There’s a small kitchen with overhead storage. For the bedroom, you can choose between a queen or king-size mattress.

The Everest is among the most extended truck campers on our list. It makes lengthy camping trips convenient. The truck camper has a keyless entry and a built-in interior entry step. It also has electric jacks with a wireless remote.

The living room area inside an Everest 11'6" Host Campers

How Much Do Host Campers Cost?

With quality construction and four-season comfort comes a higher price tag than the average truck camper. Host Campers cost between $70,000 to $90,000. However, in our opinion, they’re worth every penny. 

You can find used models for less. Please remember that they may be hard to find because owners often hold onto a good thing.

Host Campers Are a Great Option for Truck Campers 

Host Campers are an excellent option for truck campers. They are spacious and a luxury choice for the great outdoors. With multiple features that will keep you comfortable, warm, and safe on the road, these truck campers are a favorite. 

We hope you can see a Host Camper in person to see what all the fuss is about. If you purchase one, let us know so we can hear about your experience!

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