Our Review of Hollywood Farms RV Park

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View of Glacier bay National Park.

Glacier Bay National Park and Preserve is only accessible by boat or airplane, and we wanted to get as close as possible to check off this Alaska national park on our list. So, we boarded a ferry and took the Alaska Marine Highway to Gustavus, where we stayed for several days at Hollywood Farms RV Park.

Since this is the only campground near the national park, we thought we’d review our experience so you can decide whether or not the convenience is worth the stay. Let’s dive in!

Where Is Hollywood Farms RV Park?

Hollywood Farms RV Park is located in the remote town of Gustavus, Alaska. In 2021, Chuck and Trisha, and their two kids began working the campground as a family. Hollywood Farms RV Park officially opened in 2022.

Since there are so few options (aka none) for camping in Gustavus, Alaska, Chuck and Trisha knew it was the perfect RV destination, with easy access to Glacier Bay National Park just three miles down the road.

View of Hollywood Farms RV Park.

About Gustavus, Alaska

Gustavus, Alaska, is known as the “Gateway to Glacier Bay National Park.” Mountains, ice fields, and the ocean surround the town. Less than 700 people live here, and the town relies heavily on tourism.

Gustavus isn’t connected to Alaska’s highway system. The only way in and out is by plane or boat. It’s a 30-minute flight from Juneau.

To learn more, check out our article “What is Gustavus, Alaska, Known for?

View of Gustavus Alaska.

How to Get to Hollywood Farms RV Park

You have two options to get to this site in Gustavus, Alaska. If you’re taking a road trip from the Lower 48 through Canada, you can drive to Haines or Skagway and connect to the Alaska Marine Highway. 

If you don’t have a passport and must bypass Canada, you can get on a ferry from Bellingham, Washington. This will be a longer ride but more of a cruise experience. You can rent a stateroom for your three-day journey to Gustavus, Alaska.

Regardless of where you board the Alaska Marine Highway, make reservations for the ferry as far in advance as possible. It fills up quickly!

To read more about the Alaska Marine Highway, check out our article “The Alaska Marine Highway: Know Before You Go.”

View from a ferry on the Alaska Marine Highway.

What Amenities Do They Provide?

Hollywood Farms RV Park is brand new, so the facilities are clean and well kept. The owners are still working on the property, so it will be interesting to see what other amenities they add later.

The bathhouse has laundry, two bathrooms, and one shower. There’s a dump station on the property and a small grocery store across the street.

There are only nine sites at Hollywood Farms RV Park, but all of them have 30 amp power and water. There is no fee for registered campers to use the dump station, but outside RVers must pay $25 to empty their tanks.

The campground is small, but there is a communal firepit and bundles of firewood for sale. There’s no dog park, playground, or other amenities (at least not yet).

Pro Tip: If you’re going to camp during wildfire season, make sure you know How to Prepare for Wildfire Season in Your RV!

Inside a bathhouse at Hollywood Farms RV Park.

Can You Tent Camp at Hollywood Farms RV Park?

There are only RV sites at Hollywood Farms RV Park. No tent camping is allowed.

However, overflow tent camping is permitted at your site. You could set up a tent for the kids for a few nights while you slept in the RV, but you can’t walk in and sleep in a tent. 

The Pros of Hollywood Farms RV Park

The biggest advantage of staying at Hollywood Farms RV Park is the convenience. You can’t beat staying a few miles from the entrance to Glacier Bay National Park and being surrounded by breathtaking scenery.

We stayed here for five nights because that’s how often the ferry comes. It’s the only campground in Gustavus, and the national park doesn’t allow dispersed camping, so there aren’t any other options for RVers.

The owners planted shrubbery and installed water at the sites while we were there, and they were very friendly. Everything was very clean, and we felt safe. We also enjoyed having a grocery store across the street.

A truck camper entering Glacier Bay National Park.

The Cons of Hollywood Farms RV Park

We thought the $75 price per night was high, especially for partial hookups on a gravel lot with few amenities. But since this campground is the only option in Gustavus, the owners can pretty much charge what they want.

The bathhouse is still awaiting siding, so it’s a work in progress. There are still piles of rocks, dirt, and construction equipment around the property as well, so it definitely doesn’t present as finished.

Overall, we were happy to have this option close to the national park but were slightly disappointed at the price point with the property still being under construction.

Keep in Mind: The Alaska Highway isn’t a Sunday drive, but the Destruction Bay is easily the worst part! See how to safely drive through it.

An unfinished bathhouse at Hollywood Farms RV Park.

Would We Visit Hollywood Farms RV Park Again?

If you’re searching for convenience and want to check off Glacier Bay National Park and Preserve as we did, then Hollywood Farms RV Park is your only option.

You just have to deal with the high cost. If you’d rather spend half that, stay somewhere else and take the Alaska Marine Highway without the RV to visit Glacier Bay.

Would you stay at Hollywood Farms RV Park?

  1. the “no siding” comment – its a thing in Alaska that many places only put siding on 3 sides or not at all to escape higher taxes…they will wrap and re-wrap that tyvec though! It has something to do with a lower tax rate “under construction” vs. finished…

  2. I think given that the campground is very new, exceptions should be made. This is a work in process as was noted in the article. The campground will only get better with time. As for the price? Yes it does seem high however, have you stayed at a KOA recently? Given the proximity to the park and reserve, we should be happy they do not charge more. Being the only option in town, as was mentioned in the article. Thank you for the article though. This will help those who follow after to visit the park and reserve.

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