What Is a Glampervan?

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The exterior of a glampervan outside

Van conversions are all the rage today, with many DIYers building customized camper vans to their own specifications. But what if you don’t have the experience to build your own RV? Maybe you don’t possess the time it takes to learn specific skills like carpentry or wiring. How can you procure a van with just the necessary accessories and amenities without all of the extras in a manufactured Class B van?

The Glampervan Corporation may have the answer to your query. It has a fixed floorplan offering many options to personalize your own unique camper van.

What Is a Glampervan? 

Built on a Dodge Promaster chassis with a 136-inch wheelbase, a glampervan is a conversion camper van made by the company Glampervan out of the San Francisco Bay area. Customers choose their Dodge van and then select a base camper set up, which includes a queen-size bed platform, running water, electrical system, insulation, and interior wood cabinetry. Then add on any extra components. That can range from added windows, outdoor shower, swivel seats, extra cabinets, and accessories. The finished van holds up to two travelers. Because almost every item has multiple uses, a glampervan is called a multiple-use vehicle (MUV).

About Glampervan 

The Glampervan company was started by Rob Novotny and Brian Jones in Oakland, Calif., in 2016. Their goal in creating glampervans was “to get more vans into the hands of urban dwellers.” They want to provide a more comfortable form of camping travel than a tent but have no desire to compete with the more luxurious features of a home. 

A glampervan is not a customized camper van build. The company offers one basic floorplan/package you can add with various options and accessories. This makes their buildout faster and more dependable, as it has been road-tested repeatedly. Glampervan optimizes every aspect of the design.

The exterior of a glampervan outside
Source: Glampervan

How Does Ordering a Glampervan Work?

A glampervan build has to start with a Dodge Promaster chassis, so you must locate and purchase one. You’ll need to also bring it to Oakland before the buildout begins. Glampervan has listed the necessary amenities any possible van should have.

Once you have secured a van, you will fill out an order form with all the options you wish to add to the base kit. These can change up until they start the build. Then contact Glampervan directly to discuss a build schedule and put a 50% deposit down to secure a build start date.

Bring your van to the Glampervan Install Center in Oakland by the build start date. Current build times average six to 12 weeks, depending upon the complexity of the build. The final 50% is due upon completion.

Can You Customize Your Glampervan? 

The Glampervan crew focuses on building quality camper vans quickly and affordably, so they specialize in a fixed floorplan. It starts with a base kit, and you can add various options to make it more uniquely your own. But the company doesn’t do custom builds. Their fixed design provides a more dependable setup because they have tested every item repeatedly. It also provides options designed to meet more than one need. You will end up with a multi-use vehicle that adapts to numerous tasks and trips.

What Are Some of the Options You Can Get in a Glampervan?

Aside from installing the Core package in your van, you can add any or all options available in the other packages. The options include a solar setup with two 100ah lithium batteries, a 380-watt solar panel, a solar controller, a battery monitor, and an inverter. It can also have additional cabinetry, adding windows, carpet, a space heater, or an entire roof rack with a deck. We’ve broken down each package option below.

The inside of a glampervan
Source: Glampervan

How Much Does a Glampervan Cost? 

A core build, the basic kit, includes insulation and paneling, the bed platform, a toilet, fabric for the bed and trim, lighting, fans, and the electrical system. It also has a refrigerator, kitchen sink and cabinets, a dining table, swivel seats, and sumo springs added to the van’s suspension. It’s priced at $42,000.

A standard build has the core ingredients. It has bedroom cabinets, lights and carpet, solar power setup, extra windows and shades, heater, awning, porch lights, and side running boards. The cost for a standard package is $57,250.

The deluxe build has everything included in the core and standard packages. It comes with a bully bar, upgraded audio system, extra reading lights, a cabin privacy screen, curtains, and screen doors. It also has an outside shower, cell phone extender, roof rack and ladder, off-road lights, rear running board, and all-terrain tires. This package is $82,000.

You can choose from any package to add to a core base build, which will change the cost accordingly. Keep in mind that the prices listed do not include the cost of the van chassis.

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The exterior of a glampervan outside
Source: Glampervan

Where Are Glampervans Built? 

Glampervan constructs all glampervans at their install center in Oakland, Calif. Only the van chassis come from elsewhere. So when you order a glampervan, you will bring your Dodge Promaster van to Oakland for its transformation, picking it up from the same location.

How Long Does it Take to Have a Glampervan Built? 

Once you choose to have a glampervan built, it may take a couple of weeks to get on their build schedule. But once the build begins, glampervans can take six to 12 weeks to complete. That depends upon how many options you add to your van build and how intricate the build becomes. Recently, customers have also had to consider allowing extra time because of supply chain issues.

A glampervan with the backdoors open outside
Source: Glampervan

What Is the Glampervan Install Center?

Located in downtown Oakland, the Glampervan Install Center is a large warehouse holding a service center where it builds glampervans from beginning to end. As a customer, you will bring your Dodge Promaster van to the install center. There, they will insert a core kit and add any upgrades and options that you choose. All wiring, water systems, and cabinetry are installed here, with all exterior options added.

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Consider A Glampervan For Your Next Adventure 

A glampervan loaded with your own accessory choices can make #vanlife a personalized experience for you. Get what you need to create seamless travel whenever the mood strikes you. With the Glampervan crew, you will receive a high-quality build with exactly the components you use to make RVing an enjoyable adventure every day.

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