What Is the FreeRoam App and Is It Free?

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Two campers using the free roam inside their tent

One of the most challenging parts of boondocking is finding free sites that are safe and in good condition. Sometimes you get to a location and leave because your gut says so, or because the noise level from the interstate is so loud.

Other times, the site is so unlevel that it’s impossible to stay. With so many apps that claim to help boondockers, which ones are worth downloading?

Let’s look at the FreeRoam app, a free resource dedicated to improving the camping experience. There are free and paid sites in the app and numerous options to narrow your search. Let’s learn more!

What Is FreeRoam App? 

FreeRoam is an app that helps campers find boondocking locations to camp for free. These public lands are available for anyone to use. You can search for camping locations or along your route to find free sites.

FreeRoam also offers chat rooms for campers to connect and share information to help make others’ experiences enjoyable.

The 501(c)3 non-profit has implemented four phases to grow the company. First is education and community building. FreeRoam wants to build a community of nature lovers who understand the importance of responsible camping.

The second phase incentivizes the community to positively impact the world by cleaning up trash.

During phase three, the FreeRoam creators hope to use the revenue from the app to get dumpsters in more camping locations and build tools for better communication between the BLM and guests.

Finally, they hope to expand beyond camping to include all outdoor activities from hiking to biking and fishing.

The freeroam homepage

What Is Boondock Camping?

Boondock camping, also dry camping or boondocking, is when you camp without the aid of outside sources. You don’t rely on a water spigot or a pedestal for electricity.

There is no sewer on-site to empty your tanks. It’s just you, your tent or RV, and nature.

Many campers love boondocking because they’re away from the hustle and bustle of cities and can appreciate nature. These places are often remote, with no cell service or WiFi connection. There are no busy campgrounds with kids running around or meandering golf carts.

However, there are always negatives. Being in a remote location means being farther from help should anything happen. If you need to work, it can be tricky to get a good signal.

You also have to be self-sufficient. This can be scary for campers who are new to boondocking.

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How Does the FreeRoam App Work?

When looking for free boondocking campsites on the FreeRoam app, you can search a general area, or you can plug in a route.

The orange dots are free sites, while the green dots are paid campgrounds.

You can also search more precisely. Choose the cell signal service you prefer or select areas based on nearby amenities like dump stations or grocery stores.

Other notable features include searching by rig length and road difficulty, which are crucial when towing or driving a longer RV. It’s always best to read reviews by campers to get a sense of the area’s safety and condition of the sites.

The guide page on the freeroam

Is FreeRoam a Good App?

FreeRoam is an excellent app to add to your list. You may already use Campendium or The Dyrt, both also decent apps. However, adding FreeRoam opens you to even more free campsites for boondockers.

You can also trust that over 27,000 users have given the app 4.9/5 stars for a reason. There have been no one-star or two-star reviews.

The advanced search options also make this app very user-friendly. You can head to a boondocking site confidently, knowing FreeRoam has provided reliable information about the shade, safety, noise, elevation, and more.

Plus, the user reviews help determine if your rig will fit or if it’s a location suitable for your camping needs.

The trip page on the freeroam app

Is the FreeRoam App Free?

You can download the app and sign up for a FreeRoam account without a fee. There is no trial period or upgrade for an additional cost. There are also no ads.

FreeRoam encourages users to donate to help with production costs to keep the app free and support FreeRoam’s mission to protect the planet.

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What Is the Best Free Camping App?

Along with Campendium, The Dyrt, and FreeRoam, there are additional camping apps worth adding to your list.

HipCamp, AllStays, iOverlander, and SaniDumps are all camping apps that help make your adventure more enjoyable.

They overlap, which isn’t a bad thing since you can cross-reference reviews and data to ensure it’s as up-to-date as possible. They each offer something unique.

Is the FreeRoam App Worth It?

If you haven’t downloaded the FreeRoam app yet, what are you waiting for? It’s free, and the team is genuinely invested in helping build communities of nature lovers and encouraging sustainable living.

The app is user-friendly and provides quality information to help you decide where to camp next.

One user writes, “I’ve tried all the apps and been using Campendium (paid subscription) and iOverlander the most to find locations to full time over the past year. FreeRoam blows them out of the water and is now my go-to. Plus the social community seems cool. I’ll still use other apps because not all sites are listed here, but I’ll be going here first and contributing more to this app.”

Have you downloaded the FreeRoam app yet?

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