Your Guide to Understanding Encore RV Resorts

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A person parked outside her RV at Encore RV Resorts

Travelers are like all Americans looking to save money. Some search Groupon for attraction discounts, while others clip coupons for grocery stores.

Another way many RVers save cash is by joining memberships like Harvest Hosts, Passport America, or Thousand Trails. If you are a member of Thousand Trails, you might have added the Trails Collection to gain access to the Encore RV Resorts.

But you don’t need a membership to stay at these resorts. Let’s take a closer look at the Encore RV Resorts!

About Encore RV Resorts

Encore RV Resorts is a collection of resorts in California, Arizona, Texas, and Florida. More than 130 locations give guests the option of staying in a cottage, cabin, or park model or bringing their RV and staying in an RV site.

Thousand Trails members with the Trails Collection add-on can book 60 days in advance unless they’re Adventure members who have a 90-day booking window. Guests paying the nightly rate can book six months in advance.

Who Owns Encore RV?

Equity LifeStyle Properties owns Encore RV Resorts and Thousand Trails. The company has more than 400 communities and resorts in 35 states and British Columbia.

ELS owns mobile home communities and RV campgrounds across North America. The company continues to look for properties to add to its 50-year portfolio.

Multiple cabins at Encore RV Resorts

What Is the Difference Between Thousand Trails and Encore? 

Since 1969, Thousand Trails has offered family-friendly campgrounds in over 80 locations across the United States and British Columbia. Guests can visit for short-term or long-term stays while members enjoy the benefits of paying no nightly fees and other perks.

Encore RV Resorts has over 130 locations providing short-term and long-term stays for travelers. Although some Thousand Trails locations will have cabins for rent, Encore has more accommodation options.

Some of these options are full hook-up RV sites, cottages or cabins, and park model homes in the resorts. Some locations are also age-qualifying resorts where guests must be 55 years or older.

How to Stay At Encore RV Resorts

When searching for campgrounds, you may encounter an Encore RV Resort location.

There are two ways to take advantage of stays at these RV resorts. Depending on your travel style and budget, one may make more sense than the other

A woman parked outside her RV at Encore RV Resorts

Become a Member of Thousand Trails and Buy Trails Collection Add-on

The Trails Collection add-on within the Thousand Trails membership program gives access to the Encore RV Resorts. There are several levels of membership. The most basic and cheapest option is the zone camping pass at roughly $630 annually.

This gives members access to all Thousand Trails campgrounds in a particular region of the United States. Members can stay for free up to 14 nights at any of these locations before staying outside of the Thousand Trails system for seven nights.

Upgraded membership options like the Elite Basic, the Elite Connections, and the Adventure package offer guests broader booking windows, lengthier stays, the ability to move between Thousand Trails locations without any time out of the system, and many more benefits. These upgraded memberships cost anywhere from $7,995-16,595, with annual dues of $630.

You can add the Trails Collection to a zone camping pass, the Elite Basic membership, or the Elite Connections membership for $330. This renews yearly, so members can add it one year, not renew it the next, and add it again the following year if they desire.

The Adventure package provides access to the Trails Collection and all the Encore RV Resorts without an added cost. It’s part of the much larger price tag.

Pro Tip: Before purchasing a Thousand Trails membership, take a look at the different options available and Where to Find a Thousand Trails Membership for Sale!

Stay at Regular Nightly Rates

If you aren’t planning on staying several times a year at an Encore RV Resort location, it doesn’t make much sense to join Thousand Trails and add the Trails Collection.

For example, if you want to take a Spring Break trip with your family to Florida and stay at the Lake Magic RV Resort in Clermont, you may want to pay the $56 nightly fee.

If you stay for five nights, the total will be approximately $280 plus taxes. This is much less than the $630 zone camping pass and $330 Trails Collection add-on. You can go to RVontheGo to make reservations online.

Is the Thousand Trails Collection Worth It?

If you’re a member of Thousand Trails and are considering adding the Trails Collection, the most crucial thing to consider is where you’re traveling.

It’s almost essential for travelers who want to spend winters in Florida or Arizona. But many of the Arizona Encore RV Resorts are only for age 55+ guests. If you need to hop from campground to campground in Florida from November to March, adding the Trails Collection is a good idea.

If you’re not a member of Thousand Trails and are considering it so that you can add the Trails Collection, there are two crucial considerations.

First, how often will you travel? If you’re planning a week or two annually, it doesn’t make financial sense. However, if you’re planning on traveling for several weeks or a dozen weekends, then it might be cost-effective.

Second, where are you traveling? Look at the map of Encore RV Resorts and Thousand Trails locations. If you’re camping in those areas, then membership is worth it. If you travel primarily in the Mountain West or Midwest, there are limited options to take advantage of the membership.

Keep in Mind: Thousand Trails memberships are a great way to save money while on the road! Here’s How Thousand Trails Saved Us $4,585.51 In Camping Fees

A cabin at Encore RV Resorts

Book Your Stay at Encore RV Resorts

Many Encore RV Resorts offer amenities like swimming pools, mini golf courses, and camp stores. They also have regular activities like yoga, line dancing, and bingo.

Some cater to guests 55+, so it’s always essential to read the full description before booking your reservation. But if you join Thousand Trails and add on the Trails Collection or pay the nightly rate, you’ll enjoy the Encore RV Resorts.

Will you bask in the warm sunshine of Florida, Texas, Arizona, or California at one of the Encore RV Resort locations?

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