Your Guide to Visiting Eclipse Nordic Hot Springs

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There’s something magical about soaking in natural hot springs. And it’s even more special when surrounded by spectacular scenery. The Eclipse Nordic Hot Springs in Canada transports guests to a place of calm. 

This facility is immaculate, from the pools to the relaxation rooms to the saunas. Let’s dive in and check out all that this resort has to offer!

What Is the Eclipse Nordic Hot Springs?

The Eclipse Nordic Hot Springs in Whitehorse, Yukon, invites guests to escape the busyness of life and relax, slow down, and listen. The springs have restorative minerals thought to bring healing.

You’ll find hot springs, pools, relaxation rooms, saunas, steam rooms, yoga classes, and a cafe. It’s the perfect setting to unwind, quiet the noise, and just “be” in the beautiful Yukon Territory.

How to Get to the Eclipse Nordic Hot Springs

Whitehorse is the capital of the Yukon. The Eclipse Nordic Hot Springs sits less than 30 minutes northwest of the city, just off Highway 2.

Take Highway 2 North/Highway 1 West for about seven miles. Then, turn right onto Highway 2 for about 3.7 miles before turning left onto Takhini Hot Springs Road. The facility lies approximately 5.5 miles down this road.

Some local businesses include a visit to the hot springs in their tours. For more information, check out Yukon Tours, Arctic Range Adventure, Arctic Colour Tours, Northern Tales, and Who What Where Tours.

Is the Eclipse Nordic Hot Springs Family-Friendly?

If you want to take your kids somewhere for a few hours, the Eclipse Nordic Hot Springs isn’t the place. The facility only allows adults ages 19 and up to enter. Because it’s designed for relaxation and wellness, the pools aren’t meant for swimming or jumping.

Instead, you’ll find benches and lounge areas where visitors can decompress and relax. However, a family-oriented facility will hopefully open in the future.

What Pools Are at the Eclipse Nordic Hot Springs?

You’ll find four pools at the Eclipse Nordic Hot Springs. Each has a unique design and serves a different purpose. Access to all four pools is included with the admission ticket.

Guests must take a cleansing shower, wash their hair, and remove all makeup before using the facilities.

The Eclipse Pool

The largest pool is the Eclipse Pool. It features cascading waterfalls, rock-lined pool walls, and mountain views.

The pool’s infinity edge makes you feel as though you’re immersed in nature. Guests can lie down, recline, or sit in the various levels of the pool. It’s also ideal for conversion with friends and can accommodate up to 30 people.

The Onsen Pool

The smallest pool is the Onsen Pool. Like the Eclipse Pool, it’s Japanese-inspired with a waterfall. You’ll find stone benches that seat up to ten people. Rock landscaping surrounds the pool to create a tranquil ambiance.

The Aurora Pool

The Aurora Pool is accessed through a heated and covered ramp rather than a heated hallway.

This makes the pool easily accessible for guests in wheelchairs. Designed in a “V” shape, the Aurora Pool features benches facing one another along the two wings, creating an ideal socializing space. 

Because this pool sits in the center of the Eclipse Nordic Hot Springs patio space, guests can also access outdoor showers, loungers, a cold plunge, Japanese clay tubs, a fire bowl, and barefoot walks.

The Hidden Pool

Located behind the Eclipse Pool, the Hidden Pool only stays open seasonally. This cold pool allows guests to cool off between visits to the hot springs. It’s small — only seating up to four people — but perfectly positioned to enjoy the mountain views.

What Relax Rooms Are at the Eclipse Nordic Hot Springs?

In addition to the hot springs pools, the Eclipse Nordic Hot Springs also offers three relaxation rooms: a room with heated tiles to relieve aches and pains, a sunroom with soothing music, and a room with mountain views.

The Hibernation Relax Room

Five tile-covered chairs are heated with hot water lines in the Hibernation Relax Room. These warm surfaces will soothe muscle pains and provide a comfortable place to relax. You can also take a nap here since it’s a no-talking zone.

View of a relaxation room at eclipse nordic hot springs.
Source: Eclipse Nordic Hot Springs

The Meditation Solarium

If you’d prefer a bright sunroom, the Meditation Solarium Room provides heat and soothing music.

This room is perfect for sunbathing in winter or summer, and the humidity-filled environment may transport your imagination from the cold, gray afternoon of winter in Canada to a warm, tropical Amazon rainforest.

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The Illumination Solarium

Finally, the Illumination Solarium contains many windows. You can view the patio, rock sanctuary, pond, and mountains. The zero gravity chairs are situated comfortably to enjoy a relaxing afternoon in the uppermost part of the facility.

Are There Saunas and Steam Rooms at the Eclipse Nordic Hot Springs?

Not only do the pools and relaxation rooms at the Eclipse Nordic Hot Springs provide a sanctuary of serenity, but you can also take advantage of saunas and steam rooms.

The hot sauna is a heated workout that sometimes combines essential oils of pine, juniper, and fir for a refreshing experience. The warm sauna is ideal for guests who don’t want the extreme heat of the hot sauna.

You can sit and sweat in the Solar Steam Room as you’re covered in hot mist. The 100% humidity results in a very wet experience within minutes. The Lunar Steam Room is infused with eucalyptus, leaving you uncongested and refreshed.

How Much Does It Cost to Visit the Eclipse Nordic Hot Springs?

A ticket costs $26 to $38. Your reservation is time-specific, and your visit can last up to 180 minutes. If you’ll be in the Whitehorse area for an extended period, you can also purchase a 1-month, 3-month, 6-month, or annual pass that gives you unlimited access to the facility for that time frame.

You can also purchase a punch pass, which comes with eight visits for $132. The signer and one guest can use punch passes. Yoga classes range from $15 to $34.

Keep in Mind: Some hot springs you can relax in, but not the ones in Yellowstone National Park. Recently, a tourist learned their lesson after touching a hot spring in the park.

A hot springs at eclipse nordic hot springs/

Can I Stay Overnight at the Eclipse Nordic Hot Springs?

Overnight accommodations lie just a short walk from the Eclipse Nordic Hot Springs on the Takhini Hot Springs property. They include rental suites and campsites. One suite can accommodate up to eight people, while the second can accommodate up to four. Both options come fully furnished.

The campground has 60 sites, including pull-through, double pull-through, and back-in sites. Electric hookups are available, and potable water and a dump station are onsite. Nightly rates range from $30 to $41.50.

Is a Visit to the Eclipse Nordic Hot Springs Worth It?

Your experience will be magical. You’ll leave refreshed and rejuvenated, ready to hit the road again wherever your travels lead you. The mountain scenery is breathtaking, and the facility is magnificent. It’s well-kept, clean, and beautiful. We’re sure you’ll enjoy this memorable experience!

Will you visit the Eclipse Nordic Hot Springs the next time you’re near Whitehorse, Yukon?

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