Who Makes East to West RV?

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Close up of an East to West RV

With so many RV brands and new names hitting the industry over the last few years, it can be hard to keep up with the various manufacturers.

If East to West RV isn’t a company you recognize, it’s time to put this brand on your radar. 

Although they may not have the output that some other big-name brands have, they focus on what they do offer — affordable travel trailers, fifth wheels, and Class Cs for the typical weekend warrior. 

Let’s learn more about East to West RV!

About East to West RV

Along with dozens of other RV brands, East to West RV makes its home in Elkhart, Ind., the RV Capital of the World. But this lesser-known RV brand has focused on just a few floorplans to ensure customers receive the best product possible.

You won’t find 10 layouts within the same line. Instead, you’ll find a handful of varying floorplans. Because of this focus, the artisans and technicians can produce the same top-quality work again and again because the process is familiar.

Who Owns East to West RV?

The RV industry empire Forest River owns East to West RV. This brand is part of their family of brands, including Coachman, Palomino, Prime Time, and Shasta. 

In addition to recreational vehicles, Forest River also owns companies that manufacture pontoon boats, cargo trailers, commercial trucks, and shuttle buses.

What Types of RVs Are Manufactured by East to West?

Although East to West offers fewer options within the lineup than its competitors, the company makes various types of RVs. It has travel trailers, fifth wheels, and Class C motorhomes. 

Additionally, East to West offers three brands of travel trailers, two fifth wheels, and two motorhomes.

These varying RV types come built with the typical weekend warrior in mind. They start at entry-level prices but come with all the amenities you need for a weekend camping trip.

The East to West Travel Trailer Lineup

The East to West travel trailer lineup has towables from 21 feet 3 inches to 38 feet long and 3,584 to 8,745 pounds in dry weight.

Thus, whether you have a Ford F150 or RAM 3500, you can find a travel trailer that fits your vehicle’s towing and payload capacities.


Length: 22 feet 8 inches to 37 feet 8 inches

UVW: 3,960 to 7,911 pounds

Floorplans: The Alta has 12 floorplans in the lineup.
Features: Launched in September 2019, the Alta line is East to West’s premier laminated travel trailer line. It has one toy hauler and five bunk bed floorplans. 

The 3150KBH is the only option with a bunk room separated from the rest of the trailer. Several layouts feature an L-shaped kitchen, while the 2350KRK has a long rear kitchen, and the 2810KIK has a kitchen island. 

Four of the floor plans have a front Murphy bed, and the other floorplans have a king bed.

Inside an Alta East to West RV

Della Terra

Length: 21 feet 3 inches to 38 feet

UVW: 3,584 to 8,745 lbs

Floorplans: This East to West RV line has 17 layout options.
Unlike the Alta, the Della Terra line is an aluminum siding trailer. The 200RD model is unique to travel trailers because it features a rear den like a fifth wheel. 

The 291RK is also unique in that it offers two recliners in the living space and a U-shaped rear kitchen. Finally, the 323QB features a huge quad bunk room in the rear. It has four floorplans with a Murphy bed, while the rest have a front bedroom with a king bed.

Silver Lake

Length: 21 feet 3 inches to 38 feet

UVW: 3,584 to 8,745 pounds

Floorplans: You can explore 16 floorplans.
Silver Lake is a dedicated label for Camping World RV Sales and select RVs.com locations. The line comes from Silver Lake in Wisconsin, near the Camping World headquarters. 

The floorplans in the Silver Lake line compare to the Della Terra line. The 20KRD offers a unique rear den, the 29K2S has two recliners and a kitchen island, and the 31K3S has a large rear bunk room. 

Nine of the 16 floorplans have either bunk beds or a separate bunk room. The three have a Murphy bed in the Silver Lake LE line.

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Inside a Silver Lake East to West RV

The East to West Fifth Wheel Lineup

East to West RV has two fifth-wheel brands: Ahara and Tandara. The models range from 33 feet 4 inches to 41 feet 7 inches long and 10,184 to 14,559 pounds in dry weight. You only have 12 floorplans compared to 45 total layouts in the travel trailer lines.


Length: 34 feet 9 inches to 41 feet 7 inches

UVW: 11,759 to 14,559 pounds

Floorplans: The Ahara has four floorplans to choose from.
The Ahara East to West RV line has won numerous awards, like the 2023 Notable Innovation from RV Business and the 2022 Full Profile Fifth Wheel of the Year from RV News. 

The 380FL is a unique floorplan with a front living space, center kitchen, and rear bedroom with a large ensuite. The 378BH-OK features a rear bunk room with a separate entrance and half bath. 

The 325RL and 365RL only differ in square footage and have the same rear living and front bedroom layout.


Length: 33 feet 4 inches to 41 feet 3 inches

UVW: 10,184 to 13,179 pounds

Floorplans: The Tandara line has eight floorplans.
The Tandara line offers more variety than the Ahara line, although they have similar layouts. In fact, the 285RL, 286RL-OK, and 320RL all feature a rear living and front main bedroom layout with minor differences. 

The 340RD has a large rear den with an entertainment center and a smaller kitchen. It has three models with bunk rooms: the 375BH-OK has a back bunk room, while the 385MB and 386MB-OK have mid-bunk rooms. 

The eighth floorplan, the 321RL-OK, reverses the placement of the entertainment center and theater seating among the rear living models.

A Tandara East to West RV

The East to West Class C Lineup

Finally, the Class C lineup features the name “Entrada,” meaning “journey into unexplored territory.”

The Entrada M-Class is the more affordable model and sits on a Mercedes-Benz Sprinter chassis like a Class B camper van. However, the Entrada offers more spacious accommodations.


Length: 23 feet 10 inches to 32 feet 6 inches

GVWR: 12,500 to 14,500 pounds

Floorplans: The Entrada features six floorplans.
These Class C motorhomes have the typical cabover bed in the front and rear main bedroom. The queen bed is positioned differently among the various floorplans. 

The smallest unit, the 2200S, only has a booth dinette and no sofa. The other models have both a dinette and a sofa. The 2900DS and 2950OK both feature a large U-shaped dinette instead of the booth dinette for additional seating. 

These Class C motorhomes from East to West RV have a Ford 7.3L V8 engine. In addition, the 2900DS, 2950OK, and 3100FB models come with 50 amp service. This upgrades the generator to a 5500 Watt NPS Yamaha Generator and provides power to two air conditioning units.

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Entrada M-Class

Length: 25 feet 7 inches

GVWR: 11,030 pounds

Floorplans: The entrada M-Class only has one floorplan.
The one option in the Entrada M-Class line is built on the Mercedes-Benz Sprinter 3500 chassis with a 3.0L V-6 turbo diesel engine. 

The 24FM features a cabover bed in front and a queen bed in the rear. The unit’s rear has a wardrobe and a full bathroom. In the center, you have the full kitchen, storage cabinets, and a U-shaped dinette. 

Additionally, the M-Class has a fuel capacity of 26 gallons compared to the 55-gallon fuel capacity of the Entrada line.

The dining and  bed area of an Estrada M-Class East to West RV

Is East to West RV a Good Company?

East to West RV is a great company for someone interested in getting into the RV lifestyle. The travel trailers, fifth wheels, and Class C motorhomes are more affordable than some other brands but still built with the amenities you need for a weekend away. 

You can find a new Della Terra for under $20,000 and a new Entrada for under $80,000. This makes the camping dream a reality for some adventurers.

Have you checked out the East to West RV lineups?

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