What Is an E-Pro Camper?

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An E-Pro camper is the travel solution for those looking to save a little money and the environment at the same time. If you don’t want to sink thousands into a large, gas-guzzling truck to haul a travel camper, then the E-Pro trailer poses a sound solution to the issue.

Dive into a quick overview explaining more about the e-pro camper now.  

What Is an E-Pro Camper?

An E-Pro camper is a travel trailer built for efficiency and simplicity. These lightweight campers align with the standard towing range of today’s smaller, more eco-friendly SUVs.  

The E-Pro line also comes with some pretty impressive standard packages. They have solar power setups, a mobile Wi-Fi hotspot, bike racks, and an exterior ladder. These elements may make it more attractive to those who value eco-friendly solutions.  

Tour a 2021 Forest River RV Flagstaff E-Pro E19FDS Camper

Who Makes the E-Pro Camper?

Forest River RV company, one of the largest manufacturers in North America, makes the E-Pro travel trailers. They build class A and C motorhomes, travel trailers, fifth wheels, toy haulers, and trailers.  

The company specializes in building campers for all different occasions and experiences. You can find what you need from Rockwood to Flagstaff campers when visiting their website.

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Where Are E-Pro Campers Made?

Forest River, Inc. is headquartered in Elkhart, Indiana. However, the large manufacturing plant resides in Millersburg, Indiana. The company builds every aspect of its recreational vehicles on site.  

The Benefits of an E-Pro Camper

Some benefits of the E-Pro camper include top-notch axles and suspension systems built to last. They also come standard with a Wi-Fi booster and router, three solar panels, and an outdoor shower, which is great for boondocking.

You can get your money’s worth when you invest in one of these campers. You could even get the toy hauler design from E-Pro if you want a more efficient way to manage the transport of your bikes, kayaks, and other adventure tools. 

They have many top-of-the-line standard features like the small flatscreen television. You won’t need to spend even more money making it comfortable once you get one.  

The Drawbacks of an E-Pro Camper

There aren’t too many obvious drawbacks to the E-Pro Camper line. If you want something bigger, you may not like this line. These campers range from 11 ft to just under 22 ft. However, despite their size, you have many models and floor plans to choose from to fit your needs. 

Additionally, some mention that the microwave and refrigerator won’t run efficiently on solar power. You will need to hook into onshore electricity to maximize the use of your unit.

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What’s the Difference Between an E-Pro and Geo Pro Camper?

There is no real difference between an E-Pro and a Geo Pro camper. Forest River manufacturers both under twin brand names. 

Rockwood and Flagstaff campers have the same sets of floor plans. The only difference between the E-Pro and Geo Pro is the stickers on the outside.  

How Many Floorplans Does E-Pro Have?

One of the perks of the E-Pro Campers is that they come in many different shapes and sizes. The line has one toy hauler and eight trailer designs.  

Some floor plans include pop-out square footage. The toy hauler has a ramp door in the back to make loading all your favorite toys much more manageable.  

What Is the E-Pro Power Package?

The E-Pro power package is the solar add-on and features. You can only get the power package on the 19FDS, 20BHS, 19FBTH, and 20FBS models. 

A camper with the solar add-on has a 400AH single mastervolt MLI lithium-ion battery with safety disconnect and a 3000W inverter/charger Mastervolt Combimaster.

It also comes with three solar panels, a small A/C unit, a side solar plug, and two smart remotes for controlling the system.  

How Much Do E-Pro Campers Cost?

If you consider purchasing an E-Pro Camper, you’ll spend somewhere in the $30,000 to $40,000 range. The pricing seems fair for all the perks and high-quality materials you get in every model. 

Is an E-Pro Camper the Right Choice for You?

Consider what your family needs and wants in a recreational vehicle. E-Pro Campers certainly provide a wide range of options for explorers. They use quality materials and construction.

Additionally, you can easily tow them with your SUV or everyday driver. This makes them a good choice for better fuel economy and fewer emissions. Which E-Pro Camper best suits your family’s needs? 

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