The Creepy History of the Dover Demon

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Close up of glowing eyes on the dover demon.

Whether you consider them folklore or urban legends, there are stories of mysterious creatures roaming freely all over the world. For a tiny town on the east coast, it’s the Dover Demon.

Is this spine-chilling tale true? If not, what’s behind these strange and unexplainable sightings? Lucky for you, we’re not afraid to uncover the truth.

Today, we’re looking at this unsettling urban legend. Let’s start and see if we ease your worries or create a new fear.

What Is the Dover Demon?

The Dover Demon is a legendary beast many claim to have spotted in the woods of Dover, Massachusetts. However, like any cryptic creature, there is a healthy dose of skeptics. This eerie tale passes from generation to generation without evidence proving or disproving its existence.

As the legend has grown, it’s become a part of pop culture. The Animal Planet show Lost Tapes covered the Dover Demon in one of its episodes. Additionally, it appeared as a character in multiple comic books, one of which it had the power to see into the future.

What Does the Dover Demon Look Like?

Because there are no pictures or video evidence, descriptions rely on sightings. Eyewitnesses to the demon believe it to be approximately three to four feet tall.

It has long, thin limbs and is hairless. It often gets described as an alien or gargoyle-like creature with glowing orange eyes that contrast against its pale body.

One of the most captivating components of the story is that the descriptions are all very similar. Typically, these situations have variances in details regarding the physical description.

However, that wasn’t the case regarding sightings of the Dover Demon. This has fueled speculation of its existence amongst the public and cryptozoology enthusiasts.

History of the Dover Demon

The first reported sighting of the Dover Demon occurred on April 21, 1977. William “Bill” Bartlett was 17 when he saw a mysterious creature while driving. He described what he saw as a large-eyed creature with glowing eyes sitting along Farm Street in Dover, Massachusetts.

On this same evening, 15-year-old John Baxter reported a similar sighting along a different road. The following evening, another sighting occurred on Springdale Avenue from another teenager, Abby Brabham. Sketches created by the teenagers of the creature were nearly identical.

The sightings were in a nearly perfectly straight line approximately two miles apart. Some believe the teenagers are errantly misidentifying what they saw.

Skeptics think it could have been a newborn moose, elk, or snowy owl. However, the teenagers signed their names, affirming they saw what they said they saw.  

Other Creepy Cryptic Creatures

The Dover Demon isn’t the only creepy, cryptic creature believed to be roaming wild. Here are some other mysterious beings that may or may not exist.


The legend of Chupacabra began circulating throughout Latin America in the mid-1990s. A mysterious amount of livestock killings occurred throughout the region. Farmers claimed the beast targeted goats, sheep, and other small animals.

It would drain them of their blood, leaving behind two puncture wounds on the necks of its victims.

While sightings are few and far between, many claim it is an alien or reptilian creature with quills running down its back. Its eyes are hard to miss as they glow bright red. Some believe it results from a governmental experiment, and others claim it’s an extraterrestrial.

Mongolian Death Worm

The Mongolian Death Worm is similar to Chupacabra but haunts the Gobi Desert of Mongolia. It also goes by “Olgoi-Khorkhoi” or “Allghoi Khorkhoi.” However, once you learn about this creature, it’s creepy, no matter what you call it.

This fearsome creature is a part of Mongolian folklore and often gets shared amongst the nomadic tribes. They claim it is between two and five feet long and thick as a human arm.

Its skin is tough, and you can watch it move in a wave-like motion through the sand. It kills its prey by spewing corrosive, acidic venom. Touching it would likely result in severe illness or even death. 

Jersey Devil

While Chupacabra and the Mongolian Death Worm reside outside U.S. borders, the Jersey Devil, like the Dover Demon, doesn’t. This legendary creature supposedly lives in the New Jersey Pine Barrens region. Locals believe it’s haunted the forests since the early 18th century, making it one of the oldest American cryptids.

The legend claims a local woman cursed the birth of her 13th child while it was in the womb. When it was born, it was a hideous and deformed creature. It is a winged creature with the hooves and head of a horse.

In addition, sharp claws at the base of its hooves can do severe damage. Shortly after its birth, the devil used its wing to vanish into a nearby forest.

Sightings are rare, but a 1909 sighting caused widespread panic throughout New Jersey and neighboring states. Locals blamed the Jersey Devil for terrorizing communities. They stated it was also responsible for livestock killings, crop failures, and other misfortunes.

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Thunderbird is another legendary creature most popular among Algonquian, Ojibwe, and Lakota people. They typically describe it as a massive bird with tremendous power, a large wingspan, and supernatural abilities. If you ask us, it provides the perfect combination for a creepy creature even more than the Dover Demon.

Descriptions of Thunderbird vary slightly, but many point to its wingspan as 20 to 40 feet. Like most large birds of prey, it has powerful talons.

However, unlike other winged creatures, Thunderbird’s supernatural powers allow it to create thunder and lighting by beating its wings. Some believe it also can control the weather and bring rain or storms as needed. 

Orang Pendek

Our final cryptid, Orang Pendek, requires a trip to the dense forests of Sumatra, Indonesia. This is one of the most famous and well-known cryptids throughout Southeast Asia. Its name translates to “short person” or “short man.” While this may be offensive to some individuals, it perfectly describes this cryptid.

According to witnesses, Orang Pendek stands three to five feet tall. He’s covered in thick, dark hair and has an ape-like appearance. It’s often considered a smaller version of a Yeti or Bigfoot. While there have been attempts to capture DNA evidence or photographs, they have failed.

Those who believe this creature exists believe it to be an unknown primate species. Some feel it could be a prehistoric human-like species. What’s the truth? Like the Dover Demon, we won’t know until someone captures the evidence.

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The Dover Demon Will Creep You Out

The legend of the Dover Demon and these other creatures can send chills down your spine. With no evidence to prove or disprove their existence, you might think twice about investigating mysterious noises from now on. However, if you can find proof of these cryptids, you could instantly become famous.

Could you be the Dover Demon’s next victim? Let’s hope not!

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